Buses Graz

Buses Graz

Graz is the second largest city in Austria, right behind Vienna and is the capital of Styria. According to the census from 2015 there are 310 391 people living in Graz. The city is very well known as a “university town” as it has six universities which are attended by more than 44 000 students. Besides many universities it is as well known for its well preserved old town which is one of the best preserved city centres in Central Europe. Because of this, the city was inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Culutral Heritage Sites in 1999; in 2010 Schloss Eggenberg was added to the list.

Public transport

The public transport in Graz is very well developed and by using it you can get around the city and its surroundings quickly and dependably. In Graz there are 6 tramlines, 24 bus lines and 8 night bus lines. Those 8 night bus lines will get you where you need to go on Saturdays, Sundays and during the nights before public holidays from 12.30 am to 2.30am. The Holding Graz is in charge of the public transport of the city; every year over 105 million travellers use their services, which is the reason why they have a very modern system which makes the purchase of the tickets easy and quick. There are several ticket types; the usual one way tickets or hour tickets, weekly or even monthly tickets. More information can be found here. There are also special ticket offers like Bus Bahn Bim for two where the second passenger is travelling for free or a 3-Day ticket for tourists. More information about all the tickets can be found on the link above.

The tickets can be purchased at the following places:

•    directly from the bus driver (1h, 24h-Tickets)
•    at the ticket machines on the tram
•    at the ticket machines on the main train station
•    in all “Tabak/Trafik” shops

NOTE: during the summer holidays children under the age of 15 travel for free on all Graz lines!
There is also the so called BusBahnBim mobil app where you can type in where you are or where you would like to travel from (bus station) and it will show you the departure times from this bus station.

Intercity buses

The bus transport in Austria is in general very well developed so it is absolutely possible to organise a roundtrip through the country by bus. Even though Graz is the second largest city of Austria, it is on the fifth places regarding its bus connections within Austria. When in Graz you can find intercity bus connections to Vienna, Salzburg, Klagenfurt or Wolfsberg.

International bus transport

Graz is very well connected with other European cities, especially with the cities from the neighbouring countries. But you can also find quite a few connections in countries which are not that close to Austria. On GetByBus you can find buses from Graz (and in the opposite direction) to Bratislava , Ljubljana, Trieste , Kotor  or Budva.

If you wish to travel to Croatia, there are also quite a few connections on GetByBus from Graz to Croatia and of course also in the opposite direction. Here are some of the Croatian cities you can visit from Graz: Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Rovinj, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.
It is also possible to travel by direct buses from Graz to different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina; some of the routes on GetByBus go to Mostar , Sarajevo or Medjugorje.

Bus station

The main bus station in Graz is located quite close to the city centre on the address Europaplatz 8020. Right next to the main bus station is the main train station and also the subway station. The exact map position and the GPS coordinates can be found here.

Airport transport

The modern airport of Graz is becoming more and more popular and in the past few years it has become an important transport hub. Every year about a million passengers fly into Graz. One of the advantages of the airport in Graz is the fact that it is very close to the city centre. You can easily reach the city centre by using the public transport because there are many bus and train connections from and to the airport. A public bus is driving from the main station in Graz (Jakominiplatz) to the airport and it stops directly outside the passenger terminal. The price for a one way ticket is 2.20 Euro. More information about the bus and train connections from and to the airport, as well as the timetables can be found here.

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