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Travelling by bus from Vienna to Budapest is relative fast and quite cheap, each day there are 10 or more departures between the cities. The travel distance between the capitals is about 250 km, the fastest buses between Vienna and Budapest does the trip in around 3 hour, others with more stops need an hour more. When you are searching for a suitable departure, you should pay attention to the following.

In Vienna you have departures from two different bus stations, one being the VIB bus terminal at Erdbergstraße 200, the other the Stationcenter Engerthstrasse 242-244, the two bus stations are located 3 km apart, so especially if you arrive with a bus from e.g Zagreb or elsewhere and need to catch a bus from Vienna to Budapest, you really need to pay attention to weather the buses arrive / departure from the same station. If you need to get from one bus station to the other it will cost you 8-10 Euro which is money you can save by picking the right bus.

NOTE: The bus station Stationcenter is at the ground floor of a shopping center.

In Budapest you have similar issue, also here there are several departure / arrival locations depending on which bus you travel with. The most used station is the Népliget Autobus Station, which is the main bus terminal in Budapest, other bus companies use a stop by the Nyugati Railway Terminal. In addition to those locations some bus companies have started using a bus stop by Albert Flórián Stadion located across the road from the Népliget station and others use stop next to Szöglet Presszó on the opposite side of the crossroad. Also it is good to know that many of the buses from Budapest to Vienna also are stopping at the Budapest airport. You cannot use these buses to travel from Budapest to the airport, but you can board them at the airport when travelling to Vienna, and when you travel from Vienna towards Budapest, you can of course exit the bus at the Budapest airport.

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At the bus station Népliget Autobus Station in Budapest and at the VIB International station in Vienna, passengers are charged a service fee by the bus station,  (they might call it a reservation fee, which it is not), you might be able to avoid this in Népliget Autobus Station if you walk directly to the bus, in case when you travel from the other stations / stops mentioned above, you should not have any additional fees.

When travelling by bus from Vienna to Budapest or the opposite direction, you will cross the Austrian / Hungarian border, so make sure you have all necessary travel document with you.



  1. Susan   •  

    Hello. What kinds of buses are used for travel between Vienna and Budapest? Mostly, are they safe and well maintained? Have there been any major accidents? And what kinds of roads do they travel on (small backroads/highways/both, etc.) I’m not a fan of bus travel, but would like to possibly see Budapest when I take my trip to Vienna. Thank you very much.

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Susan,

      The tickets for the bus line Vienna-Budapest are sold by our partners and only they can give You more information about this route, so it would be best to contact them directly. When you click on “buy from partner”, you will be redirected to their website, where you will find their contact details.

      Best regards!
      Melani, GBB Team

  2. Sajjad   •  

    Hi there
    In Hungary I have to show my passport ?
    I want to buy a bus ticket from pècs to szombathely , and I don’t find my passport, what can I do?
    Please help me asap

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Sajjad,

      It is possible to enter Hungary without passport – you can show your ID but you need to be a citizen of EU.

      Best regards!
      Melani, GBB Team

  3. Santa Vetturi   •  

    Ciao, vorrei sapere se al Bus Terminal Erdberg di Vienna c’è un deposito bagagli per valigie grandi. Grazie.
    I want to Know if at Bus Terminal Erdberg in Vienna there is a luggage storage (large suitcases). Thanks

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Santa,

      At Erdberg Bus Terminal are available have locerks for big luggage for 1,00 euro per hour. Opening hours are from 06:30am to 11:30pm.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  4. Sophie Butts   •  

    If my bus departs at 8am what time shall I get to the bus station?

    • Marija Štrljić   •  

      Hi Sophie,

      you should arrive at the bus station between 7:00 am and 7:30 am, so you have enough time for ticketing and boarding.

      GBB Team

  5. Lojain   •  

    Hello if i want to travel from vienna to budapest tompa which is the best bus station and should i take Nepliget or kelenfod ?

    • Marija Štrljić   •  

      Hi Lojain,

      consider taking a bus to Budapest. Both Népliget and Kelenföld are major bus stations in Budapest, but Népliget is often the main hub for international routes. Take a bus from Vienna to Budapest Népliget and then check for buses to Tómpa or inquire at the ticket counters for the best connection.

      Marija, GetByBus Team

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