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Top 10 Unusual Hotels in Europe

Wanna spice up your trip? Then pick one of the coolest hotels in Europe. Treehouses, igloos, caves and cars are just a few types of rooms where you can stay. And while there are plenty of hotels offering the weirdest accommodation possible, here are our top 10 most unusual hotels you should stay at during your journeys.


Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Winter lovers can experience how it feels to sleep on ice, literally. ICEHOTEL is the first ice hotel in the world, built entirely of snow and ice from the Torne River; from rooms, bar, halls, reception and a church. The only exception is the bathroom which is located in warm houses nearby. The hotel is open all year round thanks to the innovative cooling technology that keeps the indoor temperature at the constant -5°C. The hotel has a capacity for over 100 guests and those who eventually realize this type of accommodation is far too cold for them can pick one of the regular warm rooms. Add to this unique overnight stay some northern lights and dog sledges and there you have it – the ultimate northern experience!




Montey, Switzerland

If looking for a truly peaceful overnight stay, then Hotel Whitepod in the heart of the Swiss Alps will surely charge your batteries. This hotel consists of the pods spread over a large area in nature, at an altitude of 1400 m above the sea level. Each pod has a bathroom and is completely independent which guarantees full privacy. All other facilities such as restaurant, bar, game room and sauna are within a 15-minute walk. If you wonder what to do besides relaxing in this area, there are plenty of activities on offer. Besides enjoying the spa & wellness facilities within the hotel, you can try mountain biking, hiking with dogs, ziplining, cave exploring and many more. During the winter period, the area becomes a ski resort and hotel guests have a private ski lift.


Harads, Sweden

You don’t have to be a kid to still enjoy the tree houses! Your childhood fantasy can become a reality in Swedish Lapland. Treehotel is set in a peaceful pine forest that guarantees a stress-free vacation. You can choose between various types of tree buildings such as UFO, bird’s nest or even a mirror cube so that no one from the outside can spot you. Although just recharging in the serene atmosphere is good enough for a complete vacation, you can still add some of the attractive activities the area has to offer. Choose between fishing, kayaking, horse riding, cycling or simple hiking. In the end, treat yourself with some spa treatment, northern lights and the most amazing local cuisine.

Fairy Chimney Inn

Cappadocia, Turkey

Hills, valleys and unique chimney rock formations make Cappadocia look like from a fairy tale. Its landscape resembles the lunar surface thanks to the historic volcanic eruptions and long-term erosion. Therefore, locals decided to level up the experience and made a hotel in chimneys and caves. The cave rooms of Fairy Chimney Inn used to be a part of the 1500 years old Byzantine monastery. Their interior is simple and traditional with the incredible ambience that will take you back in time. Still, innovative technologies are making sure cave rooms are heated and cooled depending on the season, visitors have access to WiFi and the service makes sure your morning starts with the traditional Turkish breakfast. The hotel also has terraces from which you can enjoy the postcard view of the stunning landscape with hot air balloons.



Count Tibor Kalnoky’s Guesthouse

Transylvania, Romania

Staying overnight in Transylvania is enough to awaken the medieval atmosphere and all the stories about Count Dracula. This guesthouse offers the authentic experience of the old, forgotten times. It is set in the heart of the region, away from the city crowds and will surely take you back in time with its interior that exudes the charming, traditional style furnished with countless antique pieces. The surroundings provide the same atmosphere with castles, gardens and overall village charm. The guesthouse also offers many organized activities that go hand in hand with the setting. Therefore, you can explore the caves and mills, try horseback riding and, finally, visit the notorious Bran Castle.

Kakslauttanen Igloo West Village

Saariselka, Finland

If you ever wondered how it feels sleeping and living in an igloo, you can experience it in one of the Igloo villages in the north of Finland. Kakslauttanen Igloo West Village is a winter fairy tale that combines glass igloos set in a snowy forest, under the northern lights. Igloos maintain a temperature of -3°C to -6°C and are equipped with toilets and shower while the glass roof lets you see a thousand stars twinkling above the Arctic. If you get tired of the cold, you can switch to one of the warm rooms. Every season brings its own attractive things to do. You can enjoy husky and reindeer safaris, skiing and ice fishing in winter, while in summer you can try canoeing, horse safaris, hiking and mountain biking. In the end, this is the place where you can meet Santa and see his spectacular house!

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Teuge Aircraft Luxury Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sleeping in an aeroplane is not always a comfortable experience. But what if there is actually a super-comfy and fully-equipped aeroplane where you can sleep like a log? At Teuge International airport in the Netherlands, you can book an entire aeroplane with facilities such as a bar, sauna and jacuzzi, just for yourself. You can choose to stay on the ground, but you can also request a sightseeing flight and experience this luxury high up in the sky. In the morning, guests are served breakfast and if you’re staying as a part of the special occasion, the service can spice it all up with a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of roses. Definitely unusual but an amazing way to surprise someone!

V8 Hotel

Stuttgart, Germany

All automotive enthusiasts have their own heaven awaiting in V8 Hotel. If you’re passionate about cars, book a room in this hotel and sleep in one of the numerous themed rooms, from route 66 and drive-in cinema to the carwash and British racing. All rooms are different, furnished with real parts of various vehicles and beds are made of actual cars. Besides staying in unique surroundings, guests can learn a lot about automotive history and the usage of vehicles over the years. Also, the hotel offers other facilities for a relaxing and fun stay. You can enjoy the restaurant and bar as well as fitness and wellness facilities located on top of the hotel providing a splendid view.

Masseria Cervarolo

Ostuni, Italy

If you ever wondered what life looked like in medieval times, in one of the Italian villages, scattered with rural houses and monasteries. Well, hosts of Masseria Cervarolo located in the village of Ostuni in Puglia, are doing their best to introduce you with those forgotten times. The hotel consists of trulli, typical Apulian rural houses that were actually built in the 16th century. It is located in the pure nature that guarantees a peaceful stay. The complex also includes a traditional small church dedicated to Our Lady Of Sorrow Virgin Mary dating from the 18th century. Besides the well-preserved tradition, hosts added some extra facilities to make your stay more luxurious. Enjoy the pool, bar and restaurant along with numerous activities in the area.

The Old Railway Station

Petworth, England

Cars, aeroplanes… then why not railways too? Former Petworth Railway Station in England, built in 1892, is transformed into one of the most charming and unique places to stay. Surrounded by nature, guests can stay in the luxurious Main Station House or one of the converted and fully-equipped Pullman’s railway carriages. Nearby cities such as Goodwood, Midhurst and Chichester offer plenty of attractions and traditional English activities such as polo or racing. During your stay, hosts will make sure you enjoy the breakfast and the afternoon tea and cake. If arriving for a special occasion, hotel service can make the celebration more perfect with some flowers and champagne!

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