Visit Oktoberfest

If there’s one thing beer and party lovers associate October with is Oktoberfest, no doubt, locally also known as Wiesn. The world’s largest annual folk festival and funfair is the ultimate event with more than 6 million visitors every year coming to Germany from all parts of the world. Oktoberfest is held in Theresa’s meadows, […]

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There is not a single person who calls himself a fan of electronic music and who hasn’t heard of Tomorrowland. Held in Boom, Belgium, Tomorrowland is a super popular music festival which attracts visitors to this small European country since 2005. One of world’s largest music festivals lasts over 2 weekends and if you want […]

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This party's on fire

Sea Star Festival

For many of you who are already familiar with the EXIT festival held in Novi Sad, Serbia each year, there is a special treat coming. The EXIT team is coming to the Croatia’s biggest peninsula this summer! The successful team which stands behind the awards for best European festivals is organizing another one, the new […]

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