Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Filming Locations

The first appearance of Black Panther was in 2016 when we saw him in Captain America: Civil War. In 2018, T’Challa finally got his own movie, Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. Boseman made T’Challa so popular that people couldn’t wait to see the sequel. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020. However, Marvel Studios decided not to recast the role. Instead, they decided to push forward and honour Chadwick Boseman.

That means that Marvel Studios had to rework the movie without the leading character from the original Black Panther. 

The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler, who is also a co-writer of the screenplay along with Joe Robert Cole.

The majority of the cast has returned so, once again, on the big screen we’re going to be watching Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, Danai Gurira as Okoye, Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross and Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi.

Based on Black Panther: Filming Locations, the movie is definitely going to be interesting so let’s check out all the places it’s going to take us!

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, also known as a “city in the forest”, is the capital of Georgia and its most populous city. What’s more, since 2010 it proudly bears the title of the seventh-most visited city in the United States

Its most famous attraction is the Georgia Aquarium, the third-largest indoor aquarium in the world. It has 7 galleries, and the total volume of tanks amounts to an incredible 11 million US gallons (42,000 m3). Wow! Walking around the aquarium must feel like actually being on the bottom of the ocean. Just imagine how magical the view is! 

Besides this beautiful gem, other popular attractions include the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden with the amazing 180-meters-long Kendeda Canopy Walk skywalk. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia, USA

Brunswick is the second-largest urban area on the Georgia coast. It is a city with rich history, mainly associated with Brunswick being an important port city, especially during World War ll. It is primarily known for producing Liberty ships and the so-called “Knot” ships.

Although an important port city, Brunswick’s tourism is the largest industry in the city. Visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches, resorts, shops and numerous historical sites. In addition, Brunswick has amazing cuisine. It is the center of the state’s shrimping industry which earned it the nickname “The Shrimp Capital of the World”. Of course, it’s not all about the shrimps, there’s crab and oysters too. 

Still, the most popular dish is the Brunswick stew. There has been some discussion about whether the stew originates from Brunswick, Georgia or Brunswick County, Virginia so, naturally, they settled it by organising “Stew Wars”.

Mary Ross Waterfront Park

Looking for the perfect spot to watch the sunset while in Brunswick? You found it! Mary Ross Waterfront Park is the perfect place to embellish your evening as you enjoy the last rays of the sun. Furthermore, this lovely park is located in downtown Brunswick and has a historic nature. It features The Liberty Ship Memorial Plaza where you can admire a replica of the Liberty ship. In addition, Mary Ross Waterfront Park also features an outdoor musical playscape, a staged pavilion, an amphitheatre and a farmers market. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Cambridge, originally named Newe Towne and then Newtowne, is the fourth most populated city in Massachusetts. In 1638, its name was changed to Cambridge to honour the University of Cambridge in England. The city is best known for its prestige colleges and universities such as Harvard University, Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, Lesley University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Furthermore, due to its rich history, Cambridge features many museums and historic buildings. In addition, a variety of both permanent as well as temporary public art is scattered throughout the city. Moreover, if visiting during the warmer months, make sure to stroll down Harvard Square as it is brimming with street musicians and other performers.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the top academic institutions in the world, located across the Charles River from Boston, near the vibrant Kendall Square. It was established in 1861 and hasn’t stopped contributing to the development of modern technology and science ever since. In addition, besides making the world a better place, MIT is making the world a prettier place as well. What’s more, everyone is welcome to explore the campus. However, visitors can explore only the outdoor area on campus as well as some non-residential campus buildings. Nonetheless, there is plenty to see and do. You can admire some amazing art and architecture as well as learn some interesting facts from history and culture. In the end, you can say that you went to MIT. 



Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Worcester is the second most populated city in New England, named after Worcester, Worcestershire, England. It is known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” and the city’s symbol is a heart. What’s more, Worcester is known for its great diversity as around 22% of its population is born outside the USA. Furthermore, the city has numerous attractions, many of which are parks such as Elm Park, Green Hill Park and Worcester Common Park. Other attractions include Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester Art Museum and Worcester Memorial Auditorium. In addition, the city is famous for having numerous triple-decker houses,  Victorian-era mill architecture as well as lunch car diners. 

Johnson Tunnel

Ernest A. Johnson Tunnel was built in 1956. It is relatively small and covered in tiles. What’s so interesting about that, you wonder? You might think it’s a tunnel just like any other, but then again, what’s so special about it that it served as a filming location for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Well, this tunnel is used for New England Summer Nationals, the largest automotive event on the East Coast. It is usually held on July 4th and it has several events including drag racing, controlled burnouts and stunt motorcycle riding. The Johnson Tunnel is especially popular for doing burnouts which draw both smoke and cheers from the crowd. However, the film crew didn’t use it for car burnouts, but they did use it to shoot a pivotal chase scene. We’re guessing adrenalin’s going to be popping out of the big screen!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a true gem of the Caribbean known for its rich history and culture, amazing cuisine and breathtaking beaches. What’s more, Puerto Ricans are known for their vibrant energy, dancing and celebrating life. It is a place where everyone feels welcome. 

The film crew chose San Juan as their filming location, or more precisely, the former Ritz Carlton Hotel and Casino and its surrounding areas. Furthermore, San Juan is the capital and the most populous city in Puerto Rico. Its main attractions include the historic district Old San Juan, the upscale, beachfront community called Ocean Park, and Condado, an oceanfront upper-middle to the upper-class community in Santurce. Another popular attraction is the El Morro, a citadel built between the 16th and the 18th century. In addition, there is also the Castillo San Cristóbal, a fortress built in 1783 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983.

Puerto Rico

Fortress in Puerto Rico

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Filming Locations Map

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