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One of the most famous, scenic and popular of the Balearic Islands is Ibiza. Although the island’s size is relatively small, it is packed with amazing sights, attractions and things to do. Ibiza is widely known for its wild nightlife, but there is also plenty of other exciting things to do during the day. From the history of Ibiza Town, across breathtaking view from Sa Talaiassa to the sandy beaches of Cala Llenya, Ibiza is an island that is well worth a visit. So if you haven’t already visited this unforgettable island, we put together a list that will definitely put Ibiza on your bucket list.

1) Clubbing

When someone thinks of Ibiza, first thing that comes in mind is nightlife and they are not wrong. The clubbing season usually starts in May with the International Music Summit followed by  Ibiza opening parties, and keeps rolling through the sizzling summer months until late September’s closing fiestas. For non-stop partying, head to Ibiza Town or the lively resorts of Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio, where most of the island’s super clubs are concentrated. Clubs like Amnesia, Space, Pacha, Sankeys and Privilege are your go to locations. These clubs have dancefloors spread across several levels playing a various types of electronic music hosted by most famous world DJs.

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2) Formentera

Also known as the Caribbean Island of the Mediterranean Sea, Formentera is located just 9 kilometers away from Ibiza. Beaches with the whitest sand and waters the clearest and most crystalline you could ever hope for have marked out this island as one of the most idyllic destinations in the Balearics. Many believe that the beaches on Formentera are among the best in the world and when you get there, you will think so too. Formentera is not only great for relaxing on the beach and enjoying sunshine, it’s great place to take a walk and explore island too. You will be able to find yourself breathtaking views from fields and cliff tops.

3) Breathtaking sunsets

Regarded as one of the best locations to watch the sunset on Mediterranean is Ibiza. No matter what time of the year it is, sea and beautiful scenery on the island will be offering breathtaking sunsets. So if you are in the hunt for some of the greatest natural beauties that island has to offer check out one of the most popular locations for watching sunsets like Sunset Strip, Benirras beach or San Antonio bay.

4) Es Vedrà

One of the most intriguing destinations in Ibiza is the island of Es Vedrà. Located just off the coast of Cala d’Hort on the western coast, the island is completely uninhabited and protected as a natural park. But it’s more than natural park. Es Vedrà is one of the most startling sights in the Balearics, emerging abruptly from the glittering Mediterranean like an offshore volcano. It’s associated with numerous local myths and legends, from sirens to UFOs to the Virgin Mary.

5) Ibiza Town

The port city known as Ibiza Town is the largest and prettiest destination on the island. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza Town boasts a walled fortress as well as cobblestone streets. Locals call the city Eivissa. Ibiza Town is divided into sections: Dalt Vila and Eixample. Perched above the water, Dalt Vila, is the historic area filled with world-class restaurants, great selection of bars and amazing sights. Underneath Dalt Vila, you’ll find Eixample, where most of the newer buildings can be found. While visiting Ibiza Town, be sure to check out the Cathedral called Our Lady of the Snows, which offers perhaps the best views in the entire town and don’t forget to walk around city walls, which are surrounding old town and have great view over the port and south across the water to Formentera.

6) Authentic Spanish food

Ibiza’s cuisine has Spanish and Mediterranean influence. Mediterranean influence can be tasted through wide range of fish. Most popular are bacalao (cod), merluza (hake), emperador (swordfish) and lenguado (sole) which are served very simply, only with some salads or potatoes so you can taste the fish fully. While Spanish influence can be seen through traditional dishes like gazapacho and paella. Since Ibiza is popular destination, you can find plenty of international restaurants that will suit you, ranging from luxury restaurants to simple fast foods.

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7) Sandy beaches

Ibiza is also known for its beautiful beaches. From popular beaches, to peaceful unknown strips, and from hippie beaches to family beaches, the island has it all. To party with the celebrities, head to the Las Salinas in Playa d’en Bossa, located on the south of the island. Backed by pine forests, it’s filled with the sounds of DJ beats. If you’re looking for something more relaxed and family friendly, try Cala Jondal in San José, a mix of sand and pebbles with beautifully clear waters. And if its views you’re after, make your way to Cala d’Hort near Cala Vadella, offering spectacular views to Es Vedrà. Don’t be afraid to explore a bit, sometimes the best beaches are that require a little more effort to reach like Cala Salada or Benirras beach.

8) Hippy Markets

Since late 60s ‘till this day, Ibiza has been home to handful of hippie markets who are giving it’s charm to the island. If you are looking for authentic Iberian products, old school style of clothing, workshops, live music then going to hippie market is a must. The first and so called original market is Las Dalias, which also is considered best by many, has been home of weekly markets for more than 60 years. Here you can find more than 200 stalls which are selling clothes, jewellery, artisan products etc. Another popular weekly market is Cala Llenya, which is open on Sundays. It’s second hand market and perfect for those looking for bargain. One of the longest running markets is at Es Canar, which is also the biggest hippie market on the island with over 500 stalls filled with various stuff. Even though Sunday market in San Juan is one of the newest hippie markets, it still attracts large number of visitors. It’s go-to location for those in search of fresh and organic food.


  1. justvipibiza

    This is really an informative post! Ibiza is such a beautiful place to explore

  2. Catalina

    Why visiting? The main thing is beaches, and that’s what l plan to do this summer in Ibiza

  3. I would like to visit Ibiza Island some days. How do I get to prepare for such a trip? I’m from South Africa in Johannesburg.

    • Maja

      Dear Ahamat,

      we suggest you collect as much information as you can regarding the necessary documents for entering the country such as a visa. Also, inform yourself about the current situation regarding the COVID-19 situation.
      All this information can be found on the official website of the Spanish government.
      In terms of places to see and things to do, we suggest you read more about Ibiza and make a plan on what you would like to visit.

      GBB Team

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