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Visiting Vienna, the capital of Austria, without your own or a rented car, is absolutely no problem, you can travel to Vienna from most countries in Europe by bus or train, once arrived in Vienna, you have plenty of options getting around in town and the surrounding area using the available bus infrastructure.

Local buses in Vienna:

The local bus network in Vienna consist of more than 140 lines, including special lines and night buses, the complete network of city buses runs under the name “Wiener Linien”. Wiener Linien it selves operates about half of the lines, the rest is driving by private bus companies (as sub contractors) like Dr. Richard, Gschwindl, ÖBB-Postbus, Blaguss and Zuklin. The local bus network covers the whole city, so you can use the Wiener Linien service regardless of where you are staying in the greater Vienna area.

The majority of buses use in the local city bus network, are low floor buses, making them partly accessible for person with disabilities including persons in a wheelchair, the buses can also be easily accessed with a buggy.

Wiener Linien Bus

Ticket for the Wiener linien:

The Wiener Linien offers a wide range of tickets, besides regular tickets for citizens living in Vienna, there is a great variety of ticket for tourist visiting the city like e.g. a 24, 48 or 72 hour tickets. Tickets can be purchase at the website of the “Wiener linien” or by using their Smartphone app, all information about tickets you can find here.

Bus sightseeing tours:

If you find it too much hassle figuring out how the local bus network operates, the best alternative is probably take the hop on hop off sightseeing buses which would take you to all the major sights in Vienna. Additionally plus to the open air buses (if weather condition allow it), is the better view and the guide service when travelling around in the city. You can find a list of sightseeing operators here.

National long distances buses from Vienna:

From Vienna there are domestic long distance buses, to several larger cities in Austria, the long distance lines are operated by private bus companies like e.g. Westbus. Due to the hilly landscape of Austria and a well-functioning domestic train network, the national bus service is not as good as in many other European countries. Especially if you are travelling to the western part of the country, train is a better option.

International bus connection from Vienna:

In terms of International bus connections to and from Vienna, the travel options are far greater and in most cases also cheaper then alternative means of transport.

Buses Vienna to Croatia: From Vienna there are several daily departures to Zagreb as well as daily of weekly buses to most other cities in Croatia. – You can find schedules here.

Buses Vienna to Bosnia: Several times a week there are buses to all the large cities in Bosnia, like e.g. Sarajevo, Bihac and Mostar. You can find schedules here.

Buses Vienna to Montenegro: each day it is possible to travel to cities like Podgorica, Ulcinj, Budva and Kotor,  in Montenegro

Buses Vienna to Germany: Several daily connection to cities like Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin as well as a large number of other German cities.

In addition to the above mentioned countries there are whole year international buses lines to places like Budapest in Hungary, Bratislava in Slovakia, Ljubljana and other cities in Slovenia, Prague and other cities in Czech republic, Belgrade and other cities in Serbia just to mention a few.


Major bus stations in Vienna

If you are travelling with International bus to or from Vienna, you should know that depending on bus company, the routes arrive and departure from different bus stations in Vienna.

VIB bus terminal: The most used terminal for international buses is the VIB terminal in Erdbergstraße 200 A, app. 50% of all international buses drive to and from this terminal. Terminal can be reached with subway line U3 and several city bus lines. Walking distance from town centre 3.8 km (taxi cost about 12 Euro)

Stadion center terminal: the second most common bus terminal for international bus departures and arrivals. This terminal can be reached with subway line U2 and several city bus lines. Walking distance from town centre 4.6 km (taxi cost about 11 Euro)

Wiedner Gürtel terminal: The third bus station for some international departures and arrivals is the bus station located at the high speed railway. Address Wiedber Gurtel, 1040 Wien, Austria, GPS 48.185140, 16.372254. This bus station can be reached with subway line U1 and several city bus lines. Walking distance from town centre 3.0 km (taxi cost about 10 Euro)

You can see a map with the International bus stations in Vienna here.

If you are using Vienna as a hub, you should pay attention to weather your arriving and departing bus goes from the same station. If it should happen that you have to get from one bus terminal to the other, here is the walking distance and approx. taxi cost

  • From VIB Terminal to Stadion center terminal, 2.9 km walking distance, about 10 Euro taxi costs .
  • From VIB Terminal to Wiedner Gürtel terminal, 4.1 km walking distance, about 14 Euro taxi costs.
  • From Stadion center terminal to Wiedner Gürtel terminal, 5.6 km walking distance, about 14 Euro taxi costs.

Airport bus Vienna Airport:

The easiest way to get to and from Vienna airport is to take the airport bus, which travels very frequent during day hour, and several times during night hour, from airport there are 4 different routes operated by two companies, more information about the airport bus you can find here.

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