Beaches in Dubrovnik

When people think of Dubrovnik first things that pops up on their mind is rich history, breathtaking sights, delicious food and vibrant life. But everyone forgets that the Pearl of Adriatic also has a bunch of amazing beaches that will suit everyone. To help you choose your location for relaxing in the sun and going for a swim, check out our guide of best beaches in Croatia’s most luxurious city!

1) Banje Beach

With an amazing view towards city walls and the island of Lokrum, Banje is located next to eastern entrance of Dubrovnik Old town. The beach itself is made of fine shingle and split in two. You can either roll out your towel on the public side of the beach or you can rent beach loungers. Banje beach is also full of various water sport activities. Being so close to the old town, Banje is also well known among tourists so it can be very crowded in summer, so wake up early and find yourself a spot!

  • Getting to Banje Beach: Since it’s located near the city center, first you need to reach the city center and after that head towards Ploča Gate from where you will notice wide stairs leading down to the beach. It will take you around 8 minutes from Pile Gate to the beach.

2) Bellevue Beach

Located right under the Hotel Bellevue you will find Bellevue beach nestled in a deep, picturesque bay surrounded by steep cliffs and a large cave. Bellevue is very popular among locals due to its location, facing south-east, there is a plenty of shade on the beach from early afternoon so it is great spot to avoid strong summer sun. Also while you are here, try if you can catch a Wild league game of biggest amateur water polo competition in the world.

  • Getting to Bellevue Beach: It’s within walking distance from the Old Town, and it takes around 15 minutes to get there or you can take bus no. 4 to Hotel Bellevue from where you will walk down to Hotel Rixos where you will see stairs leading down to the beach.

3) Copacabana beach

Copacabana beach is one of the most beloved family summer destinations in Dubrovnik. This pebble covered beach is situated on Lapad peninsula. It also offers various water activities like kayaks, water polo or jet skis. Beach is also has a separated part for elderly and disabled who can use the lift as a way of getting in and out of the sea.

  • Getting to Copacabana beach: Since it’s located on Lapad peninsula, you can reach it by bus line no. 6.

4) Lapad Beach

Lapad beach got its name after Lapad peninsula which is considered to be the most beautiful part of Dubrovnik. The beach is the longest beach in the city, it can be pebble, cemented or rocky (depending on where you grab a spot), and it has something to meet everyone’s criteria. Here you can find various water sport activities, restaurants, bars and a playground for kids.

  • Getting to Lapad beach: Take the bus no. 4 and get off at the bus stop at Cinestar Dubrovnik or take the bus no. 6 to Ulica kralja Tomislava (Pošta stop) and walk down the street to reach seashore.

5) Danče Beach

One of the oldest beaches in Dubrovnik is Danče beach. Located near Park Gradac it’s very popular among locals. The beach is surrounded with large rocks and has cemented plates on which you can leave your towel or sunbathe. So if you are a fan of jumping into the sea or playing water polo this is the perfect location for you.

  • Getting to Danče beach: It will take you around 10 minutes to get here from the Old Town, first you will need to reach Park Gradac, from where you need to go down towards monastery and take the stairs to the beach.

6) Sveti Jakov

Sveti Jakov beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik, it is located a bit further from Banje beach so it means it is generally less crowded but it offers an amazing view of the Old Town and the island of Lokrum. It’s a sandy-pebble beach perfect for relaxing and sunbathing and also a great location for families.

  • Getting to Sveti Jakov: It’s a bit further away located to go on foot, but you can reach it by bus lines no. 5 or 8. You should get off at the Sveti Jakov station, where stairs that are leading down to the beach are located.

7) Šulići beach

Very close to the Old Town, you will discover the Šulić beach. The beach is visited mostly by locals and there are no crowds even in the hot summer months. The beach is situated in a beautiful bay, just below the majestic fort of Lovrijenac, of which there is a beautiful view. The sun sets early in the afternoon so the beach is ideal for those swimmers who do not tolerate strong sun.

  • Getting to Šulići beach: Since its 200 meters away from Pile gate, it’s easily accessible on foot. Route to get here is the same as getting to the fort Lovrijenac but instead of climbing on the hill where Lovrijenac is, just follow the street that goes straight for 50 meters and you will see a stone entrance.

8) Buža Beach

Buža beach is perhaps a most unconventional place for beach, located right next to the southern edge of the city walls. The beach is rocky with numerous patches of concrete terraces where you can sunbathe and jump into the sea. Buža is a perfect place for a relaxing visit to the beach, especially if you combine sightseeing and swimming in one day as its location is in the very center of Old Town. It also has one of the best views, especially at sunset when the whole horizon becomes orange and red.

  • Getting to Buža beach: The beach is actually in the Old Town so walk from Stradun to Gundulic Square, climb up the Jesuit Stairs, turn left to street Ulica Ispod Mira, walk for 50 meters and there is a medieval gate, the entrance to Buža.
Port of Dubrovnik from the old city walls

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