17 Best Beaches in Croatia (Tips from Locals Included)

Best beaches in Croatia definitely wins the award for the most searched term ever, but good news, the search ends here! Yes, here, because this is the only list of the best beaches in Croatia you will ever need. And I don’t even care if you’re giving me that judgy look as you’re reading this. That’s how sure I am that here you will find everything you need to plan the perfect vacation on the Croatian coast!

The decision was not easy, but the results are finally here. The Adriatic jewels gave their all to win the race, but here we only have room for the best of the prettiest and the prettiest of the best. 

Without further ado, welcome to the ultimate list of the best beaches on the Croatian coast!

1. Pasjača Beach, Popovići, South Dalmatia

You know how they say opposites attract? Well, Pasjaca beach is a living proof of that. Namely, it is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia and at the same time it is one of the most secluded beaches in Croatia. Yet somehow, it’s never too crowded. And that makes it perfect for relaxing. Not only that, it is also one of the most Instagrammable beaches in Croatia. And to everyone’s big surprise, it doesn’t have any facilities. 

I know what you’re thinking – there is no way that the most Instagrammable beach doesn’t have a beach bar. How else would people post photos of iced coffee on the beach and make it so Instagrammable? Here’s the thing – it’s all about nature. I mean, just look at that gorgeous view and you’ll see what’s all the fuss about. Steep cliffs meeting playful waves on sunlit golden sand – who can remain indifferent to that? I certainly cannot.

Pro tip: To all my pale buddies and skincare enthusiasts – there is no shade on Pasjaca until the afternoon. Therefore, make sure you pack a lot of water and sunscreen. 

Best beaches in Croatia: View of Pasjaca, a beautiful beach near Dubrovnik
Pasjaca beach

How to Get to Pasjača Beach

Pasjaca beach is located about 30 km away from Dubrovnik. The closest village is Popovići and the closest town is Cavtat. Unfortunately, there are no direct bus lines to Popovići. There used to be one but it’s uncertain if it will operate again. Nonetheless, there is a Libertas Dubrovnik bus line that can take you to Cavtat. However, it is still about a 20-minute drive from Pasjača. Therefore, the only way to get there is by car or taxi. Another option is to get a private transfer.

In addition, once you arrive, you will have to go down the steep steps cut into the rock so it’s best to wear sneakers and carry your flip-flops in your bag. However, the views you’ll see on that walk are stunning so I suggest you have your camera ready 📸. 

All in all, I’d say that getting there might be a bit tricky, but being there is definitely worth it.

2. Golden Horn Beach, Bol, Brač Island (Plaža Zlatni Rat)

What is the most famous beach in Croatia? This one. What is the most visited beach in Croatia? This one. What is the best beach for surfing in Croatia? Iiiiit’s this one. What’s the most peculiar beach in Croatia? You guessed it – it’s this one!

Golden Horn, or Zlatni Rat, is probably the most heard of beach in Croatia. It is basically the most popular symbol of tourism in Croatia. Seriously, I think there’s a picture of it on every postcard. And in case you’re not a million years old and don’t use postcards – it is also on all sites for tourists in Croatia.

And why is Golden Horn beach so special, you ask? Well, besides its mesmerizing beauty, it changes its shape depending on the wind that’s blowing. How cool is that? Also, the winds make it a perfect choice for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. In addition, it is my favorite choice for an all-day stay on the beach. There are bars and restaurants, you can rent parasols, sunbeds, paddle boats, kayaks, and there are plenty of activities for the youngest.

Lastly, I know it looks like a sandy beach in all the photos, but it’s not 🤯. Golden Horn is a pebble beach. I know, it was pretty shocking to me at first too. But then I realized that was another great thing about it because I didn’t end up bringing half the beach home with me in my bag.

Best beaches in Croatia: Aerial view of Golden Horn beach (Zlatni Rat), Bol, island of Brac
Golden Horn beach (Zlatni Rat)

How to Get to Golden Horn Beach

Golden Horn beach is situated on the island of Brac, in a small charming town called Bol. It is quite easy to get to Brac, especially if you’re getting there from Split. There are two options: a ferry and a catamaran. Both of them take about an hour to reach Brač from Split.

If you choose the catamaran, it will take you directly to Bol. From Bol you can either take a 15-minute walk or hop on a small tourist street train which departs from the bus stop near the port, and takes you directly to the beach.

On the other hand, a ferry will take you to Supetar and then you will need to take the bus or a taxi to Bol. The ride from Supetar to Bol is about 30-45 minutes, but it depends on the traffic of course. Also, keep in mind that taxis on islands can be quite expensive. 

3. Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok Island

If you’re thinking about visiting Sakarun Beach, stop thinking and just do it! Namely, Sakarun is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. What’s more, it is on our list of 50 most popular Instagram locations in Croatia

It is often described as the Adriatic Caribbean because of its fine white sand and crystal clear sea. Furthermore, Sakarun is almost 800 meters long and most of the swimming area is shallow water. Therefore, it is perfect for families with children. Moreover, the beach is protected by a bay so the sea is always at a perfect temperature for swimming.

In addition, there are 2 cute bars on the beach. However, there are no restaurants. Therefore, if you plan to stay a bit longer at the beach, remember to pack some food with you. In case you forget about it, like I did 😬, you can grab a quick bite to eat at one of the 2 bars. The dishes they serve aren’t like full-size meals, but you won’t go hungry.

Aerial view of sailing boats in a beautiful azure turquoise lagoon bay on Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok island, Croatia
Sakarun beach

How to Get to Sakarun

Sakarun beach is located on Dugi Otok, and the best way to reach it is by taking a ferry from Zadar.

If you’re traveling by car, I suggest you take the ferry from Zadar to Brbinj. The journey takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and you get to enjoy gorgeous views of the Adriatic coast. I literally could not stop admiring the view. Once you get there, all it takes is about a 20-minute drive and you’ll reach this gorgeous piece of heaven on Earth.

If you’re not traveling by car, the best option is to take a ferry from Zadar to Božava. The views are just as gorgeous and the journey lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes. When you get to Božava, there is a small tourist train that will take you to Sakarun Beach. It departs every 2 hours and costs about 2-3 euros per person.

4. Jagodna Beach, Jagodna, Hvar Island

I bet you haven’t heard of this beach before. Namely, Jagodna is a real little hidden gem. Although Hvar is super popular, there are still undiscovered jewels on this gorgeous island – and Jagodna is one of them. 

I must say, the first time I visited I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was a very small village on the south side of the island and that was about it. Honestly, I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind. But, boy oh boy, was I wrong. I mean, yes, almost no people live there. And sure, there is only one bar/restaurant there. However, nothing can replace the beauty that lies there. I ended up having the time of my life.

Jagodna beach is actually two separate beaches and one of them is dog-friendly. The dog-friendly beach is more secluded (and my dog loved it even though she would never wet her paw on purpose) but both are absolutely stunning. The crystal clear sea, the sunlight reflection,…you know how the list goes on. 

However, Jagodna beach is a lot more than that. Sure, you will have a great time spending the day at the beach, but what about nightlife? Well, Jagodna has a very unique nightlife. Namely, Jagodna beach is an incredible place for stargazing at night 🌠. It feels like you could see all the stars. And trust me, it is waaay better than any movie night or nightclub. The village is quite small so there is not much light and the air is very clean which makes it perfect for a night under the stars. However, don’t repeat my mistakes and bring a jacket with you because it can be quite cold at night on the beach.

Best beaches in Croatia: Beautiful view of the crystal clear sea from Jagodna beach
Jagodna beach

How to Get to Jagodna Beach

So, now you’re interested and want to visit Jagodna? Can’t say I’m surprised. But I can say I’m very happy to hear it and I bet you’ll love it as much as I did. 

To get to Jagodna, you must first get to the island of Hvar. Getting to Hvar is quite easy, especially in the summer when ferries and catamarans operate more often. There are ferries and catamarans to the towns of Hvar, Stari Grad and Jelsa. However, the ones for Jelsa don’t operate as often. Once there, if you’re not driving, you will have to take a taxi because there are no direct bus lines to Jagodna or Sveta Nedelja, the closest village.

The journey from the town of Hvar to Jagodna takes about 45 minutes, and the entire journey is driven along the coastal road. Therefore, prepare to be amazed by scenic landscapes. 

If you’re traveling from Stari Grad or Jelsa, you’re in for a treat! The journey takes about 30 minutes and it’s 30 minutes of pure beauty. The road will take you through the Pitve tunnel, which is quite unique in itself but the best part is definitely the view that awaits you as soon as you exit the tunnel. Personally, that view is one of my favorite highlights of this trip. There is even a small stretch of road just outside the tunnel where you can make a quick stop and enjoy the view.

5. St John Beach, Lubenice, Cres Island (Plaža Sveti Ivan)

They say there’s no stress on the island of Cres, and St John Beach, also known as Lubenice Beach, is doing a great job supporting that thesis.

St John Beach is a beautiful pebble beach perfect for relaxing. It has been declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by several magazines, including the German Bild, which placed it in a high 15th place. Therefore, I had to go there and see for myself. And oooh did I see it.

Firstly, I have to mention that there are two ways to reach St John Beach: by water taxi or on foot. I know that the water taxi seems like a better option, not only because it’s easier but because it offers amazing views but…BUT! I can’t even try to describe the feeling when you reach the top of a 378-meter-high cliff and the view opens up to the most beautiful landscape you will ever see 🤩. It’s so worth it! 

The beach is surrounded by untouched nature and is never too crowded. And all thanks to that steep path that leads you to the beach. Also, there are no facilities on the beach, so, taught by previous experience, I made sure to pack enough water and food. I ended up staying there all day just enjoying the peace and quiet of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

A mesmerizing photo of the beautiful Lubenice beach under Lubenice village on the island of Cres, Croatia
St John beach (plaža Lubenice)

How to Get to St John Beach (Lubenice Beach)

Sveti Ivan beach is located on the island of Cres, near the small village of Lubenice. You can get to Cres by ferry in several ways, because there are 4 ports: Porozina, Merag, Cres and Martinščica.

The next step is to reach the charming village of Lubenice. Fun fact: the village has less than 10 inhabitants. Not so fun fact: it is unclear if there will be a direct bus to Lubenice. Namely, there used to be one, but it stopped operating during the pandemic.

This means that if you are not going by car, you will have to take a taxi or an excursion boat. I came there by car, but if I didn’t have that option, I would have taken the excursion boat to Lubenice. I imagine the views of the coast and untouched nature are incredible.

As I mentioned before, when you get to the village, you can choose to take a water taxi to St John Beach or walk there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – walking is a far better option. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes, not flip flops. Also, bring plenty of water, the hike should take about 40 minutes. If there’s a will, there’s a wave. 

6. Bačvice Beach, Split, Central Dalmatia

Bacvice Beach is the most popular beach in Split. It is so popular, in fact, that the locals wrote a song about it. In addition, Bačvice is the beach where the game of picigin was invented. And the locals love that game so much that some play it all year round. 

There are 2 things that picigin requires and Bačvice delivers: sand and shallow water. You play it with a tennis ball and the goal is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. It’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me. I’ve tried it and all I can say is that it’s a good workout. However, there are some pretty passionate players and it can get fierce. But you know what they say – don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

If you’re not a fan of sand, parts of the beach are concreted. These are the parts where you can catch some shade and the sea level is not so shallow. Therefore, locals often use concrete parts of the beach to practice backflips and other aerial skills 🤸. Personally, I prefer the concrete parts, not only because I suck at picigin, but also because I am too pale to stay in the sun. Also, this is where all the bars and restaurants are. 

In addition, Bacvice is one of the hottest places for nightlife in Split. There are several nightclubs so you’re bound to find something you like.

Best beaches in Croatia: Concrete part of the Bacvice beach with sunbeds in Split, Croatia
Bačvice beach

How to Get to Bačvice Beach

Bačvice Beach is located in Split, practically in the very center of the city. The walk takes only about 10 minutes

Since it is near the ferry port, there are several city buses that can take you there as well. Just look for the bus that says ‘trajektna luka’ which means ferry port. From there it will only take you 2-3 minutes and you are already on the beach.

7. Punta Rata Beach, Brela (Makarska Riviera), Central Dalmatia

The next beach you’ll be adding to your Croatia itinerary is Punta Rata Beach, located in Brela. This gorgeous white pebble beach was listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by several magazines, such as Forbes, Paris Vogue and Condé Nast Traveller. And they are not mistaken. 

Punta Rata is very long and surrounded by stunning nature. My favorite thing was to enjoy the view of the coast from the sea. Imagine this – you go swimming, turn around and see a picturesque coast whose relief is dominated by a beautiful pine forest and mountains. A-m-a-z-i-n-g! Furthermore, Punta Rata has its own distinctive attraction – the Brela Stone. I’m not gonna lie – it’s a pretty big deal, kinda like the Khao Phing Kan stone from the James Bond movie. Also, Brela Stone is quite photogenic. It is just the perfect size to fit in a photo and it has a few pine trees adorning it. Therefore, Insta-fame was inevitable.

However, Punta Rata is more than just its looks. Namely, the sea at Punta Rata beach is of very high quality, so it has been awarded a Blue Flag. Also, the beach offers a lot of facilities such as cafes, restaurants, rental of sunbeds, parasols, kayaks, paddle boats, etc 🏖️.

Idyllic islet on Punta Rata beach in Brela, Makarska riviera, Dalmatia, Croatia
Brela stone on Punta Rata beach

How to Get to Punta Rata Beach

You’ll be happy to hear that getting to Punta Rata beach is super easy. It is located in Brela, which is only a 15-20 minute drive from Makarska, and only an hour from Split. Therefore, even if you’re not arriving by car, you’ll have no problem getting to Punta Rata.

I usually go there by bus from Split. The journey is smooth and comfortable, and the buses run frequently, especially during high season. Therefore, I always have all the time I want to enjoy the beach. Ticket prices usually range from 7 to 9 euros for a one-way trip.

If you go by bus from Makarska to Brela, the trip will only take about 20 minutes, and the price of a single ticket is around 4-5 euros.

Pro tip: Make sure you get a window seat overlooking the coast because the views are incredible!

8. Šunj Beach, Lopud Island

First of all, I just have to say that Lopud absolutely blows me away every time I visit. I mean, all the Elaphiti Islands are gorgeous, but Lopud has ‘that something’. Second of all, that has almost nothing to do with the fact that one of my favorite beaches is Šunj. That is, the island itself is simply magical, and such a beautiful beach as Šunj is the cherry on top and all the more reason to visit.

Šunj Beach is a relatively small beach covered with fine golden sand and surrounded by a breathtaking Mediterranean landscape. The water is shallow for the first 100 m of the beach, which makes it a perfect choice for families with children, those who are not good swimmers and all those who want to practice picigin. Yes, picigin is huge on Lopud as well. 

Furthermore, there are several restaurants at the beach and, oh my, the view is breathtaking! Speaking of breathtaking, here’s a little advice from a local – there’s just the cutest restaurant at the top of the hill overlooking the beach. It’s called Rajski Kutak Bindo and it serves great food (pretty big portions too 😋) and the staff is super friendly. Also, they have hammocks! 

Oh, and do I even need to mention its turquoise sea is crystal clear? Yup, you get the whole package at Šunj Beach. 

Goregous view of the Sunj beach and the surrounding nature on the island of Lopud, Croatia
Šunj beach

How to Get to Šunj Beach

The easiest and cheapest way to reach Lopud is by ferry from Gruž port in Dubrovnik. However, the ferry will take you to Lopud (settlement), which is located on the opposite side of the island from Šunj beach.

The good news – the whole island is only about 5 km². Therefore, you can easily walk from Lopud to Šunj and the walk takes about 20 min. I must say that I really enjoyed the walk to Šunj beach. The nature is very beautiful, and the atmosphere is soothing. 

However, at the end of the day I was waaay too tired to walk back. Luckily, there are golf cars that serve as a taxi service (and, apparently, lifesavers because otherwise I would never make it). They are super convenient and the ride costs about 3 euros per person.

9. Queen’s Beach, Nin, North Dalmatia (Kraljičina plaža)

The Queen’s Beach 👑, as it is to be expected from its name, meets all the requirements of royal treatment. This is the longest sandy beach in Croatia. Namely, it is almost 3 km long. In addition, the American Travel Channel included it among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Furthermore, Queen’s Beach is located at the foot of Velebit mountain. Do you know what that means? Yes, the sunsets here are sunbelievable! Also, it means that it’s a bit windy here at all times. That’s why Queen’s Beach is perfect for all those who want to try kitesurfing or windsurfing

I’m not really the type to do any kind of surfing other than surfing the internet so I decided to rent a paddle boat. And I had a great time! But little did I know, it can get you quite tired, so I went to recharge my batteries at one of the nearby restaurants. I suggest that you stop at least briefly for a coffee in one of the bars or restaurants, because the view extends over the Bay of Nin and Velebit. I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Last but not least, near the beach you can find the largest medicinal mud site in Croatia. The medicinal mud of Nin was used as a therapy as far back as Roman times. What’s more, even Queen Jelena, the wife of King Tomislav, covered her body with this mud. This led to Nin being registered as a seaside resort with an open-air Nin spa.

Best beaches in Croatia: Queen's Beach with peloid medicinal mud in Nin town, Zadar County, Croatia
Queen’s beach (Kraljičina plaža)

How to Get to Queen’s Beach

Nin is located about 20 min by car from Zadar. Therefore, it’s very easy to get to Queen’s Beach as it is located basically in the very center of Nin. The walk takes only about 10 minutes.

I went there by car from Split and the journey took about 2 hours by highway from Zadar. If you decide to do the same, keep in mind that highways are toll roads and expect to pay around 8 euros for a one-way trip.

If, however, you decide to take the bus from Zadar to Nin, the journey will last about 30 minutes and the ticket costs between 3-7 euros for a one-way trip.

10. Paradise Beach, Lopar, Island Rab (Rajska Plaža)

Paradise Beach is nothing less than a slice of paradise. It’s a sandy beach, almost 2 km long and it offers all the facilities you could wish for on a beach. From beach bars and restaurants to numerous activities (such as jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, waterslides, etc.) and rental of sunbeds and parasols, Paradise Beach has it all. Basically, the only thing you need to bring with you is your swimsuit.

In addition, the water is pretty shallow which makes Paradise Beach perfect for families with small children. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them getting bored. There are so many things to do here that parents can sit back, relax and enjoy a moment to themselves 🧘. It really does sound like paradise, doesn’t it?

All in all, I have to say that I had a great time at Paradise Beach, although I have to admit that it’s not one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to. Don’t get me wrong, it is very beautiful, but there are beaches in Croatia that take your breath away. But if you are going for a full day stay at the beach and want it to be full of activities – this is the place for you.

Paradise beach (Rajska Plaža), city of Lopar, Rab island
Paradise beach (Rajska plaža)

How to Get to Paradise Beach

To get to Paradise Beach, first you need to get to the Island Rab. Lopar is located approximately 14 kilometers from the town of Rab. Whether you’re arriving by car or by bus, the journey will take around 20 minutes

Because it takes approximately the same amount of time to get to Lopar by car or by bus, I decided to take the bus. The reason is very simple – the price. Also, the buses operate quite frequently so I had no problem getting there and going back. What’s more, I had more than enough time to spend on the beach, aaand I had some extra time at my disposal to discover the charms of the small town Lopar.

11. Pelješac Beach, Pelješac Peninsula (Plaža Divna)

Peljesac Beach, or as the locals call it – Divna (literally translates to ‘wonderful’) is in fact very wonderful. It is a pebble beach surrounded by incredible mountains covered with dense forest. Yes, it looks unbelievable. And no, I did not photoshop the photo. Such beauty cannot be faked.

The beach actually wasn’t that well-known until a few years ago, hence – the untouched nature. In fact, I discovered it about 2 years ago. Namely, a very good friend of mine posted photos of Peljesac Beach on Instagram and I was immediately blown away. My first thought was – “where did she travel to? It looks so exotic. I’m sure she said she was going to visit her grandparents on Peljesac.” 

Naturally, I had to ask her where she was and to send me all the details so I could start planning my next trip. Imagine my surprise when she said she was in Peljesac! Not only that, but she asked me to visit her! I packed my suitcase almost immediately and arrived in the blink of an eye.

We had the best time there and decided to make it a tradition. Swimming in the turquoise crystal clear sea and enjoying the view is something you can’t put a price on. After a long day at the beach, we would sit at the beach bar (the only facility on the beach, but more than enough) and watch the sunset 🌅. 

Pro tip: if you can, bring a parasol because there is not much natural shade on the pebbly part of the beach. Sure, it’s surrounded by woods, but if you rely on that, you’ll be walking a lot.

Beautiful Divna Bay On Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia
Pelješac beach (plaža Divna)

How to Get to Pelješac Beach

Since Peljesac is a peninsula, it can be reached in several ways: by car, bus or ferry.

However, I highly recommend going there by car. Namely, Divna beach is located around 10 km from Trpanj, the nearest town. You can get to Trpanj by ferry from Ploce, but it can be tricky to reach Divna beach from there.

Another option is to get a ferry or bus to Orebic, the biggest town on the peninsula, but at the same time a rather small and charming place. When you get to Orebic, you can catch a bus to Trpanj

So, how to get from Trpanj to Divna beach? I’d say the best option is to rent a bike. Walking there could be dangerous because of the high temperatures in summer, but you can get there in no time by bike.

In addition, another possibility is to rent a boat from Orebic and enjoy the beautiful view of the coast as you approach this beautiful beach.

12. Dubovica Beach, Dubovica, Hvar Island

You’re looking for the best beaches on Hvar island? Look no further because this is it! Dubovica is one of Hvar’s best-kept and most beautiful secrets. It is a pebble beach, not very big, but it offers something quite unique. Namely, Dubovica has that rustic Dalmatian charm, which definitely puts it at the top of the list of my favorite beaches.

Call me shellfish, but I was actually debating whether to put Dubovica on this list or keep it to myself. That’s how much I love it. There’s no better choice for a proper getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city. That being said, it might surprise you that Dubovica is only a 20-minute drive from the town of Hvar.

Furthermore, Dubovica is known for its fascinating underwater world. Therefore, be sure to bring your diving equipment to the beach because you don’t want to miss such a spectacular view of the seabed. However, the most famous attraction on Dubovica beach is the old country house of the Kasandrić family. It is a traditional Dalmatian stone house built in the 18th century. What’s more, during the summer you can hear beautiful classical music playing from there 🎵. Honestly, I had no idea it was possible to be so relaxed, but Dubovica proved me wrong. And I’m so glad it did.

Dubovica beach and the famous Kasandric family house on the island of Hvar
Dubovica beach

How to Get to Dubovica Beach

It is super easy to reach Dubovica beach from several ports on Hvar, such as Jelsa, Stari Grad and Hvar town. However, I recommend that you take the ferry to Stari Grad or Hvar town because they are only about 8 kilometers away from Dubovica beach. Jelsa, on the other hand, is located about 20 kilometers from Dubovica. 

In addition, there is a bus from Hvar town to Dubovica. The ticket costs only about 1,5 euros and travel time is approximately 15 minutes.

If you’re arriving by car, and there’s not too much traffic, you can be there in less than 15 minutes. I usually go there by car, but that’s only because my friend lives in Hvar town. 

Honestly, during the high season there is so much traffic in all the ports that I’d much rather take the bus or a taxi. Plus, a vehicle ferry ticket will cost you more than a taxi for a 15 minute drive. However, this doesn’t mean that a taxi is a much cheaper option. They can be quite expensive, especially on the islands and during the season. 

There is another option if you’re looking for a more economical transportation option – you can rent a scooter or a bike. That way you can explore more of this beautiful island and do it at your own pace.

13. Podvrške Beach, Murter Island

If you ask the locals what is the most beautiful beach on the island of Murter, Podvrske beach is the answer you’ll get. That is no surprise considering that the best way to describe it is as a one-of-a-kind all-in-one beach. But how is that possible, you wonder?

First and foremost, Podvrske beach is blessed with sunbelievable natural beauty. But, of course, we already knew that since we’re talking about the best beaches in Croatia here. Furthermore, it is a pebbly and a sandy beach at the same time. The coastal part is covered with pebbles, but once you get into the sea, you’ll be walking on soft sand. Also, its pine trees offer natural shade, but there’s plenty of sun as well. However, if you’re like me and like to sleep late, bring a parasol because you might not be able to get a spot in the shade. Well, actually, it’s more of a guarantee because I’ve personally checked it multiple times 😅. 

Furthermore, it is a popular beach but not too crowded. It is particularly popular among families with children because the sea is shallow. What’s more, every little one will be delighted to hear that the facilities on the beach offer all their favorite dishes – pancakes, waffles and ice cream. Parents, on the other hand, will be delighted by the news that Podvrške has a beach bar that offers refreshing drinks.

In addition, you can easily walk to it from Murter, and if you are coming by car, you will be happy to know that Podvrške beach has a parking lot.

Aerial view of turquoise lagoon beach Podvrske, island of Murter, Croatia
Podvrške beach

How to Get to Podvrške Beach

Murter is an island, but it is connected to the mainland by a road. Do you know what that means? Yes, you can drive there! And yes, there’s a bus station! So, if you’re not arriving by car, you can opt for a ferry ride or a bus ride and both will take you to the town of Murter on Murter island

As I mentioned above, it is very easy to get to Podvrske beach. Namely, it is located only about 1,5 kilometers from the town of Murter. So, if you don’t mind walking, you’ll be there in just 20 minutes. I personally always go for a walk (unless the temperatures are crazy high) because by the time I get to the beach I am super hyped to jump into the sea.

On the other hand, if you’re not coming by car, but don’t feel like walking either, you can rent a bike or a scooter.

14. Nugal Beach, Makarska, Central Dalmatia

Next on the list is a real treat for all those who just searched the entire internet asking questions like: “What is the most secluded beach in Croatia? What is the best beach for relaxing in Croatia? What is the quietest beach in Croatia?” Well, there’s only one answer, and that answer is – Nugal beach. 

Furthermore, Nugal is another one of the Croatian beaches whose beauty graced the pages of many world magazines on the lists of the best and most beautiful beaches. It is not surprising that this hidden gem of the Adriatic, after finding itself under such headlines, became very famous. 

When I decided to explore the charms of Nugal, it was already well-known for its beauty. I went there early in the morning and stayed for a few hours. When I left, it was somewhat crowded but still very peaceful. I guess everyone who goes there has the same goal – to enjoy some peace and quiet. Therefore, everyone is just relaxing and enjoying the sounds of waves lapping 🌊 and crickets singing on pine trees.

In addition, if you decide to visit Nugal beach, keep in mind that there are no facilities on it. Therefore, be sure to bring some water with you, and if you plan to stay longer, some food. Also, bringing an umbrella is not a bad idea. There are pine trees on the beach, but if you arrive late, you may not be able to find a place in the shade.

Beautiful Nugal beach near Makarska town, Dalmatia, Croatia
Nugal beach

How to Get to Nugal Beach

If you’re wondering where is Nugal beach, and whether it’s easy to get to, I’m here to explain everything to you. First of all, it is located between Makarska and Tućepi. Given the location, one might assume that it is easy to get to the beach, but Nugal is not accessible by car.

Therefore, it is only possible to reach it on foot. Fortunately, it is not too far from Makarska, but I still strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes. And in no way do I think you should wear flip-flops. You can carry them in your bag because you will need the right shoes for walking.

Furthermore, the walk from Makarska to Nugal beach will take you through the beautiful Osejava forest park. Namely, the beach itself is located on the Osejava peninsula, which is part of the park. The walk takes about 40 minutes, but I assure you that the time will fly by while you enjoy the beautiful views through the Osejava park.

15. Mala Raduča Beach, Primošten, Central Dalmatia

Mala Raduca beach is one of my favorite summer spots. It is located very close to Split, my hometown, so I go there quite often with my friends. You know, girls just wanna have sun. In fact, I’m pretty sure that in the summer I spend more time on Mala Raduca than on any Split beach. And now you’re going to find out why.

Apart from the crystal clear sea and all the other beautiful reasons why we love the beach, Mala Raduca has A LOT of facilities. Thus, there’s no way you could ever need something without being able to get it there. From beach bars, restaurants and shops to trampolines, paddle boats, SUP boards, volleyball, tennis, etc. The list is truly endless and so are the possibilities. It is one of the best choices for an all-day stay at the beach.

However, keep in mind that there is almost no shade on Mala Raduca. But, nobody likes a shady beach anyway. Luckily, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds in case you’re not bringing your own ⛱️. 

In addition, my favorite thing about Mala Raduca is the view. It overlooks the charming old town of Primosten which is situated on a small peninsula. It looks lovely and I highly recommend taking a stroll down its cobblestone streets after a day at the beach.

Mala Raduca beach and the view of Primosten old town
Mala Raduča beach

How to Get to Mala Raduča Beach

You’ll be happy to hear that it is very very easy to get to Mala Raduca. It is located in Primosten and Primosten is well connected to most coastal cities in Croatia. Therefore, even if you’re not arriving by car, getting a bus to Primosten is no problem at all.

I always take the bus from Split because the journey only takes about 1 hour, plus, I don’t have to worry about parking. In addition, the buses are usually pretty comfortable and have air conditioning. Another bonus is that I can enjoy the beautiful views of the coast.

Apart from Split, other popular routes to Primošten are those from Trogir, Vodice, Zadar and Sibenik

And finally, once you arrive in Primosten, you will only need to walk for about 3 minutes until you get to Mala Raduca.

16. Velika Plaža Beach, Omiš, Central Dalmatia

Velika Plaza, also known as Plaza Punta, is the most beautiful beach in Omis. I’m 100% sure of that. It’s a sandy beach located in the immediate vicinity of the old town, and the main attraction is the view. Yes, it’s always the view, I know. But just hear me out. Omis is super famous for its incredible landscape adorned with majestic rocks and river Cetina that flows through them until it reaches the sun-kissed turquoise sea. And Velika Plaza is right there in the middle of this incredible scene. So yes, it’s the view again but, oh boy, what a view!

I love this beach so much and not only because it is so beautiful. Namely, many of my childhood memories took place there. Every summer I would spend most of my time at Velika Plaza and every summer there was something new on the beach. Nowadays, the beach has all the facilities you could wish for such as beach bars, jet ski, paddle boats, volleyball, etc. Therefore, Velika Plaza is still the perfect choice for families with children and creating unforgettable memories.

It seems to me that they improve the beach a little every year and that is exactly the reason why I visit it every summer. Also, there are showers, which I find very important, especially when I plan to spend the whole day on the beach.

Lastly, I would just like to note that you should not confuse Velika Plaza in Omis, Croatia with Velika Plaza in Ulcinj, Montenegro. It’s also a beautiful beach, but it’s not the same at all.

Aerial view of Velika Plaza Beach and Omis with mountains in the background
Aerial view of Velika Plaža beach and Omiš

How to Get to Velika Plaža Beach

Getting to Velika Plaza beach in Omis is just as easy as getting to Omis. Namely, the beach is located practically in the very center of the town. 

Since I usually come from Split, I go by car, which is quite convenient considering that the beach has a large parking lot. However, during the high season there is a lot of traffic so if I don’t go early in the morning, I prefer to take the bus.

Omis is very well connected to other major cities on the Croatian coast, so the bus is often the most convenient option. When you arrive at Omis bus station, you only need to take a short walk of about 10 minutes and you will find yourself in this beautiful piece of paradise.

17. Pupnatska Luka Beach, Pupnat, Korčula Island

Pupnatska Luka beach is Korcula Island’s hidden paradise. It is located on the southern side of the island, in a small cove surrounded by breathtaking Mediterranean nature. It literally looks like it’s hiding from the rest of the world and all the everyday hustle and bustle. Therefore, the last Adriatic jewel 💎 on this list is another perfect getaway made for relaxation.

Furthermore, being on Pupnatska Luka beach is really something else. It is so peaceful that I felt like I had discovered a piece of Earth all to myself, away from it all. Apart from the beautiful view of the sea that stretches all the way to the island of Lastovo, the rest of the cove is covered with pine forest. Therefore, there is plenty of shade. However, there is no shade on the pebbly part of the beach, right next to the sea. So, if you prefer fine pebbles to a pine forest, be sure to bring a parasol.

Moreover, the sea part of the beach enters the shade early in the morning and later in the afternoon. Thus, I strongly recommend wearing sunscreen because while you’re swimming you’ll be exposed to sun. Sure, ”everyday is SUNday, everyday is FUNday” definitely seems like it’s all sun, fun and games until you get home and realize it’s time for a yogurt bath. So be smart and seas the day. 

Best beaches in Croatia: Aerial view of the beach in Pupnatska Luka cove on Korcula island
Pupnatska Luka beach

How to Get to Pupnatska Luka Beach

Since the beach is located on the island, the first step is to get to Korcula. There are several daily ferry and catamaran departures for Korcula town from major cities such as Split and Dubrovnik. The journey lasts between 2 and 2 and a half hours. In addition, you can also take a ferry from Split to Vela Luka on the island of Korčula.

During the high season there are more lines, but I would still advise you to check the timetable before you go so that you can organize your return journey. Don’t repeat my mistakes, I almost got stuck on an island with no accommodation booked.

Also, if you decide to do island hopping, there are catamarans and ferries from Hvar to Korcula.

Furthermore, when you get to Korcula town I recommend taking a taxi to Pupnatska Luka beach. Normally, taxis are my least favorite option as they can be expensive, but in this scenario it’s the best option. The journey will take around 30 minutes, and the price is usually around 30 euros for a one-way trip. Therefore, it’s still cheaper than getting a car ferry ticket.

In addition, there is a local bus from Korcula to Pupnat, but Pupnat and Pupnatska Luka beach are 4 kilometers away, so you would have to walk quite a bit.

Which part of Croatia has the best beaches?

The entire Croatian coast is blessed with beautiful beaches surrounded by incredible scenery. You really can’t go wrong here. However, if you’re looking for one place with many gorgeous beaches, I’d say islands are the best option. In fact, I’d point out Hvar and Dugi Otok islands as places with plenty of beautiful beaches. Dugi Otok is renowned for its mesmerizing natural beauty and Hvar is a mix of places for relaxation as well as partying.

Are there any sandy beaches in Croatia?

Croatia has lots of sandy beaches, the longest one being Queen’s Beach (Kraljičina Plaža) in Nin. It is almost 3 kilometers long and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Apart from Queen’s Beach, the most popular sandy beaches in Croatia are Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaza) in Lopar, Velika Plaza in Omis, Slanica Beach in Murter and Sakarun Beach on Dugi Otok.

Which beach in Croatia has the clearest water?

Most beaches in Croatia are renowned for high quality water and are crystal clear. No exaggeration here. However, you’ll find the clearest water on those beaches that are located in smaller places, such as small towns and villages along the coast and on islands. Those are the beaches such as St John’s Beach (Plaza Sv. Ivan) on Cres island, Jagodna and Dubovica beaches on Hvar island, and Sakarun Beach on Dugi Otok. Basically, the fewer facilities on the beach, the cleaner the sea.

What are the best beach towns to visit in Croatia?

There really is no right answer to this question. It all depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for a place for a quality family vacation, I advise you to check the accommodation options in smaller towns along the coast such as Zadar, Šibenik and Omiš. If, however, you want to party and have fun with friends, Hvar is known for its gorgeous beaches and rich nightlife. And finally, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, I recommend larger coastal cities such as Split and Dubrovnik because they offer pretty much everything. 

Are beaches nicer in Split or Dubrovnik?

As a local from Split, it pains me to say that the beaches are nicer in Dubrovnik. But it is what it is. However, both cities are surrounded by many beautiful beaches. Therefore, if you don’t mind taking a little longer to get to the beach, both cities are a great choice for a summer vacation.

I’m sure it was difficult to keep resisting the urge to start packing your bags throughout the entire article. I know, I understand, the beaches here are truly enchanting. However, I’m sure you’ve found something that you like and that soon you’ll enjoy yourself on one of the best beaches in Croatia. 

Happy vacationing!

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