Top 10 Student Cities in Europe

Everybody knows that the time as a student is the best period in life. Carelessness, travelling around, going out, meeting new people and lots of discounts everywhere. Who wouldn’t enjoy it? Take your chances and go studying abroad, you won’t regret it. We will present you the list of top 10 student cities in Europe (there are more than 10, but who can keep track of all of them?) and we hope it will help you decide where to go and start your exploration of the world.

1) Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is a typical student city with more than 1000 international students coming every year. The prices of accommodation are average like in some other countries like Italy or Spain. Thanks to its great location, you can visit many other European cities as well (London, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc.). You can even buy GoPass ticket which costs 50€ for 10 trips throughout the country. Another plus is that everyone there speaks perfect English, so you don’t have to worry about having problems with adjustment to the city. Study in Leuven and enjoy a magnificent main library, lots of parks, bars and places to hang out at, friendly people and delicious Belgian waffles, fries and beer.

2) Paris, France

All parts of France are a very popular destination for foreign students. However, Paris has been rated as the best student city in the world on several occasions. It does have a reputation of a overly expensive city, but on the opposite side it has very low tuition fees, which are actually lower than in any other city. The city also has a huge variety of different courses to study so everyone can find something for himself, great sport facilities and numerous cultural events. The mixture of cultures, high university rankings, affordability and employer activity are only few of the positive aspects of studying there. Go and study there to discover them all for yourself.

Gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

3) London, UK

Although really expensive, the English capital is a great place for studying abroad. However, student life in London is different from any other city. The biggest fear of all incoming students is the affordability. Like in every other city, students get various discounts in almost all places where they usually gather. Public transport is well-organized and not too expensive, but, the density of London allows you to explore the city on foot. Also, by renting a room outside the city you can easily avoid the high prices of accommodation. From top quality universities, libraries and student jobs to wild nightlife for everyone’s taste and great food, London is a real student hotspot.

4) Copenhagen, Denmark

The educational system in Denmark is well-known worldwide for its tuition-fee-less politics both for Danish and international students. If you decide to study in Copenhagen, expect to meet professors which are experts in their fields always at your service and to be employed shortly after graduating. Moreover, you can choose from more than 1300 courses in English. The Danish capital is also known for lots of bicycles which are proven to be the best way of exploring the city. While cycling, you will meet the locals  who are very friendly and will show you how to live there to the fullest and prove you why are they considered to be the happiest people on Earth.


5) Bologna, Italy

Bologna is famous all over the world as the city with the first university ever. So it is a must to put it on the list for having the longest tradition of welcoming and educating both Italian and foreign students. You will easily accept the Italian lifestyle and simply enjoy your time there. Apart from being in a country where each city has a long, rich history, Bologna requires from you to live in a moment and, luckily, Italians are very friendly people who will help you during all your stay there and show you how to do it. Great courses (in English, too), lots of libraries, plenty of cultural events, but excellent nightlife as well and, of course, the delicious Italian cuisine are only some of the reasons why you will want to expand your stay in Bologna and live dolce vita a bit longer.

6) Helsinki, Finland

Finnish educational system is known to be as the best one in the world. So it makes sense to choose the best city in the country to study there, right? This city has so much to offer to its visitors, from having a blast in a buzzing city life to the possibility to pack up your tent and go in a magnificent nature. The city is full of parks and everything is approachable on foot so you can explore the city while tasting traditional snacks and chatting with your new friends. The University of Finland has always been ranked among the top 100 in the world and the best multidisciplinary university in North Europe. Another plus is that Helsinki is one of the most safe cities in the world, with safe economy, no natural disasters and advanced transportation systems, so go there and experience it yourself.


7) Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful, yet one of the cheapest countries to study in for the international students. All parts of the country have long tradition and are worth seeing, and living in the capital gives you the opportunity to visit them all, from Slavonia to Istria and Dalmatia. Zagreb is well-connected to other international cities so you can explore the region as well for a small amount of money. Student accommodation is easily found and friendly colleagues from your university will show you around the city. You will especially enjoy eating in mensas, restaurants for students where you get a full meal for a price of around 1€. Zagreb has a very wide range of clubs and bars, so you will definitely find something for yourself. And studying at a great university, listening to your courses in English and well-organized campus help, too.

8) Prague, Czech Republic

The main reason why students choose Prague is cheap food and almost free beer in big amounts. However, the Czech capital has some of the best universities in the world, which is why almost 20% of the total number of students are the international ones. This is the city where the tuition fees are lower than in most of other student cities, so your monthly allowance will be enough to cover for accommodation, food and exploring the city, the country and places in the region thanks to the fact that you are studying right in the heart of Europe. Among all student destinations, Prague’s nightlife is incomparable for its adjustment to multiculturalism and student’s costs.

Widok na rynek starego miasta Praga,Czechy.

9) Valencia, Spain

If you always wanted to experience student life in Spain, but Barcelona and Madrid are too expensive for you, try Valencia, the country’s third biggest city and the birthplace of paella. This beautiful city will conquer you with its originality, food, rich student life, possibility of traveling around, doing various sports and super-modern facilities. The University of Valencia is especially popular among art and music students because it has one of the best programmes in Europe. It is one of the Spanish most popular student destinations which offers you to fulfill course requirements while exploring and enjoying the vibrant life of Valencia.

10) Krakow, Poland

Poland is a famous student destination who choose to go there for getting the whole package: cheap accommodation and food, plenty of international students, high quality universities, wide range of course choice and friendly people who speak English, probably because they are aware how difficult Polish can be for newcomers. Also, the city is full of parks, bars and events organized for students which makes it a perfect place to go if you wish to experience life on your own in a foreign country.

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