Kyiv, Ukraine

Why Visit Ukraine

Ukraine is a country known for its beautiful and diverse landscape, well-preserved culture and tradition, beautiful women and a terrible nuclear disaster. Actually, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, not including Russia. And although the tensions with the big neighbour are ongoing, we will still give you enough reasons why Ukraine is generally worth a visit. Withouth further ado, here’s what makes Ukraine so special!

A well-connected country

First of all, Ukraine has great travelling connections to most European countries, thanks to its position. Ukraine is easily accessible by planes, trains, buses and boats. There are about 20 airports in Ukraine serving flights from all over Europe and beyond.

Regarding ground transportation, trains are a popular mode of transport in Ukraine as the railway connects most cities and places in the country, the main stations being in Kyiv and Lviv. The international trains connect Ukraine with Belarus, Poland, Belgium, Russia and many more. Ukraine has good connections with buses, as well. There are many connections between Ukraine and the rest of Euope, the most popular routes being Moscow – Kiev, Minsk – Kiev, Warsaw – Lviv, Krakow – Kiev and Kosice – Uzhgorod.

Bridge in Kyiv

Bridge in Kyiv

Second of all, Ukraine has some of the easiest border crossings. In most European countries it is not required to apply for a visa when travelling to Ukraine. Therefore, most European citizens, including British citizens, can enter Ukraine straightforward for a visit of up to 90 days of stay. If staying longer, you will need to apply for a visa according to your travelling needs.

Diverse cities

Ukraine’s most visited cities include Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa. Each of these cities has its own authenticity and charm. The capital city Kyiv is often referred to as the greenest city in Ukraine, offering numerous spots for relaxation, including the beaches on the Dnieper River. The city is known for its magnificent Soviet architecture, amazing street art and a lively urban scene.

Lviv, on the other hand, is historically, culturally and architecturally rich city with some of the best festivals in the country. Coffee is the most important tradition here all visitors must respect.



The coastal city of Odessa is an important port city on the Black Sea, but also a popular tourist destination, especially in summer. Visitors can spend their time exploring the main sights, such as the Odessa National Theater of Opera and Ballet, relaxing in the city park or at one of the vibrant beaches.

All cities have lots to see and do, but one of them is unfairly (but luckily, though) overlooked. Kamyanets-Podilsky is a small medieval city located in western Ukraine where different cultures blended over time. Besides sightseeing, one of the amazing activities you can try here is the hot-air ballooning.

In the end, there is Pripyat – a city of ghosts and a horrible tragedy. Hardly anyone hasn’t heard about the biggest nuclear catastrophe of this part of the world. Although the Chernobyl disaster happened over 3 decades ago, the area is still desolate. However, visiting the location is possible via numerous safe tours.



Remarkable architecture

One of the things Ukraine is mostly recognized for is its architecture. The skyline of Kyiv is filled with golden domes, a symbol of Ukrainian architecture. There are over 900 churches and cathedrals built from the Kyivan Rus era till today. The most famous one is St. Sophia’s Cathedral, a UNESCO Site. Other buildings such as theatres, universities and mansions are a sight to behold all over the country. As a former Soviet country, Ukraine is home to the unique Soviet architecture, also called Stalinist architecture. This style visibly transformed the image of the cities.

Golden domes of Kyiv

Golden domes of Kyiv

Moreover, Ukraine is home to 7 UNESCO Sites scattered all over the country. If travelling to Ukraine, here are just a few not-to-miss sights to explore, including the ones protected by UNESCO:

  • St. Sophia’s Cathedral (UNESCO)
  • Lviv Historic Centre (UNESCO)
  • Struve Geodetic Arc (UNESCO)
  • Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans in Chernivtsi (UNESCO)
  • The Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese and its Chora (UNESCO)
  • Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region (UNESCO)
  • Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
  • The Golden Gate of Kyiv
  • The Motherland Monument in Kyiv
  • The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv
  • St. Andrew’s Church in Kyiv
  • St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kyiv
  • Multimedia Fountain Roshen in Vinnytsia
  • Lubart’s Castle in Lutsk
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre in Odessa

A paradise for outdoor activities

As a country with so many green zones, Ukraine is a place where you can try a variety of outdoor activities. All cities have parks where you can relax, take a walk or jog. Among the most attractive Ukrainian parks are Feofania Park (Kyiv), Shevchenko Park (Kyiv), City Garden (Odessa), Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure (Kharkiv), Sofiyivka Park (Uman) and many more.

One of the biggest attractions in Ukraine is the Tunnel of Love, a part of the railway 3-5 km long that is surrounded by green arches. The location is beautiful and popular for romantic walks.

One of the true national symbols that are also protected by UNESCO are the mighty Carpathian Mountains and Forest. The area is shared between 7 countries of which the biggest part (50%) is in Romania. Around 10% of the Carpathians belong to Ukraine. So, if you’re up for some lessons in geography, head to the forest to explore the wonderful nature. Besides hiking and climbing, try mountain biking. Winters are reserved for skiing, snowboarding and all other kinds of winter sports.

Other outdoor activities you can find all over Ukraine are parachuting, scuba diving, horseback riding, paintball and many more sports and games.

Synevir Lake in Carpathian Mountains

Synevir Lake in Carpathian Mountains

Traditional cuisine

Experiencing a country is no complete without trying its cuisine. Ukrainian food traditions formed over centuries with a lot of influences from neighbouring countries. Most Ukrainian dishes are generously flavoured and most of them contain more heating processes.

The most important national dish is borsch, of course. It is a beetroot soup with different vegetables and sour cream. Other most popular dishes include varenyky, a Ukrainian version of dumplings with different fillings, holubtsi or cabbage rolls filled with minced meat.

There are many more traditional dishes you should try, such as chicken Kyiv, banosh, korovai, paska, holodets, homemade sausages and more.



Visiting Ukraine and not trying the national drink is unforgiving. Vodka or horilka is served in all bars and restaurants. You can try out one of these brands: Khortitsa, Nemiroff or Medoff.

When it comes to eating outside, Ukrainian restaurants will surprise you with their value for money. Ukraine is an affordable country with prices being below the European standard.

Rich culture and tradition

One of the things about Ukraine that makes it easy to fall in love with it is the rich culture and tradition that makes it so unique. The stories about Cossacks are everywhere. These East Slavs and their life are present in literature, music and overall art. You can learn a lot about Cossacks in Zaporizhia and the cultural complex of Zaporizhian Sich. This huge tourist attraction is a reconstruction of an old Cossack settlement that perfectly depicts their life and traditions.

The more recent history was marked by the Soviet Union. Therefore, you will see a lot of Soviet heritage present in Ukrainian culture still today. There are numerous monuments from this period, but the most important one is Rodina Mat in Kyiv, a memorial which is a part of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. 

Soviet Architecture

Soviet Architecture

In the end, Ukrainians are truly friendly people. The best way to meet a Ukrainian is probably by joining them for a drink. The drink, of course, needs to be one of the homemade alcoholic beverages. However, Ukrainians will very gladly tell you about their nation, country and rich cultural heritage.


  1. Vladislav   •  

    Hello everybody
    I want to visit Ukraine, but for this I need health insurance. Found only one , can someone say something about it?

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Vladislav,

      unfortunately, we don’t have information regarding health insurance. We recommend you send your inquiry to relevant institutions or tourist centers.
      If travelling with an agency, they can provide you with all the necessary information as well.

      GBB Team

    • Vadim   •  

      Hello, Vladislav.
      Always used the site They also advise there on current rules for crossing the border.

  2. Vikramkumar Shah   •  

    Does an Indian or US citizen require visa?

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Vikramkumar,

      US citizens do not require a visa for Ukraine as long as their stay in the country is up to 90 days.
      When speaking of Indian citizens, they require a visa regardless of the length of their stay. In that case, you need to apply for a visa 3 months to 3 days before your travel date.

      GBB Team

  3. Jonathan   •  

    Never been, thanks for the info, sounds super cool. Where do they stand on letting people in during Covid?

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Jonathan,

      thanks for your comment, we appreciate it!
      Regarding the COVID-19 regulations for Ukraine, we suggest you take a look at the latest info on the official website of the Ukrainian government.

      GBB Team

  4. James   •  

    LOL u said “beautiful women”
    What do you mean by that? 🤣

    • Viv   •  

      I was wondering the same! 😂

    • Sofi   •  

      In Ukraine samte beautiful women et fact

  5. James   •  

    Are all women not beautiful though?
    Everyone is beautiful in their own way and was created perfectly. Don’t remove this comment, you said they had beautiful women and I just thought that was funny, because every man and woman is beautiful (/handsome). I meant nothing bad.

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi James,

      we totally agree with you! All women are beautiful, there is no doubt about that!
      Our blog posts serve fun and inspirational purposes, therefore should not be taken personally! 😀
      However, we appreciate your comment!

      GBB Team

    • Ed   •  

      eh no. sure that is very politically correct to say, but totally untrue. ask any ugly or gorgeous person (man or woman) if there is a difference and they will tell you there is a huge difference. And let’s be honest, you see the difference too

  6. Onah Philip chinonso   •  

    Please, does Nigerian citizens also need visa to Ukraine 🇺🇦..,…. I really love traveling to Ukraine 🇺🇦……. My best country ever ❤❤❤

    • Maja   •     Author


      yes, visa is required for citizens of Nigeria.

      GBB Team

      • YATHA   •  

        My name is YATHA
        I have a question that name the country were visa is not allowed and name the country were visa is allowed to enter in Ukraine.

        • Maja   •     Author

          Hi Yatha,

          you can find all the up-to-date information about visas in Ukraine on the official website of the Ukrainian government.

          GBB Team

    • Tony McBride   •  

      Be careful and mindful of how receptive the locals would be to people of color. Just a word of caution.

    • Tambia   •  

      I have never been to Ukraine but after seeing these pictures, I can’t believe how beautiful it is and would love to see it someday. I am praying for all people in Ukraine may god be with you all.

  7. francis nayoya   •  

    Are citizens from Zambia need a visa to visit Ukraine

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Francis,

      yes, a visa is required for Zambian visitors when travelling to Ukraine.

      GBB Team

  8. Glo   •  

    Please share me more information if now they are accepted to travel .
    Or recruited people to Ukraine

    • Maja   •     Author


      we suggest you check all the latest information about traveling to Ukraine on the official website of the Ukrainian government.

      GBB Team

  9. George Guyot   •  

    Can a USA citizen on 900 a month live there

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi George,

      unfortunately, we are unable to answer such a question.

      GBB Team

    • Robert Anderson   •  

      Most likely you would be required to purchase health insurance through a private insurance company. Also, most countries have a minimum monthly income requirement for residency. They would not want poor Americans.

    • YELENA   •  

      Yes, but depends on where and how you are planning to live

  10. Ruby   •  

    Thank you for your in-depth description. My grandparents on both sides were born in Ukraine. I’m 74 and have not yet had the opportunity to visit, but would love to do so.
    I’m guessing that right now is not the time to consider travelling to the Ukraine.

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Ruby,

      thanks for your comment, we appreciate it.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have the information about the exact situation in Ukraine.
      If planning to travel to Ukraine, we suggest you contact the relevant institutions and keep an eye on the official website of Ukrainian government.

      GBB Team

    • Allen   •  

      NO! Now isn’t the time. Russia is surrounding most of its border and could invade at any moment. I hope this does not happen. My heart is with the Ukrainian people right now.

  11. George   •  

    Hi! I am from Nigeria want to study medicine and surgry, Does Ukraine have the best unversity for medicine and surgry? George.

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi George,

      unfortunately, as a traveling platform, we don’t have information about Ukrainian universities.

      GBB Team

    • Ash   •  

      They have a good study and cheaper than a lot of countries. They wven give MD degree with your 6 years Medical study without any further requirements pr study

  12. Edel   •  

    I am so sad for All people’s at risk during this uncertain time.
    There will be No winners as its usually ordinary Citizens who suffer during unrest/ the threat of war and war itself.
    Sounds like a Beautiful Country and I would like to take my family there sometime safer.
    Do Irish Citizens need visas ( we are EU Citizens also)

    Great information on your site. Stay safe and well Ukraine ❤

  13. Indrojit   •  

    Can an Australian citizen visit Ukraine without a visa ?

    • Maja   •     Author


      Australian citizens do not need a visa if staying up to 90 days.

      GBB Team

  14. Indrojit   •  

    Thanks for your kind reply. Out of curiosity, I have a question, do Ukrainians need a tourist visa to travel to Australia ? Thanks heaps.

    • Maja   •     Author

      Yes, the same visa regulations work for Ukrainians when visiting Australia, they don’t need a visa if staying up to 90 days.

      GBB Team

  15. Tel   •  

    May I wish all Ukrainians best wishes and solidarity from the UK. Putin the des-pot will not succeed.

  16. Jimmy   •  

    This is just a bad time to travel to Ukraine.

  17. Victor Akok Athian Angok   •  

    Hello, I am Victor.
    Does South Sudanese Citizen need visa where visiting Ukrain?

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Victor,

      yes, citizens from South Sudan need a visa for Ukraine.

      GBB Team

  18. Josephine Thomas   •  

    It’s sad now you facing the war, Based on this article seems Ukraine is a beautiful country, May God Protect You all..sending lots of prayers from Tanzania

  19. raudah   •  

    May ALLAH keep you away from this war you UKRAINIANS people

  20. Robert Osei   •  

    Awww! Am loving the country, may the good Lord show his mercy upon the country.

  21. Tapabrata Bhattacharya   •  

    My heart is crying for this beautiful country and people of Ukraine..Wishing oneday the fortunes will be in favour of Ukrainians once again and again the country will be rebuilt with the same grandeurs..Salute to one of the greatest Presidents , the whole world has seen and also to the common people for showing such a resilience in this crucial time..May Lord have mercy on this country and bless all

    • Cheri   •  

      Thank you. I agree with everything you wrote.

  22. Nirmal subedi   •  

    can i get visa for ukrain from Nepal…

    • Maja   •     Author


      yes, you can get a visa, it is possible to apply for it online.

      GBB Team

  23. jun jun alerta   •  

    Does Philippine Citizen need passport to visit ukraine?

    • Maja   •     Author


      yes they do.

      GBB Team

    • Hong   •  

      anybody must ( not need ) have a passport ,
      i believe that you asked was ( do phillipines need apply for visa !

  24. Freeman Allen   •  

    Much love and support from an American living in Germany. Ukraine really sounds like a good country to visit, and it’s honestly a shame that I haven’t been there yet! I’ll definitely visit once all these nonsensical times end though, and for the most part there is peace again. I’m hoping and praying that you rightfully keep your country, and that Russia will get pushed back a bit.

  25. danny   •  

    always loved ukraine and so pray for peace a few years ago i totally cured my paruresis while visiting there because men and women are so free and easy and naturaly and openly human and i cannot bear now to see their suffering

  26. KENNEDY   •  

    How about ? Kenyans do they need Visa to travel to Ukraine

    • Maja   •     Author


      yes, they do.


  27. Jacob   •  

    Indeed an amazing country being invaded, you have my prayers and thoughts

  28. Lorraine Fleming   •  

    Hi Maja. I’m Ukraine live Edmonton, Canada. My
    family name is Muz, from Lviv. I’m so heartbroken
    about Putin War. I want to buy T shirts from Ukraine, not Amazon. I will support Ukraiine people! Thank you, Maja. I’m praying for Ukraine.

  29. Adriano Liteta   •  

    Hi, am zambian, Where do I get a visa from to enter Ukraine from this part of the world?

    • Maja   •     Author

      Hi Adriano,

      you can apply for a visa on the official embassy website of the country.

      GBB Team

  30. Shell   •  

    I hope to visit Ukraine some day.
    I didn’t realise it was such a beautiful country until I saw on the news of the invasion.
    I love the architecture
    Stay safe 🙏

  31. Thomas .B   •  

    It’s so sad that Ukraine 🇺🇦 is invade by Evil Russia 🇷🇺. My thoughts and always with the Ukraine people such a beautiful country.

    • Bette G   •  

      Russia is the largest country in Europe. No matter what, please do not change geographical facts.m

      Bad experience shopping. My friends were scammed and charged more because they did not speak the language. 2 of them were followed by women all the time and pretending to be nice but only wanted to steal their wallets. Horrible experience. Hope it gets better…

      • jamal   •  

        Russia spread to 2 continents, Asia and Europe. The texts says, “Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, not including Russia” maybe get better at reading

  32. Link   •  

    Hey would we have to stay in Ukraine for 90 days to not have visa or be in USA for 90 days to not get it

    • Maja   •     Author


      we suggest you check all the latest information about travelling to Ukraine on the official website of the Ukrainian government.

      GBB Team

  33. Annia K.   •  

    I am ukranian and know the largest country in europe is not ukraine…. Whats going on here? Russia is the largest one in Europe. No natter what… unbelievable

    • Maja Tramontana   •     Author

      Hi Annia,

      The full sentence goes “Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, not including Russia”, considering the fact that Russia spreads on two continents.
      Anyway, thank you for your comment, we truly appreciate it!

      GBB Team

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