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Festivals in Croatia

The summer is over and you are already looking forward to your next vacation? If you are searching for an ideal option, why not consider going to a festival? Luckily Croatia, one of the most tourist welcoming countries in Europe, hosts over a hundred festivals throughout the year. Whether you are a movie buff, a music enthusiast, or enjoy a little bit of everything, don’t worry- this incredible country has something for everyone!  So keep on reading because we cannot wait to introduce you to the best festivals in Croatia! 

Film Festivals

Did you know that Rade Sherbedgia, Joe Manganiello, John Malkovich, and Nathaniel Buzolic  are all famous actors of Croatian descent? Or that Croatia served as a filming location for popular movies and tv series such as Game of Thrones, James Bond, Star Wars, and Mamma Mia! 2? We believe it is safe to say that this country loves movies. No wonder it hosts over 70 film festivals, events, and manifestations! If you enjoy a unique ambiance, these festivals are for you. The majority of film festivals take place in the most beautiful and historical sights of Croatia. Find out all about them in our list below and become part of one of a kind experience! Ready? Camera set, roll, action!

Tabor Film Festival

What a better place for a film festival than a castle! We present to you the longest-running international short film festival in Croatia, Tabor FF! This year, the festival celebrated 20th anniversary at Veliki Tabor, a 15th century gothic castle in the middle of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Apart from the spectacular view and idyllic atmosphere, Veliki Tabor is famous for its rich history and haunting legends. Between the 7th and 10th of July, you can expect the best short films of different genres. The price for a festival ticket is 26.54 € and 10.60 € for a daily ticket. In addition to the rich film program, the festival offers exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and book promotions.

Pula Film Festival

If you thought a castle was incredible, wait till you see Pula’s Roman amphitheater, a circular building built for spectacles and events in the 1st century AD! Moreover, Pula Arena is the only Roman amphitheater having all the towers preserved. Today, the Arena hosts multiple events, concerts, and festivals in Croatia. One of them, of course, is the Pula Film Festival, the oldest national film festival in the world. For the last 69 years, the festival represented local and international feature films at the end of July.  During the eight days of the festivals, do not miss a chance to explore the Istrian largest city. Take a walk down Pula’s green market, walk through the Arch of Triumph or enjoy the best local seafood at Hook and Cook

Pula Arena

Pula Arena

Liburnia Film Festival

Next on our list of festivals in Croatia is another festival set in Istria-  the Liburnia Film Festival. Unlike the previous, Liburnia shows exclusively Croatian documentary films. Five days in late August, film lovers get a chance to watch over 20 recent documentaries on various topics. The open-air cinema is in Opatija, a town on the eastern coast of Istria well-recognized among tourists. This charming town prides itself on its spectacular view, popular Lungomare, and Austro-Hungarian villas. Among the many sights, The girl with the Seagull , The Swiss House, and the Croatian Museum of Tourism stand out the most. Attractive hotels and villas that can accommodate up to 6000 guests make Opatija a perfect tourist destination throughout the year. 

The girl with a seaguill

The girl with a seaguill

Mediterranean Film Festival Split 

Under the starry sky surrounded by the pines and the sound of waves crashing down the Bačvice beach, The Mediterranean Film Festival in the 17 century old Dalmatian town welcomes the summer. Enjoying a warm June breeze, you will have a chance to watch the best independent Mediterranean short and feature films. The Mediterranean Film Festival is held over ten days in four different locations in Split. During the day, enjoy the rich film program in cinema Zlatna Vrata in the middle of the 1700-year-old palace! At night, the screenings are held at the open-air cinema Bačvice, with a party afterward and at Fortress Gripe. Finally, let us introduce you to the last location, Dom Mladih, where the festival offers a free film program.

Postira Seaside Film Festival

Postira Seaside Film Festival is a small event held in late July in Postira, Island Brač. Between the stone-made traditional houses, the film screen rises and welcomes hundreds of film lovers each year. During the five days of the festival, both international and local short films are equally celebrated. The best way to get to Postira is by ferry from Split to Supetar and by bus from Supetar to Postira. During your visit, don’t miss exploring the fortified complex Lovrečina, Mirje and Lovrečina beach, one of Brač’s most popular beaches. Also, if you fancy local food, we recommend visiting the narrow street Pust’ me proć filled with charming taverns.

Motovun Film Festival

Croatia for sure doesn’t disappoint with stunning places. Set in the hills of the largest Croatian peninsula lies a small medieval town, Motovun, counting 531 people. Surrounded by the truffle-rich forests and slopes with grapes, Motovun makes a perfect place to soak up the Istrian ambiance. This unique environment inspired numerous legends and myths. The most famous is one of Veli Jože, a good-natured giant living in the Motovun forest. Namely, the festival has been running since 2008. in late July, with the main program consisting of independent feature and short films. Its goal is to promote unconventional artists and small international and local cinematographies to the general public. Also, the festival offers an organized camp with toilets and showers for attendees. 



Animafest Zagreb

One of many festivals in Croatia that is held in Zagreb is Animafest, the world festival of animated film. It is no surprise that the capital of Croatia offers so much in terms of entertainment, art, and culture. Between the 6th and 11th of June, enjoy various genres of the animated film- from traditional 2D and stop motion animation to CGI and experimental. Moreover, the Animafest stands holds the title of the world’s second oldest festival dedicated to animation film! Another reason is its rich program for the people of all ages. Also, the numerous concerts in the evening make Animafest an ideal event for families or large groups of friends. 

Zagreb Film Festival

Zagreb Film Festival is an international film festival, and one of the most visited festivals in Croatia. Focusing on promoting contemporary independent films, the festival has had a great impact on the Croatian film art scene. Unlike many, ZFF takes place in late November. Over seven days the festival presents films that often bypass the repertoires of multiplex cinemas. Set in the northern part of Croatia, the Croatian capital makes a perfect place to enjoy the cold weather. To get the most out of Zagreb in winter, we recommend taking a stroll down Tkalčićeva street filled with cafes for a warm beverage.

Tkalciceva Street in Zagreb

Tkalciceva Street in Zagreb

Avvantura Film Festival

Many have claimed Vis, the farthest inhabited island of Croatia, to be the most captivating island of the Adriatic. With its beautiful beaches, historic buildings, and romantic cobbled streets, there is no doubt Vis will find its way on your bucket list. The place that stands out the most is Komiža, hosting Avvantura- an international short and feature film festival.  During the warm August days of the festival, don’t miss a chance to explore all the wonders of this beautiful island- Stiniva Cove, Blue cave, Gajeta sailing, or Kraljičina cave. Also, this beautiful island offers multiple tours, from adventurous parachuting to more calm snorkeling and wine tasting!

Four River Film Festival 

Karlovac, also known as the town of the four rivers, is a renaissance town in central Croatia. Interestingly enough, Karlovac prides itself in knowing the exact day of its creation- July 13th, 1579., making it 443 years old today!  A few miles outside the impressive star-like walls of Karlovac, the Four River Film Festival takes place. This festival is an international counterpart of the Youth Film Festival in Karlovac, dedicated to young filmmakers. Moreover, this event gathers hundreds of high school film enthusiasts from all over the world! Anyone with high-school status can enter the competition program. Thus far, hundreds of students have showcased their creations each year!

Vukovar Film Festival

Although some might find a barge an unusual place for an event, it has become a Vukovar Film Festival icon. Every year since 2007, the movie screen rose on the barge in the middle of the Danube river and welcomed independent regional films. Another side of the festival is a competitive program with the best film awarded the Zlatni šlep (The Golden Barge) award. This five-day festival takes place in late August and gathers hundreds of people every summer. Also, due to its popularity, it has become the largest festival in the Danube region. 

Street in Vukovar

Street in Vukovar

DOKUart- international documentary festival

One of the genres that often does not get the spotlight is documentary film. Luckily, for seven days in October, Bjelovar hosts DOKUart– an international festival of professional documentary film. Apart from the main program, the festival also organizes MALI DOKUart with projections of documentaries made by students of elementary schools. Also, during the festival, you can part-take in various workshops and learn from the best professionals first-hand! Another activity you can enjoy while in Bjelovar is cheese tasting. Due to its centuries-old tradition of milk and cheese making, Bjelovar is referred to as the Town of Cheese.

Trash Film Festival

If you are searching for a festival that exudes tackiness and irony in the best way, the next festival from our list of festivals in Croatia is for you! We present to you the Trash Film Festival! Unlike many, this festival represents low-budget films of action, horror, and sci-fi genres. The main goal of the Trash FF is to entertain people and leave them with a good laugh. Therefore, exaggeration in the scenes is highly encouraged. The Trash Film Festival is usually held in September over four days in the town of Varaždin. On the final festival evening, the best movie gets The Golden ChainSaw award. The award is an homage to the cult movie and thus captures perfectly the Festivals spirit perfectly. 

Castle of Varazdin

Castle of Varazdin

Human Rights Film Festival

  • Location: Zagreb, Rijeka
  • Type: feature and documentary film festival
  • Date: December 4-11 
  • Highlights: Human Rights is a festival that through film media actively promotes multiculturalism, tolerance and freedom. 

Betina Film Festival

  • Location: Betina, Island of Murter
  • Type: Croatian and international short film festival
  • Date: end of August
  • Highlights: Since Betina is the most famous center of shipbuilding, we highly recommend visiting Betina museum of wooden shipbuilding. 

25 FPS

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type: international festival of experimental film
  • Date: September 21-24 
  • Highlights: The Festival promotes the integration of other audiovisual media into film, such as sculpting, theater, and music. 

Croatian Film Festival ( Dani hrvatskog filma)

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type: feature, documentary, animated, experimental, short Croatian film festival
  • Date: June 10-14 
  • Highlights:  The Festival represents Croatian national heritage and an insight into Croatian culture. 

KinoKino- International Film Festival for kids

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type: international fiction film festival for kids
  • Date: September  28- October 2
  • Highlights: KinoKino is a festival completely dedicated to the kids, and offers several workshops intended for children. 

One take Film Festival

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type: international film festival of any genre
  • Date: October 21-23
  • Highlights: The Festival emphasizes the concept of creating a film in one shot from the beginning to the end. 


  • Location: Split
  • Type: contemporary international film festival
  • Date: August 27- September 19
  • Highlights:  qFEST is dedicated to promoting the LGBTQ+ community and offers multiple dance workshops, parties, exhibitions and lectures. 

Star Film Fest

  • Location: Sisak
  • Type: experimental, documentary, animated films made by young filmmakers
  • Date: September 1-3   
  • Highlights: The festival is held at night under the starry sky providing a unique ambience. While in Sisak, visit the famous Sisak Fortress from the 16th century!

Subversive Film Festival

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type: international feature and documentary films promoting equality, women’s rights and queer aesthetic
  • Date: July 15-28
  • Highlights: Subversive FF is held at the open air cinema Tuškanac, surrounded by the lush green forest. 

Supertoon- International Comic book and Animated Film Festival

  • Location: Šibenik
  • Type: international short animated film festival
  • Date: July 18-22
  • Highlights: During the Festival, do not miss a chance to explore the old city center, visit the Cathedral of St. James, Fortress of St. John, and Fortress of ST. Michael.    

Zagreb DOX

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type: international documentary film festival
  • Date: March 3-10
  • Highlights: The Festival is also held in the majestic Tuškanac open air cinema. 

Brač Film Festival

  • Location: Supetar, Island of Brač
  • Type: international feature film festival
  • Date: August 10-13
  • Highlights: Enjoy the beautiful island near the city of Split! Rent a car and discover various “mista” (small towns, villages) on the Island’s coast. 

Đakovački rezovi

  • Location: Đakovo
  • Type: international ethno film festival
  • Date: end of June
  • Highlights: When in Đakovo, do not miss a chance to stroll down the picturesque city streets and visit the famous Đakovo Cathedral. 

ETNOFilm Festival

  • Location: Ethnographic museum of Istria, Pazin
  • Type: international ethno film festival
  • Date: October
  • Highlights: The Festival takes place in the ethnographic museum of Istria. Also, you can explore the famous castle, visit Sopot waterfall and enjoy beautiful nature.  


  • Location: Poreč, Istria
  • Type:international documentary film festival
  • Date: November
  • Highlights: Poreč is a beautiful town on the coast of Istria. It is also home to the 6th century Byzantine Basilica of St Euphrasius.

Lovely Days Film Festival

  • Location: Bol, Brač Island
  • Type: Festival of visual art and film
  • Date: August 12-15
  • Highlights: While in Bol, enjoy the beautiful beach Zlatni rat found on numerous postcards. 

DORF- Documentary Rock Film Festival

  • Location: Vinkovci
  • Type: international documentary film festival
  • Date: August 18-20
  • Highlights: Did you know that Vinkovci is the oldest inhabited area in Europe dating from 6200 BC, or that is the birthplace of Roman emperors?

PSSST! Silent Film Festival

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Type:domestic and international silent film festival
  • Date: November 3-5
  • Highlights: The Festival showcases new domestic and international silent films with live music accompanying them. 

STIFF- Student International Film Festival

  • Location: Rijeka
  • Type: international film festival dedicated to student films
  • Date: November 4-7
  • Highlights: While in Rijeka, visit the Governor’s Palace and Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.

KIKI- International Film Festival for kids

  • Location: Zabok, Krapina
  • Type: international feature film, documentary and animated short films for children
  • Date: October 10-14
  • Highlights: Krapina is famous for the Neanderthal findings. After exploring the popular cave, you can relax at Krapinske Toplice. 

Filmska Runda

  • Location: Osijek
  • Type: domestic short film festival of various genres 
  • Date: October 14-15
  • Highlights: During the Festival, do not miss a chance to explore the old city center and visit the famous Osijek Cathedral. 

Seize the movie (Uhvati Film)

  • Location: Rijeka
  • Type: international and domestic film festival
  • Date: November 15-16
  • Highlights: The main goal of the festival is to inform the public about people with disabilities and promote activities in which they can partake.

Music Festivals

Stunning beaches, crystal clear water, tasty food, friendly people, and great music- Croatia has it all! There are so many music festivals in Croatia you can choose from with all types of genres: funk, soul, rock, ska, metal, local, or electro. The best part, of course, is that the festivals take place in the most beautiful parts of Croatia!  If you enjoy a unique ambiance, we assure you that these festivals are for you. 

INMusic Festival

First on our list is the INMusic Festival- the largest open-air music festival in Croatia. The INMusic festival is held every year in the middle of Lake Jarun in Zagreb and usually continues for 3 or 4 days during June. INMusic has been welcoming rock legends for years! We are sure the fans were especially pleased with this year’s lineup including Nick Cave, Deftones, The Killers, Royal Blood, and more! The price for the 4-day festival ticket is 90.55 € which you can buy online. Also, there is an organized camp for the festival attendees with an average price of 40 € for a 2-person tent. However, the camp is reserved only for people with a 3-day or 4-day festival ticket. 

Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb Cathedral

Hideout Festival

No doubt any party lover has heard of Zrće beach on Pag Island, often recognized as “the Croatian Ibiza“. This pebble beach, awarded with the Blue Flag award, stretches for 450 meters in Novalja- hosting an annual electronic music festival, Hideout! The festival with pool and boat parties is held over five days in five open-air venues (Papaya, Noa, Aquarius, Kalypso, and Euphoria) and brings together the world’s most famous DJs!  Each year, the festival is held at the beginning of July. You can buy the tickets online with prices ranging from 149 € to 169 € (plus the booking fee) for the standard festival ticket and 75 € for the Ex-Yugoslavian attendees. 

Zrće Beach

Fresh Island

Another music event held at Zrće beach from our list of festivals in Croatia is the Fresh Island Festival. Undoubtedly, Zrće is a mecca for electronic music lovers. Therefore, a seven-day music festival dedicated to hip-hop and RnB culture might come as a surprise. The Fresh Island Festival hosted hip-hop legends such as Snoop Dogg, Nas, Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky, and more! If you wonder how to get to Zrće, do not worry as there are multiple options! The closest airport to Novalja is Zadar airport, from which you can take an hour and a half ride by bus or book a transfer. Following are the alternatives, Split airport and Pula airport. 

Sonus Festival

It is not a surprise that the world-renowned Sonus Festival takes place at the best party beach in Croatia- Zrće. This five-day festival has, as many others in Novalja, an impressive lineup of electronic dance music producers. Every year in late August, the Sonus Festival welcomes thousands of people at the best coastal clubs: Aquarius, Kalypso, and Papaya. Apart from the night and day parties at the venues, you can enjoy the boat parties for an ideal combination of the beautiful Adriatic Sea and enticing music! The price for a regular ticket is around 150 euros and about 660 euros for a festival package with accommodation.   

Party at Noa venue at Zrce beach

Party at Zrce beach

Outlook Festival

South of Novalja, down the picturesque Croatian coastline, there is a town Tisno hosting one of the best drum and bass music festivals in Croatia- Outlook. Starting the 18th of July, you will be able to hear enticing music for the next five days in a small paradise called the Garden. Days of boat parties, daytime sessions, and numerous after-parties, one of which is at Barbarellas Discotheque, will leave anyone speechless. Although the Festival brings hundreds of people, do not worry, because the accommodation is well organized. From luxurious mobile homes to budget-friendly tents, Outlook offers something for everyone. 


Following is another event in Croatia representing electronic musicthe Defected Music Festival. This event is held every year at the beginning of August and brings together house music lovers for six days. Some artists you can expect to see at Defected are Moodymann, Carl Craig, Bob Sinclar, Honey Dijon, and Flight Facilities! Apart from the great music by world-renowned artists, Defected stands out with the beautiful venues at Garden Resort in Tisno. Also, the resort has a private beach bay, making it a perfect secluded place to enjoy a music festival.  

Love International

Next on our list of festivals in Croatia is Love International– an annual music festival that takes place at Garden Resort. As previously mentioned festivals in Tisno, Love International promotes electronic dance music. Starting the 12th of July, you can enjoy this six-day event at Garden Resort beach and Barbarellas Discotheque. Apart from the venues and beach parties, the Festival also organizes special boat parties hosting the best DJs! The prices of a festival ticket range from 150 to 190 euros, however, you will have to pay an additional ticket for some venues. 

Dimensions Festival

If Zrće is a mecca for electronic music, consider Tisno its baby brother, for there is Dimensions Festival- the last electronic dance music Festival in Tisno we will introduce you to. In contrast to the previous festivals in Tisno, Dimensions takes place at the beginning of September. As a result, Dimensions is an optimal choice if you want to avoid the crowds but still be a part of the unique experience. Also, this festival has even won the title of the Best Overseas Festival with the UK Festival Award. Apart from house music, during the five days of this event, enjoy techno, drum & bass, and disco.

Ultra-Europe Festival

One of the most popular electronic dance music festivals in Croatia is Ultra Europe. DJs such as Avicii, Afrojack, Chase and Status, Alesso, Deadmaus, Steve Aoki, Dj Snake, and more quickly gained the festival its popularity. Ultra Europe first debuted in the Croatian city Split in 2013 and is now held every July. Aside from the venues in Split, the three-day festival organizes boat parties to Hvar for the ultimate party experience. Due to tickets selling out very soon, we recommend you purchase them in advance. Normally, the prices range from 149 to 369 euros. 

Split at night

Split at night


If you thought we forgot about you metalheads, fear not, for there is Valhalla! Valhalla is a metal music event representing the best local and regional heavy, thrash, or death metal bands. Namely, the Valhalla Festival has been held every year since 2008 in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb. Unfortunately, it was canceled twice due to the pandemic, with numerous rumors of its return. Luckily, the festival organizers have confirmed that the festival will return to us in 2023. at the best alternative club in Zagreb, Močvara

Velvet Festival 

Another music event on our list of festivals in Croatia is the Velvet Festival, held at Punat on the island of Krk. Namely, the festival is dedicated to local alternative music and brings around 30 artists each year. Concerts, parties, boat parties, and karaoke- Velvet has a lot to offer. For those who want to avoid big crowds and enjoy smaller events, Velvet is a perfect music event! Also, this festival is more budget-friendly, with a 3-day ticket for about 33 euros and a one-day ticket for around 20 euros. If you still wonder whether to go, no worries as there are four camps near the festival that you can book for about 27 euros (for three days per person).         

Vintage sailing boat in Krk

Vintage sailing boat in Krk



For almost ten years, the Moondance music festival welcomed its fans with the best of underground techno music. Started as a small one-night performance, year by year, Moondance grew to an event with boat parties, pre and after-parties, workshops, and much more! Apart from the best music producers the genre has to offer, what makes the Moondance festival special is its unique location- The Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir. In the heart of the summer, thousands of music lovers gather together for two days of incredible music, a unique ambiance, and overall unforgettable energy. 

Kamerlengo Fortress

Kamerlengo Fortress


Forestland is an open-air music festival that takes place in the vast land of Međimurje, and is, as the name suggests, surrounded by forest. It is also the first electronic music festival in this area of Croatia. Due to the high popularity of electronic music, a few enthusiasts decided to organize an event in 2013. Thus, Forestland was born! Year after year, the festival welcomes the best local and regional artists, such as Senidah, E-Base, Yakka, Pintha, Kraundler, Corti Organ, and more! Soon, Forestland became one of the most popular events in that region. To this day, it continues to attract thousands of people for warm July nights filled with music. 

Tam Tam Festival  

If you are searching for a small and intimate festival promoting local and regional artists, the next from our list of festivals in Croatia might be the perfect option! Without further ado, let us introduce you to the Tam Tam Festival in the town of Sućuraj on Island Hvar. Tam Tam became a must-see for any lover of Croatian indie music. Taking place in the middle of July, Tam Tam makes a perfect summer getaway. Aside from the music, during the nine days of the Festival, you can enjoy various workshops and partake in different activities. Also, the Festival has an organized camp with showers and an open-air kitchen. 

Seasplash Festival

Finally, let us present to you the last music festival on our list of festivals in Croatia, the Seasplash Festival. This event, like many others, takes place in mid-July, making it a great summer vacation option. Another reason to consider Seasplash is the beautiful location it takes place at, the Martinska beach in Šibenik. Moreover, this festival is more budget-friendly, with prices of 30 euros for one day to 73 euros for a 4-day ticket. There is also a free secured camping spot for all festival attendees with available showers and toilets. However, the capacities are limited, and bringing your tent is needed. If this did not convince you, perhaps the music genre diversity will!

Panorama of Šibenik

Panorama of Šibenik


  • Location: Mihajla Bay, Lastovo Island
  • Date: August 11-14
  • Genre: jazz, blues, ethno, alternative, various
  • Highlights: Lastovo is an ideal island for those who enjoy nature, good food and wine, and an overall peaceful vacation. 

Paiz Festival

  • Location: Stari Grad, Hvar Island
  • Date: July 23-25
  • Genre: swing-ska-punk, pop drive, alternative, disco, deep house,  various
  • Highlights: Good wine, narrow romantic streets, old stone houses and beautiful beaches? Stari Grad has it all!

Fibra Fest

  • Location: open air cinema Bačvice, Split
  • Date: June 30- July 02
  • Genre: alternative, hip hop, pop
  • Highlights: If you want to experience the best of Croatian alternative music on the most famous beach in Split, Fibra Fest is for you!

Mo:dem Fest 

  • Location: Donje Primišlje
  • Date: August 08-14
  • Genre: psychedelic, electronic, ska, dubstep
  • Highlights: Momento Demento Festival truly stands out for the lush green forest it takes place at. Also, we recommend visiting Rastoke Waterfall nearby. 

Goulash Disko

  • Location: Komiža, Island Vis
  • Date: September 14-18
  • Genre: organica, tribal house, psychedelic swing, reggae, ethno jazz
  • Highlights: Camping in the forest nearby, enjoying music at the most beautiful beach, and exploring cobbled narrow streets. What more does one need? 

Pula music week

  • Location: Pula
  • Date: June 30- July 6
  • Genre: house, techno
  • Highlights: Famous artists such as Peggy Gou, Disclosure, Solomun, and more in the breathtaking Roman Amphitheater are enough to convince anyone to visit.

Sea Star Festival

  • Location: Stella Maris, Umag
  • Date: May 27-28
  • Genre: rock, pop, electronic, techno, house, hip-hop, metal and punk
  • Highlights: The Festival hosts both local and international artists of various genres in the Istrian coastal city of Umag. 

Ferragosto JAM 

  • Location: Orahovica lake, Orahovac
  • Date: August 1-5
  • Genre: pop, rock, hip hop, alternative, local
  • Highlights: The Festival hosts over 40 local and regional artists just beneath Papuk Nature Park, making it a perfect event for nature lovers. 

Zagreb Beer Festival

  • Location: Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square, Zagreb
  • Date: June 19-22
  • Genre: alternative
  • Highlights: Beer and local music? Sounds perfect! The Festival offers various kinds of Croatian beer with free concerts in the background. 

Zrće Spring Break

  • Location: Zrće Beach, Novalja ( Island Pag)
  • Date:  July 8-11
  • Genre: electronic dance music
  • Highlights: If you enjoy pre and after-parties, boat parties, multiple venues, and four days of partying, Zrće never disappoints. 

Super Uho

  • Location: Primošten
  • Date: beginning of August
  • Genre: jazz, rock, punk, alternative
  • Highlights: Available camping, affordable tickets, a beautiful beach, free wifi, and various artists make Super Uho stand out among many festivals in August. 

Regius Festival

  • Location: Šibenik
  • Date: July 8-9
  • Genre: electronic, rock, rap, ska, alternative
  • Highlights: Regius takes place at Martinska beach near Šibenik, and hosts numerous local and regional artists.


  • Location: Šoderica Lake, Koprivnica
  • Date: July 28-30
  • Genre: local rock and alternative music
  • Highlights: RockLive is a small open-air festival in Koprivnica with the favorite local artists performing.    

SARS Festival

  • Location: Sinj
  • Date: July 22-23
  • Genre: rock, punk
  • Highlights: SARS, or the Amateur Rock Encounter of Sinj, is a 19-year-old small festival dedicated to the rock and alternative music scene in Croatia. 


  • Location: Hum
  • Date: July 1-2
  • Genre: rock, punk, alternative
  • Highlights: Not only does the festival offer a camp, affordable tickets, and a compelling lineup of regional artists, but is also surrounded by beautiful nature.

SunceBeat Festival

  • Location: Tisno
  • Date: July 20-27
  • Genre: underground, disco, house, soul, funk
  • Highlights: The Festival brings both the legends from the past and present for an ultimate music experience and diverse lineup.  

Indirekt Music n Art Festival

  • Location: Umag
  • Date: June 10-11
  • Genre: indie
  • Highlights: Indirekt is the first indie festival in Istria, promoting the independent art and music scene with all-day-long street art exhibitions and concerts. 

We Love Sound

  • Location: Zagreb
  • Date: November 17
  • Genre: house, techno
  • Highlights: The festival takes place at the top multimedia center in Zagreb- the HALA. 

Student Day Festival

  • Location: Rijeka
  • Date: October 7-8
  • Genre: various genre,local artists
  • Highlights: The SDF is an event dedicated to the students with free entry to all exhibitions, workshops, and concerts by regional artists.    

Escape the City Festival 

  • Location: Vodnjan
  • Date: July 24-26
  • Genre: reggae, 
  • Highlights: The 3-day festival takes place at Barbariga surrounded by nature. The main goal is solidarity, socially responsive attitudes, and ecological awareness. 

Cultural and Gastro Festivals

There is no better way to immerse yourself in another country’s culture than through food. Fortunately, Croatia has no shortage of gastro events where you can experience the best of Croatian traditional specialty dishes. As one might say, love goes through a stomach, and you might fall in love with Croatia a little bit more. Apart from delicious events centered around food, Croatia prides itself on rich history and culture. As a result, we are here to introduce you to the best cultural, and also gastro events in Croatia!

Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Dubrovačke ljetne igre)

King’s Landing, the Pearl of Adriatic, Ragusa- these are the names crowning Croatia’s celebrity town– Dubrovnik. As impressive as this town is in its everyday state, there is something incredible about Dubrovnik during the 15 days of the town’s biggest annual event- Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Namely, the Festival was founded in the 50s to preserve the creative tradition of the city and celebrate the great artists and their work in theater, literature, and music. Night after night, you can enjoy plays, operas, classical music concerts, and ballets by the best Croatian artists- all taking place in Dubrovnik Fortresses and gothic Palaces. 

A panoramic view of Dubrovnik

A panoramic view of Dubrovnik

Split Summer Festival (Splitsko ljeto

Split Summer is an international festival promoting theater and music. After the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, this 68-year-old cultural event makes for the biggest and oldest national theater festival. Both festivals are held in the most beautiful ambient spaces and astonishing historic architecture. The Split Summer opens its program in the middle of the majestic Peristil in the heart of the 1700 years old emperor’s palace! Moreover, During the Festival, you can expect the best ballet and orchestra performances along with impressive operas and dramas. Luckily, all the tickets can be bought online! 

Split Peristil

Split Peristil

Sudamja Feast

Just before summer, at the beginning of May, another big cultural event takes place in Split. This time, we are talking about Sudamja Feast, or the Split’s patron Saint Domnius Day. In contrast to the Split Summer, concerts by regional artists replace the grand operas. Also, the main promenade Riva becomes filled with impressive handmade woodwork by local artists. Although the cafes along the Riva are usually full, on Saint Domnius day it is almost impossible to find a seat. The reason is the residents waiting for the main activity-tombola (public lottery game). Nonetheless, the festival gathers people to celebrate their love for Split and its one-of-a-kind energy.

The Sinjska alka

Northern from Split lies proudly the city of Sinj. This city is 30 km inland from Split and surrounded by three mountains Kamešnica, Svilaja, and Dinara. Although the beautiful River Cetina valley and majestic mountains attract many throughout the year, the main reason to visit Sinj is the well-known knight tournament- Sinjska Alka. Namely, the annual event is held on the first Sunday in August to celebrate the victory over the Turks in 1715. The contestants dress in traditional costumes and try to thrust alka (small ring hanging from a wire) with a lance while riding horseback. Naturally, the Alkar (contestant) with the highest number of points declares victory. 


Following the knight tournament theme, we present to you the annual summer festival of the ancient Korčula sword dance called Moreška. Namely, the battle consists of seven sword dances centered around a beautiful girl and two kings. The white king, engaged to the beautiful girl, tries to fight off the black king taunting him and his fiancee. Moreška was created in the 12th century in the Mediterranean, after which it played all over its coast. However, for the last 400 hundred years, Moreška has been played only in the town of Korčula on the same named island. The prices range between 9.29 euros for a children’s ticket and 17.25 euros for an adult’s ticket. 



Perun Fest

Did you know that Croatia is one of the oldest countries in Europe, dating from the 7th century? There are multiple legends about the Croats traveling from northern Europe to the south, protected by gods such as Jarilo, Morana, Veles, and Perun. Perun, the highest god of the Slavic pantheon, was considered the god of the sky, thunder, storms, rain, fertility, and war. Today, you can learn about Slavic mythology through a unique festival- Perunfest. The event takes place every year from the 10th to the 11th of September in the small village of Donja Lomnica. As for the price, entry is free for children under seven years and is around 1 euro for adults

Zagreb Burger Festival

A festival dedicated to burgers? Heaven must be real after all! Welcome to the annual gastro festival in Zagreb. The Zagreb Burger Festival is held at the beginning of September and offers the best specialty burgers from all gastro festivals in Croatia. Renowned Croatian chefs gather for ten days to present people with the best burgers and craft beer. Apart from great food, the festival also brings multiple regional bands. One might assume the festival takes place in a restaurant, but that is not the case for Burger Festival. Fifteen food stalls in front of which are tables make a great space to interact and enjoy food, energy, and music.  

Main Street Ilica in Zagreb

Main Street Ilica in Zagreb

Good Food Festival Dubrovnik

If you do not like big crowds, visiting Dubrovnik in October might be the perfect option. Some activities you can enjoy are the Good Food festival that takes place between the 10th and 16th of October. Michelin-star chefs preparing delicious festival dishes along with music and entertainment will make for a perfect experience. During the day, there will be multiple workshops, gastro tours, and wine tastings. At night you can enjoy concerts and beer tasting. Also, apart from the themed dinner, taste delicious traditional food. There is also something for those just passing by, such as several stands with street food.   

Stradun at night

Stradun at night


Istrian Pasta Festival (Žminjski Istarski festival pašte)

If you are not a fan of burgers, perhaps a festival entirely committed to pasta might be a perfect alternative. The Istrian Pasta Festival is an event that takes place in Žminj at the beginning of July. What makes this gastro festival so special is the tasty authentic pasta, a part of traditional Istrian cuisine. And it gets better!  Apart from pasta, you can taste a great variety of Istrian cheeses, sauces, and, as the festival motto says, everything that comes to mind when you say pasta. Workshops, cooking shows, and presentations of the recipes during the festival are must-visits. The beautiful atmosphere and old stalls under the chestnut tree lit by candles make the event even more special. 

Olive Oil Festival

One might associate olive oil with Greece or Italy, but did you know that Croatia makes    up for 14% of the world’s finest olive oils? Also, Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia, was declared the world’s best region for extra virgin olive oil years in a row! As a result, it is not a surprise that the biggest olive oil event in Croatia takes place in the Istrian city of Vodnjan. The annual festival gathers hundreds of people from the entire peninsula for the weekend of tasting the finest oils, and cookouts. Also, the event offers a special program for the kids, as well as various concerts at night and workshops by the best Istrian olive oil producers. 

Tuberfest-Istrian Truffle Days

The last gastro event in Istria we will introduce you to is the Istrian Truffle days, also known as Tuberfest. Tuberfest takes place in Livade, a small town near Motovun forest and river Mirna. Istria is well known for its variety of truffles, among which white and black truffles are very common. Since they grow underground, specially trained dogs look for them. Moreover, October is the top season for white truffles, which are an Istria specialty. During the 10-weekend days of the festival, you can enjoy various content. Try culinary workshops or perhaps truffle hunting in the forest. 

Istrian wine and white truffles

Istrian wine and white truffles

Night of Hrapoćuša

In the heart of Island Brač lies a small village Dol, also known as Brač’s Bethlehem. The reason behind the name is the caves formed in the reddish rock of granular stone called hrapoćuša. Moreover, there is a saying that Dol was created on hrapoćuša and from hrapoćuša. One might assume the Night of Hrapoćuša is dedicated to the caves, but the truth is far sweeter. The Night of Hrapoćuša is a festival in late August celebrating and representing a famous cake. Namely, the crust made from mostly sweetened walnuts looks like a reddish stone. Croatia has even declared the cake a protected intangible cultural property of the Republic of Croatia. 

Other Festivals

If you still don’t know which festival is right for you, be it gastro, film or music – why not try it all at once? In this category we bring you festivals in Croatia with a variety of contents: music, dance, workshops, gastro, cosplay, and so much more!

Graffiti na Gradele

A festival promoting street art, dance, and music? And it’s held at the most popular beach in Bol on the island Brač, the one, and only Zlatni rat. Welcome to Graffiti na Gradele, a unique festival in July. Over the years, the festival hosted the best of the best artists. Some of them are Malakkai, Sebas Velasco, Lunar, Senk, and more! Hundreds of murals and graffitis are this decade-long festival legacy! Moreover, the festival has a rich program of graffiti and mural workshops, as well as concerts, dance battles, and exhibitions. You can also expect quizzes, aerial silk dance workshops, and film projections.  

Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat

Comic Con Festival

Who would have thought that one of the festivals in Croatia would be the famous Comic Con? Although this big event is, for the most part, associated with the American Comic book convention in San Diego, there are a little over 100 conventions in the world. One of them is also the Comic Con in Zagreb, the biggest in the region. The festival started with a group of friends who decided to organize an event that would gather comic artists. Soon it grew into an international event, often nicknamed Comic Con Zagreb, which later became the official festival’s name. Today, CC Zagreb gathers people from the whole region at the beginning of June. 

Renaissance Fair

The most significant world manifestation celebrating the Middle ages is Renaissance Fair. Of course, this festival has found its way into a country with rich history and culture-Croatia. Three days at the end of August, Koprivnica becomes a center of various activities. Interestingly, Koprivnica, with its hundreds of years old ramparts, makes a perfect place for such an event. Middle-age food tasting, knight tournaments, archery, and numerous performances are what you can expect during the festival. Also, it wouldn’t be a Renaissance Fair without handmade souvenirs such as leather pouches, wooden horns, arches, and more!


If you are searching for an event that is a mixture of Comic-Con and Renaissance Fair, Liburnicon will not disappoint you. This convention in Opatija is for sci-fi, fantasy, mythology, history, and science enthusiasts. In 2006, Liburnicon welcomed sci-fi lovers, and in the last almost two decades, it has grown to an event that gathers over 2000 people. Lectures by scientists, novelists, and cosplay competitions are just some of the activities you can expect in the middle of August in Opatija. The price for the first day is around 5 euros, the second 6 euros and the festival ticket is about 10 euros. However, there is a special price for kids of 3 euros. 

Colorful streets in Opatija

Colorful streets in Opatija


We have come to the end of our list of festivals in Croatia with Špancirfest, a 10-day festival with a significant mixture of contents. From rich gastronomy, concerts, and street and theater performances to workshops and activities for the kids- find it all in the streets and squares of Varaždin. The festival is a farewell to the summer, as it takes place between the 19th to 28th of August. The event has several programs: street, music, art workshop, gastro, children, exhibitions, wine town, and burger fest. There is no doubt you will find something for yourself! 

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