Top 5 Waterfalls in Croatia

Even though Croatia is not the first country you would think of if you plan on visiting waterfalls, you would be surprised by the gems this country hides.

It is true that Croatia is blessed with one of the most beautiful coasts and seas in the world, but the country is much more than a coastal destination. The country abounds with breathtaking mountains, forests and magnificent waterfalls.

What is more, Croatia has more waterfalls and amazing scenery per square kilometer than any other country in the world so it is time to discover waterfalls in Croatia!

1) The Great Waterfall, Plitvice Lakes National Park

We sincerely doubt that there is a single person out there who hasn’t heard of Plitvice Lakes. It is Croatia’s most visited National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This amazing natural phenomenon includes 16 dazzling terraced lakes with over 90 waterfalls of different sizes and several kilometers of the boardwalk. The lakes are very clear and vibrant; the thing that amazes everyone is the color of the water – thanks to the mineral content of the water and sunlight during the day, the water shimmers and changes color from azure to green and blue.

Lakes are divided into two parts – the upper lakes and the lower lakes. There are several different routes you can take but when walking, make sure you don’t skip The Great Waterfall or Veliki Slap in Croatian. It is part of the Lower Lakes and with its 78 meters of height, it is the highest waterfall in the country. Its supremacy and beauty stands out among the rest of the waterfalls. The special thing about this waterfall is that Veliki Slap was actually formed by the Plitvica Potok, the river which extends 3 km to the west of the fall, unlike the others that are formed by spilling of water from upper to lower lake.

Every season reveals different and special magic of the Park, ticket price for the Park varies depending on the time of the year. Be prepared to be wowed!

2) Skradinski Buk, Krka National Park

National Park Krka is the second most visited national park in Croatia, with Plitvice Lakes being the first. In one of the most precious Croatian natural wonders, waterfalls pour into small pools as green as emeralds. It is a paradise for all nature lovers and for those who seek peace and inspiration.

There are seven spectacular waterfalls with travertine cascades created during the centuries by the influence of mineral-rich water. The most amazing among all seven waterfalls is Skradinski Buk, located at the very end of the river. It is actually a cascade that consists of many smaller waterfalls and azure lakes. It is known for its width; in areas, it is nearly 90 meters wide and the highest single drop is around 12 meters high. There is an extraordinary clear swimming pool at the base of the waterfall where you can swim so if you plan your visit during the summer, don’t forget to take swimming suits. While you are in the Park, catch a glimpse of the past visiting the old watermills. Krka National Park is the right place to enjoy with all your senses.

Price of tickets varies depending on the season, but in every season the visit will be worth it.

3) Mrežnica Waterfalls

Mrežnica river is one of Croatia’s wonderful continental landscapes. Magical preserved nature and emerald green water are highlights that attract people. The river is one of the most special natural waterways in the country, with its canyons, numerous waterfalls, springs and mills.

The upper canyon of Mrežnica is considered to be the most beautiful part of the river. Over 90 waterfalls cross the river creating mutually flowing parts of the river and although they are not as high as those of Plitvice Lakes or Krka Waterfalls, they are unique. The variety of forms make them interesting and worth the visit. In between the waterfalls there are pools of warm water ideal for swimming. Another very popular place to swim is the Island of Love. Rafting and canyoning are top adventure activities you can experience here. Mrežnica is the perfect place to escape if you search for both peace and adventure.

4) Rastoke waterfalls

Rastoke is a very picturesque village in the mountains where rivers Slunjčica and Korana meet, located just 33 kilometers north of Plitvice Lakes. The village grew as a district of millers back in the 17th century and for over 300 years the harmony between man and nature is present here. In the village, you can discover a great symbiosis between amazing nature creations and technological achievements of past centuries when people have just started to learn the proper use of nature for their life purposes. The village has a lot of attractions such as caves, river canyon and magnificent nature views.

Slunjčica river flows into the Korana river, creating rapids and falls that come together to make stunning waterfalls. In case of nice weather, there is also a swimming spot in the river Korana.

5) Zrmanja waterfalls

Zrmanja is a river that has penetrated its way to the sea by breaking carbonate based ground and creating one of the most majestic canyons in the country, protected as a significant landscape. It is often said that the river is the hidden beauty and that is completely true, the landscape includes caves, cascades, waterfalls and a canyon. Untouched nature and emerald water make Zrmanja a top destination for all nature and adventure lovers. River’s exciting rapids are ideal for rafting and 200-meter deep canyon for kayaking. There are waterfalls of many different heights and shapes which create impressive water symphony. The highest and the most beautiful one is Visoki Buk, which stands at 11 meters. The power and beauty of nature will definitely amaze everyone.

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