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Krakow Airport (KRK), commonly known under the name of Saint John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice is an international airport of Krakow situated in the nearby village of Balice, only 11 kilometres from the city centre. The airport has handled 6.7 million people in 2018 and the number is still growing.  The most popular flights among the passengers are to Warsaw Chopin, London Stansted, Frankfurt and Munich.

How to get from Krakow Airport to Krakow

Local buses

Public bus transportation provides two lines which operate during the day and one night line connecting the main railway station (Kraków Główny)  and bus station (Kraków Główny RDA):

  • Line 208 –  from Krakow Airport to the railway station East (Dworzec Główny Wschód); buses run every hour except at 10 and 12 → timetable
  • Line 252 – from Krakow Airport to ICE Congress Centre; buses run every 30 minutes → full timetable
  • Line 902 – from Krakow Airport to the railway station West and East; runs every hour → schedule
  • Single ticket for all bus lines above costs around 5 PLN (~1 EUR), but you also have the possibility of buying 60/90 min ticket and 24-hour ticket for multiple rides.
  • Tickets can be bought from the ticket machines at Arrivals hall, at the bus stop and from the machines on some buses


Krakow Airport is also very well connected with the city by new airport railway station, situated by the passenger terminal, behind the car park. Train is a bit faster option than the bus, because you’ll get to the city centre in only 17 minutes:

  • Trains depart from the airport every half an hour from 05:18 – 00:18
  • One-way ticket will cost you 9 PLN (~2 EUR) and it can be bought online, on ticket machines at passenger terminal, at train station and on the train (from ticket machine or train conductor)
  • In case you have a pet dog, you will have to pay additional 3 PLN

NOTE: Due to modernization plans, railway timetable is currently limited on the route to and from Krakow airport. Before you arrive at the airport make sure you check the schedule HERE.

Taxi services

If you don’t prefer public transportation, then go for airport taxis. They are at your service 24/7 waiting directly outside the Arrivals hall. The prices are fixed and there is no worry you’ll get overcharged. For a trip of 10-15 km, which it takes to get to the city centre, you can expect to pay 90 PLN (or approx. 22€)


Another way to reach the city center is by booking a  private, door-to-door transfer from Krakow Airport to your accommodation. The price will always be fixed and your driver will wait for you outside the terminal building upon your flight arrival.

Renting a car at Krakow Airport

Renting a car is a great idea if you are more of an adventurer and prefer to explore on your own. Good thing is that there are 9 different car rental offices located at Krakow Airport (like Avis, Budget, etc.), but you can also simply book a car online.

Renting a bus at Krakow Airport

A private bus is a convenient option for bigger groups of people arriving to the airport. Just make sure you do the booking on time so the company can organize all the details.

Airport bus

Accommodation near Krakow Airport

The closest accommodation is Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport Hotel (4*) which is located right in front of Terminal 1. For other options, check below:

Krakow Airport FAQs

I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

No it won’t be a problem since the airport is very well connected with the city. Throughout the day you have regular bus lines 208 and 252 and trains every half an hour, and during the night there is line 902. And taxis and transfers are, of course, always at your service.

I would like to spend one day in Krakow in between flights. Is that possible?

The city centre is only 11 km from the airport and there are many options of getting there, and by train it will take you only 17 minutes! There is no luggage storage at the airport, but you’ll find one at the main railway station for 6 PLN per day (one item).

I am continuing my journey outside Krakow. Are there any direct lines from the airport to other cities?

First you need to reach Kraków Główny railway station and right in front of it you’ll find a bus stop from which the buses depart to other Polish cities. Here are some of the most popular routes: Krakow – Katowice, Krakow – Poznan, Krakow – Wroclaw, or find one for yourself on getbybus.com

Is there a free WiFi connection at Krakow Airport?

The airport provides free WiFi Internet access for 15 minutes.

Can I exchange money at the airport to pay for my transfer?

Absolutely, there are three exchange offices, all of them at level 0, and several ATMs throughout the airport. Bear in mind that the official currency in Poland are Polish zloty (PLN) and no other currency is accepted, so it would be good to exchange some money before the flight.


  1. Pablo   •  

    Can pay for bus tickets with credit/debit card in aiport machines or only cash?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Pablo,

      Tickets can be paid by credit/debit cards at airport machines located in the passenger terminal (level 0).

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  2. Irene Rapsey   •  

    How long is the bus journey to airport from train station?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Irene,

      It takes around half an hour by bus from Krakow Airport to Krakow Glowny train station, if there are no larger traffic jams.

      Best regards
      Melani GBB Team

  3. garry KENNEDY   •  


    I’ve to be at Krakow Airport by 09.15 on Sunday 08/09/19. Is there a bus that can get me from Krakow centre to the airport for that time?


    • Gabriela   •  

      Dear Garry,
      To get to the Krakow Airport, you can take buses number 208 and 252, timetables are already stated in the article.
      Best regards,
      Gabriela GBB Team

  4. Carole Walker   •  

    I arrive easter sunday..will trains or buses still be running from the airport thanks

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Carole,

      Buses and trains run frequently every day no matter whether it is a holiday or not. The number of departures may be lower, but you will definitely catch either train or a bus from the airport. Please check schedules linked in the blog post for more information.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  5. DLB   •  

    From regulations viewed in Kraków, for Transportation. Please confirm that people( non resident to Poland) over 70 years that travel on buses are Free with appropriate identification

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear David,

      Please consult the local city bus company (MPK S.A. company) as we cannot confirm this information.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  6. Michelle   •  

    I arrive at Krakow airport at 23:15 and need to travel to my hotel in Pawia 18 B, Old Town, Kraków, 31154, Poland. Is there a bus or train I can get at this time ? Thanks

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Michelle,

      you can reach your accommodation from the airport as follows:
      – first, take bus line no. 252 from Krakow airport to Jubilat station.
      – from there, you can change to a bus line no. 304 to Dworzec Główny Zachód
      Finally, you will be left with a 2-minute walk to your accommodation.

      GBB Team

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