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Visiting Petroland Aquapark

Summer is comming! Travelling to the coast can be quite expensive, especially if you’re coming from a country which is not blessed with crystal blue water and breathtaking beaches.
If you can’t afford a one-week-long (or even longer) trip, we have a solution for you. Petroland Aquaparkin Becki Petrovac municipality (near Novi Sad) in Serbia is an ideal destination for families, couples and groups of friends.

It is the most modern aquapark in the Balkans, only 120 km away from Serbia’s capital, 100 km from the Hungarian and only 20 km from the Croatian border. Another advantage is that you can visit the aquapark even in winter months thanks to geothermal water which springs from the depth of 800 metres.

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How to reach Petroland Aquapark:

By national bus: This is the most convenient option since there are several connections from Novi Sad, Backa Palanka, Belgrade, Subotica, Sombor and Apatin. The departures are adjusted to the working hours of the aquapark. Check out the bus timetables and fares. You can choose among Solaris City Express d.o.o, Dunavprevoz, Alas Shuttle Van and Copic Passenger Transport.

NOTE: The prices are in dinars, the Serbian currency (RSD).

By international bus: We advise you to go to Belgrade or Novi Sad and from to continue your journey to Petroland from there. Here are few connections available: Budapest to Belgrade, Zagreb to Belgrade, Skopje to Belgrade, Sofia to Belgrade.

By car: Check out how to reach the aquapark via Belgrade and Subotica highway.

Fees: The price is approximately 7.5€ (900 RSD), but it may vary depending on the season. Students, pensioners, person with disabilities and children get extra discount.

What to do at Petroland Aquapark: It is really difficult to choose among all those water slides, pools and playgrounds, but here are the most popular ones:

  • Black Hole – this slide is unique due to the special lighting effects, which are perfect for adrenaline boost.
  • Twister – this is the slide to use if you want to make your head spin.
  • Crazy Corn – a crazy ride down the slide.
  • King Slide – this one is by far the most favourite attractions, join the whirpool followed by an unexpected surprise at the end.
  • Tiger – one of the biggest slides in the aquapark, perfect for your enjoyment.
  • Zebra – choose this one if you like switching from side to side on your way down.
  • Rainbow – fast slide with several paths, ideal for family competition.
  • Kamikaze – only for the bravest ones who are not afraid of free fall.

Istralandia slide

You can choose among several pools as well, such as the Wave Pool which enables you to experience real sea waves in the middle of spacious Pannonian plain in Backi Petrovac, the Relaxation Pool which with water massage, “water loungers”, bubbles, jets and large fountain enables people to relax and enjoy, Wild River where you can experience the excitement of rafting on a mad river, Children’s Paradise designed for the youngest visitors and few others.

To make the experience even more real, there are four beaches, too. Frikom Beach is the favourite one among the families because it is located between children’s pools, Wild River and the biggest pool. Caribbean Beach is the largest and the most popular one in Petroland, located in front of the pool with artificial waves. You can also relax on the Pannonian Beach or enjoy playing some sports with your friends or family on the Sports beach.

The aquapark also provides fields for many sports activities, like football, basketball (both on sand or artificial grass), volleyball on the sand, fitness equipment, etc.

Nearby attractions: While visiting Petroland, why not use the opportunity and see some history, too?

  • Oldest House – the house dating from 1799 represents the oldest preserved building of folk architecture in Backi Petrovac. This was a home of a typical Slovakian family of the 18th century.
  • National Museum – the museum’s collections consist of manufactured artifacts, folk costumes, and a rich archive of books and photographs of Slovak culture from all over Vojvodina.  
  • Castle Stratimirovic Dundjerski (Museum Complex) – the Large Castle houses the unique collection of anitique furniture and applied arts from 18th century till the beginning of 20th century, as well as collections of machines, tools and the permanent exhibition on the country’s agrarian past and Small Castle stands for the oldest preserved building of this unit.

Staying overnight: If you wish to spend the night and revisit the aquapark, make sure to book on time one of the available units nearby.

For further information, visit the official website of Petroland Aquapark.

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