Getting to Tisno

During the last years Tisno has in addition to Novalja become one of the top spots for festival in Croatia, here you can visit festival like Love Internation, Electric Elephant, SunceBeat, Movement Croatia,

Soundwawe Croatia or Defected Croatia, the festivals take place at the Garden, which is a festival area located 10 minutes walk (1.3 km) from Tisno Centre.

What is the nearest airport to Tisno?

The nearest airport is Zadar (Zimunik airport), which is located 60 km from Tisno when following the picturesque coastal road, via the highway there is a travel distance of about 75 km. If there is not to much traffic travel time should be around one hour.  From the airport there are no buses to Tisno, only options to travel direct is to pre-book a transfer, prices and transfer vehicle you can find here.

As an alternative you could fly to the airport in Split, which is located about 87 km from Tisno, travel time, if traffic is normal, is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. As there are also no buses from the airport in Split, direct transport from the airport you can book here.

In addition to Split and Zadar airport there are 4 other international airport in Croatia, they are all a bit far away from Tisno, but never the less they are of course an option:

  • Dubrovnik airport to Tisno  – 330 km, 4 hours travel time
  • Rijeka airport to Tisno  – 270 km, 3 hours 15 min. travel time
  • Pula airport to Tisno – 440 km, 4 hour 20 min. travel time
  • Zagreb airport to Tisno – 340 km, 3 hour 15 min. travel time.

International buses to Tisno:

Unfortunately there are no direct international buses to Tisno, but you can travel there from many countries with just one bus stop in Zadar.

From Germany you have bus from Munich to Zadar, Frankfurt to Zadar, Stuttgart airport to Zadar, as well as other Germany to cities like Dortmund, Essen, Dusseldorf, Augsburg and Mannheim.

From Switzerland you have bus from Zurich to Zadar, Basel to Zadar and Lucerne to Zadar from cities like St. Gallen, Lausanne and Bern, you can travel via Zagreb.

From Austria you have departure from Vienna to Zadar and Graz to Zadar from other Austrian cities you can travel via Zagreb.

From countries like Slovakia, Czech republic, and Italy you will have to travel via Zagreb or Istria to get to Zadar.

From Zadar bus station you have local bus to Tisno, schedules for those bus you can find at the bus station in Zadar. There should be a handful of daily departures.

Bus stop Tisno

Domestic buses to Tisno:

As mentioned there are local buses from Zadar to Tisno, this also apply from Pirovac, Vodice and Sibenik to Tisno.

Domestic long distance bus from direction Zadar and direction Split, unfortunately do not drive to Tisno town, these buses stop at the main road between Vodice and Pirovac, from the bus stop (Tisno mag.) there is about 5 Km to the Garden, and 6 km to the centre of Tisno.

From Zagreb to Tisno (Timetable) there are a handful of direct buses in the period of the main festival season, these buses has a travel time of about 5 hours. The buses passes the Garden on the main road towards Tisno, but it has no official stop there so you will have to notify the driver that you wish to get of as close to the Garden as possible.

In Tisno the bus stop near the bridge, and most of the buses continue to Island Murter where you can get of in Jezera, Murter or Betina.

Train to Tisno:

Basically travelling to Tisno by train is really not an option, except if you insist on travelling by train, the nearest station is in Sibenik which has train connection to Zagreb, but be aware travel time is more than double compared to travelling by bus.

City buses in Tisno:

Unfortunately Tisno is a bit to small for city buses, but during the festival period there are suitable alternatives.

  • Between the Garden festival area and Tisno centre there is a mini train driving non stop.

Also from the festival area, there is taxi boat, which easily can take you Tisno centre and various location on Island Murter.

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