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Roški Slap

The Roški Slap waterfalls is one of the most beautiful spots inside the national park, despite that majority of visitors to the Krka national park is not even aware of its existence and what it has to offer. Roški Slap is an official entrance to the National park Krka (open whole year), it is located about 30 km from the two main entrances in Skradin and Lozovac.

Roski Slap from above

What to see at Roški Slap?

At the lower part of Roški Slap, there is a hiking trail around the cascaded waterfalls which you can see on the image below, the walk takes about 30 minutes from the parking lot, additionally there is a short walk to an Ethno village from where the main waterfall can be seen. If you arrive by boat from Skradinski Buk you will sail close to the waterfall. At the Ethno village there is a restaurant and a coffee bar, as well as a souvenir shop and a traditional water mill and workshops.

If you do not mind climbing, you have two great options to get some really good exercise. First option is to climb to the viewpoint overlooking the Krka river towards south, there you can enjoy this view.

Krka river from Viewpoint

The climb to the viewpoint is quite challenging as your are walking on rocks all the way up, at the first part you have a wooden railing, but the last half of the hike you have nothing but rocks. NOTE: make sure you wear some solid sneakers, climbing this part in anything else is not recommendable. If the rocks are wet you should not attempt to go up!

Second “climbing” option is to go and see the Oziđana cave which has been open for visitors since 2012. From the hiking trail around the cascaded waterfalls, there are 517 steps to climb to get to the cave. This is how the first part of the stairs looks like.

Cave at Krka National park

At the cave you will be met by park employees, who will tell you a brief story about the cave; if you wish to enter the 60 meter deep cave, you will be offered construction helmets to protect your head. I would recommend you to wear the helmet as you can easily hit your head at the bottom part of the cave.

Once you have seen the cave you should go to the viewpoint just below the cave, from there you will have a stunning view of the cascaded waterfalls.

NOTE: Both the viewpoint towards the south and the Oziđana cave can be reached from above also (less steps :-)), but finding the road to get there is a bit tricky, so you should ask for directions at the park.

Cascades at Roski Slap

How to get to Roški Slap?

By car: The easiest way to reach Roski slap is from the A1 / E 65 highway where you should take the exit 21 towards Skradin, from here there is about  25 km to Roski slap, the country road leading from this direction is in a really good condition. As alternative to this route you can also arrive from direction Knin or Drniš, which are both fairly close.

When arriving by car, be aware that there is only a very limited number of parking lots available on both sides of the river, so arriving early is not a bad idea.

By boat: During the period from April to October, it is possible to buy a boat excursion from Skradinski Buk (Entrance Lozovac) to Roški Slap with a 30 minutes stop at Visovac; at Roski slap there is a 90 minutes stopover, which is enough to explore the lower part and the Oziđana cave before the boat sails back to Skradinski Buk; price for the 4 hour boat trip is 130 Kuna, which is additional to the national park entrance ticket.

Hiking: From Stinice (parking lot for the boat to Visovac) there is a 8.5 km hiking trail to Roski Slap, the hike takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. In July and August there is a minibus which could take you back to your car (price: 50 kuna per person).

Trails at Roski Slap

Entrance fee / ticket for Roški Slap?

Tickets for Roski Slap can be bought upon arrival, the national park has a small sales office and info point at both sides of the river. If you buy a ticket only for visiting Roski Slap, the price is 100 Kuna in July and August, and 60 Kuna in May / June and September / October, rest of the year price is 30 kuna. If you have already bought a ticket e.g at Skradinski Buk, that ticket is also valid for visiting Roški Slap.

From Roski Slap you have the option to take a 2.5 hour boat trip to the Krka monastery where you will have a 30 minute stop, on the boat trip you will pass the fortresses Trošenj and Nečven. The price for the boat trip is 100 kuna which is an addition to the entrance ticket.

Climbing at Krka national park

Other information

The lower parts of Roski Slap are suitable for adults and kids of any age, you can also get around with a baby carriage. Persons in wheelchair can visit parts of the lower area. The trip to the viewpoint towards south is not suitable for smaller kids, and adults should be in a reasonably good shape to do the climb, same goes for the climb to the Oziđana cave

On the west side you have a restaurant called “Panorama Roški Slap”, as the name indicates there is a great view from the restaurant’s terrace. There is also a hotel and a restaurant literally in the middle of Roski Slap, located halfway over the bridge.

Krka nature

The car bridge across the river Krka has a width restriction of 2.2 meters, so passing with trucks, buses and larger mobile homes is not possible.

Crossing Krka River

Map of national park Krka

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