Port of Dubrovnik from the old city walls

Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia Tour

Luckily for us, it’s not winter that is coming, in fact, we could say that summer season has already begun. The sun is shining, the sea is getting warmer and this means only one thing – start to pack because it is time to visit King’s Landing, Qarth, Meereen and Bravoos. This is your chance to actually feel like you’re in the series and relive some of your favourite scenes. That’s why we came up with a plan for Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia Tour, just for you!

1) Dubrovnik

As you might have assumed, we decided to start our Game of Thrones tour in King’s Landing. Dubrovnik is probably the most important on our list since it served as filming location for the capital of Seven Kingdoms for 5 seasons. The Old Town of Dubrovnik was truly a great base for the series, especially outer walls of the city and many narrow streets in the very core of the town. Where to start? Well, you for sure don’t want to miss to visit Fort Lovrijenac which doubled as Red Keep, the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men. Many famous scenes were filmed there –  in the first episode of the season 2, the king Joffrey’s name day was celebrated in Red Keep and when Cersei talks with Littlefinger about Arya’s escape from King’s Landing. Some of the other known locations in Dubrovnik are Pile Gate, City Walls and Minceta Tower which doubled as the House of Undying in the season 2.

How to reach Dubrovnik:

  • By bus: Here are some of the most popular routes to Dubrovnik → Zagreb – Dubrovnik, Split – Dubrovnik,Zadar – Dubrovnik, Podgorica – Dubrovnik
  • By train: Although travelling by train to Dubrovnik is not possible because there is no railway connection with the city, you can see here alternative options and railway station in the nearest town.
  • By plane: Check here all the details about how to reach the city of Dubrovnik from Dubrovnik Airport and viceversa

2) Lokrum Island

Lokrum is small, but wonderful island not far from Dubrovnik which we have already mentioned in our ‘Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik’. Lokrum doubled as the trading city of Qarth which we can see in the scene where Daenerys meets warlock in the Qarth’s gardens which happen to be gardens of old benedictine monastery from 12th century. A special treat for the fans is Centre for visitors inside the monastery which has an exhibition dedicated to the Game of Thrones, with original replica of the Iron Throne.

How to reach Lokrum:

  • By boat: The transportation to Lokrum is organised from the Old Town port by boats which run every 15 minutes during peak season. The price of return ticket is 40 kn (5.33€ ) and 15 kn for children under 15.

3) Split and the Fortress of Klis

After visiting King’s Landing and Qarth we’re heading north to beautiful city of Split. All the scenes filmed here were filmed inside Diocletian’s Palace, included on UNESCO World Heritage site list. Probably the most remembered scene is Daenarys in her throne room where she trained dragons. You can see the throne room in The Diocletian Palace Substructures, popularly known as ‘the basements’. For a souvenir visit special Game of Thrones shop in Nepotova street where you can buy shirts, dragon’s eggs, figurines and even take a photo on a huge dragon!

Only 10 kilometres from Split is located Klis county which doubled as the largest of three Slaver Cities, Meereen. This is truly wonderful location because it gives a spectacular panoramic view of the entire city of Split and its suburbs.

How to reach Split and Klis:

  • By bus from Dubrovnik: There are up to 24 bus departures from Dubrovnik bus station to Split, the earliest departing at 03:30 and the latest at 21:00. The ticket price ranges from 11€ to 17€. See here more information about this route and the timetable.
  • From Split to Klis: Take a local bus line 34 or line 22 to the Fortress of Klis. Line 34 departs from Sukoisanska bus station and line 22 departs from HNK bus stop (National Theatre). The price of a one way ticket is 13 kn (5 kn for children from 6-10).

4) Trogir

Very much similar to Dubrovnik and Split, Trogir’s Old Town was yet another perfect filming location for the Game of Thrones. In the series, Trogir doubled as the trading harbour of Qarth where the warlocks of Qarth had imprisoned Khaleesi’s dragons in the season 2. Also don’t miss to visit beautiful St. Dominic’s monastery which also served as a filming location for some of the scenes.

How to reach Trogir:

  • By bus from Split: Take a local bus line 37 which departs from Sukoisanska bus station every 20 minutes. The price of a single ticket is 21 kn (5kn for children from 6-10). Or check here direct bus line from Split bus terminal and get to Trogir in only 30 minutes.

Old town of Trogir in Dalmatia, Croatia on Adriatic coast.

5) Sibenik

This Renaissance Croatian city was introduced in season 5 when the producers of the series decided to use it as a double for the city of Braavos. An interesting fact for the fans is that Bravoosi are skilled sailors and swordsmen just like the people of Sibenik, which surely added to the authenticity of the filming location. Relive scene in which Arya Stark follows Bravoosi on the square in front of the St. James Cathedral. The small fisherman’s port, Mandroc, doubled as the port of Bravoos which can be seen in the second episode when Arya Stark is entering by boat the mercantile city-state.

How to reach Sibenik:

  • By bus from Trogir: There are up to 26 departures from Trogir bus station to Sibenik. The first departure from Trogir is at 05:30 and the last one at 21:30. One way ticket for adults costs 32-40 kn (4-5€) → see here timetable and other useful info.

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