Getting to Martinska

Martinska, along with Tisno and Novalja, has in recent years become an immensely popular destination, with numerous festivals taking place in its wonderful natural surroundings.

A part of the city of Sibenik and right across from its center, Martinska hosts events such as Seasplash Festival, Regius Festival, Nox Festival, Membrain Festival, Blast Festival and more.

What is the nearest airport to Martinska?

The nearest airport is Split Airport, located just 59 kilometers from Sibenik. Taking the lovely scenic road instead of the motorway adds another 7 kilometers to your route. The average travel time from Split Airport to Sibenik is from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the route taken. It takes an additional 15 minutes to reach Martinska. There are no buses from Split Airport to Sibenik, but private transfers can be pre-booked.

The second closest airport is the one in Zadar, 83 kilometers outside Sibenik. In ideal traffic conditions, the travel time from Zadar Airport to Sibenik is around 1 hour, plus another 15 minutes to Martinska. As there are no buses connecting Zadar Airport and Sibenik, direct private transfers can be arranged.

There are four other international airports in Croatia, all of which are a bit further from Sibenik. If you’re flying into Zagreb, Rijeka, Dubrovnik or Pula, find detailed travel information below.

  • Zagreb Airport to Martinska – 347 km, 3 hr 15 min. travel time
  • Rijeka Airport to Martinska – 278 km, 3 hr 15 min. travel time
  • Dubrovnik Airport to Martinska – 309 km, 3 hr 45 min. travel time
  • Pula Airport to Martinska – 448 km, 4 hr 30 min. travel time

International buses to Martinska

There are no direct international bus lines to Martinska, but several bus connections exist between Sibenik and several European cities.

From Germany, there are buses from Munich to Sibenik, Frankfurt to Sibenik, Berlin to Sibenik, and from other cities like Memmingen, Augsburg, Essen, Ulm, and Mannheim as well.

From Switzerland, there are departures from Zürich to Sibenik, Basel to Sibenik, as well as from St Gallen, Bern, Lucerne or Lugano. To reach Sibenik from Geneva or Lausanne, travel via Zagreb.

From Austria, buses depart from Vienna to Sibenik, Salzburg to Sibenik, Graz to Sibenik.

From countries like Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia or Italy, choose from one of many routes through Zagreb or Zadar to reach Sibenik.

Local buses to Martinska

There are no direct bus lines from other Croatian cities to Martinska at the moment. Sibenik, however, is rather well connected with the rest of the country.

Buses run regularly from Zadar and Split to Sibenik, terminating at Sibenik main bus station. There you can transfer to a taxi or taxi boat to Martinska.

From Zagreb, the capital and main traffic hub in Croatia, there are frequent buses to Sibenik, especially during high season. During the festival season, frequent taxi boats are available from the main bus station in Sibenik to Martinska.

There are also bus connections from Dubrovnik, Pula, Vodice, Trogir, and Skradin (Krka National Park).

NOTE: To get from Sibenik to Martinska, you can get a taxi or hop onto one of the taxi boats operating during the festival season. Several taxi boats run daily from outside Sibenik main bus station to Martinska. Timetables are available at Sibenik main bus station, as well as on festival websites.

Train to Martinska

There are no direct trains to Martinska, but Sibenik is easily reached by train from Split or Zagreb. Keep in mind that train journeys from both Split and Zagreb can be more than twice as long as bus journeys, in addition to being more expensive on average.

City buses and taxi boats in Martinska

While there is no city bus, it is possible to get a taxi or opt for a cheaper and more exciting activity – the taxi boats. Taxi boats connect Martinska and downtown Sibenik in the summer months. Both are convenient and reasonably priced.


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