Zermatt village with the peak of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps

Ski Resorts in Switzerland

You cannot miss with Switzerland as your winter destination. Whether you wish to go skiing, do some Christmas shopping or just enjoy stunning nature, you will be amazed by what it has to offer when temperatures drop significantly.

The Alps, Christmas markets, ice rinks are just few of the things you get to see while exploring the country during Swiss winter. However, most of the tourists come for winter sports, especially skiing, which is widely spreaded and popular in Switzerland.

The country’s touristic profit comes mostly from skiing, so it ski tourism is present in almost every canton, from Neuchatel, Bern, Solothurn, and Basel to Zurich, Thurgau and St. Gallen. Among more than 30 ski resorts, we have chosen top 5 to write about.

1) Saas-Fee (Wallis):

Situated at 3600 m, you can ski on easy, intermediate or, for braver ones, on difficult slopes. The slopes are prepared on a daily basis. In winter snowboarders can use a snowpark. In summer a halfpipe, boarder-x, jumps etc. are constructed on the glacier.

It offers an ideal ground for children or young learners since on the edge of the village there is a quite flat practice lift. The ski school there gas both a baby lift and a kindergarten for the youngest.

  • Ski pass costs 72,00 CHF per day for adults. Children pay half a price (36,00 CHF) and those under 9 years of age can ski for free if accompanied by at least one adult.
  • The price per day reduces if you buy the pass for a longer period.
  • Check the other offers.

Getting there: Swiss railways offer tourists a discounted return ticket of 139,00 CHF from any airport in Switzerland to their final destination. Children under 16 accompanied by one adult travel for free. These tickets have to be purchased in advance, online, outside the Switzerland.

  • If traveling by train, fly to Zurich airport and take a train to Visp, where you can either pre-book a taxi or a private transfer or take the Post Bus to Saas-Fee.
  • The village is car-free, so this is not recommended way of travel.
  • Other than the Zurich airport, it is worth to consider the airports in Geneva, Basel and Sion, but also Milan, especially Malpensa, which is geographically the closest one to the resort.

Accommodation: There are many accommodation units to choose from in Saas Fee, you should consider pre-booking in advance, since the 90% of units are already reserved.

Benefit: If you book a private accommodation, you can arrange with your landlord to await you at the entrance in the village, or even at the train station.

2) Zermatt (Wallis):

This resort is located at almost 4000 m and it is the highest skiing area in the Alps. giving the magnificent view of the Matterhorn, the mountain of mountains. Straddling between Switzerland and Italy, it is one of the best-developed and modern ski regions worldwide.

  • Peak pass ideal for hikers and mountain lovers costs 35,00 CHF.
  • Winter ski pass costs 80,00 CHF per day.
  • See the other prices.

Getting there: The recommended way of traveling there is by train, as mentioned above, since it that ticket gets you to any destination.

  • If you choose the train, follow the route Zurich – Visp – Zermatt.
  • If you prefer a private transfer, choose the closest airport, in Geneva and pre-book online your transport.
  • If you go by car, you must park in Tasch, the last village before Zermatt, from where you take a shuttle train or taxi to the resort. Trains leave every 20 minutes and the journey takes 12 minutes.
  • You can also travel to the Zurich airport, but the journey takes much longer.

Accommodation: There is a number of hotels and private units in the village, specially designed to make the tourists’ wishes come true. The prices vary depending on the distance, quality and the dates you wish to stay there, but be equipped with some extra money, since the cheapest hotel per night costs about 160,00 CHF (for two people).

3) St. Moritz – Corviglia (Graubünden/Grisons):

For skiing and snowboarding, there are 155 km of slopes and 8 km of ski routes available. 24 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,720 and 3,057 m. This resort is also famous for its hosting the Winter Olympic Games, two times.

Getting there: The best way of getting there is by a helicopter charter. You can book one from the bases in Geneva, Italian Riviera, French Riviera, French Alps and Monaco. Plus, it is the most scenic means of transportation.

  • You can travel by train as well, from Zurich. The journey takes about 4 hours.
  • If you prefer to go with a car from Switzerland, the only open pass is Julier Pass. In case you are coming from Italy, drive through the Bermina or the Maloja.

Accommodation: The accommodation units in St. Moritz are a bit cheaper, starting from about 120,00 CHF per night. St. Moritz is overbooked few months in advance, so you should start looking for your hotel as soon as possible.

Ski lift

4) Adelboden (Bernese Oberland):

Adelboden is a terrific winter arena where all snow sport enthusiasts get more than their money’s worth. Other than amazing slopes, it provides a majestic ski events, Giant Slalom and the Slalom on the Chuenisbaergli peak, which attract more than 20, 000 spectators each year.

These highlights are complemented by the Adelboden cross-country ski night and the “Old Tavern” cultural centre, which attract media attention, a bit unusual for this cozy and calm place. In 2005, the Alpine Wellness International crowned Adelboden the first Alpine Wellness Holiday Destination in Switzerland.

  • A ski pass price depends on the time of the day, as well as on the number of people you are coming with. (The most expensive way is to go there alone, but the price is still about 20,00 CHF cheaper than in other Swiss resorts – 65,00 CHF).
  • Check the prices for the upcoming season.

Getting there: You can reach the Adelboden resort from three international airports of Geneva, Zurich and Bern, serviced with many daily flights. The closest airport is in Bern and the transport will take about 60 minutes.

  • You can consider the transport from the Sios airport as well, it is a 2-hour drive. However, the number of daily flights is much lower than in the other airports.
  • The nearest train station to Adelboden is at Frutigen 16 kms from the resort. Transfer from the train station takes about 20 minutes by taxi or 30 minutes by bus. Frutigen is linked to:-

Geneva Railway Station – 2:30 hours

Zurich Railway Station – 3 hours

Bern Railway Station – 2 hours

Basel Railway Station – 3 hours

Montreux Railway Station – 1:30 hours

Accommodation: The prices begin at 130,00 CHF. It is recommended to book in advance since the number of tourists increases on annual basis.

5) Jungfrau (Grindenwald – Wengen):

This skiing area offer 102 km of pistes and 38 km of slopes at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The impressive mountain panorama – many times claimed to be the most beautiful thing in the world – intensifies the magnificent experience.

The ski area is also home to the world-famous Lauberhorn downhill.

  • You cannot book a ski pass without a KeyCard for the Jungfrau Ski Region. The number starts with 01- or 29-.
  • The prices vary depending on a route, but they are within a 10,00 – 70,00 CHF range.
  • See all the packages.

Getting there: If you choose to travel by Intercity train, you can go to Interlaken Ost directly from Basel or from Zurich and Geneva via Bern to Interlaken Ost. The journey is approximately 30 minutes long and you can check the timetable online.

  • The next stop is from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen/Grindelwald.
  • Then you change to Wengernalp Railway and go to Kleine Scheidegg.
  • At Kleine Scheidegg you change to Jungfrau Railways which takes you to the resort in about an hour.
  • The same route takes you to the resort by car, only probably a bit faster than by train.
  • Airports of Geneva, Zurich and Bern are close so you can reach Jungfrau within max. 3 hours by the airport transport.

Accommodation: You can book your room for only 50,00 CHF per night, but if you want to get your money’s worth from this holiday, you better book it in advance.


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    Nice article, I’m traveling to Switzerland this summer and made my booking to Zermatt.Thanks a lot for resort suggestions will try to visit all of them.Thanks for sharing such informative article.

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    I can say this is a detailed guide for any one who wants to spend ski holidays in Switzerland. Switzerland is my one of the favorite ski holiday destination. Thanks for sharing this detailed guide.

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