Bus Companies Bulgaria

Bus Companies Bulgaria

In Bulgaria the bus market includes a few large companies and a lot of small bus companies. The majority of the companies operate intercity bus lines like e.g. Sofia to Varna or Plovdiv to Burgas. However, there is also a considerable number of bus companies operating internal lines, the most popular international destinations are Turkey, Greece, Serbija, Austria and Germany. As Bulgaria is a popular holiday destination there is of course also quite a few companies offering bus charter and bus tours.

Intercity Bus Companies

Below we have listed the most well known intercity bus companies. On many routes several of the companies operate. The quality of the intercity buses vary a lot, the best buses are found on the most competitive routes like Sofia to Sunny beach, on less competitive routes you could be travelling with a quite old bus. On popular international routes like Sofia to Istanbul the buses are usually in a good condition. If you wish to know more information about a specific bus companies, just click on the name below.

Arda – TurHas TurizmRadina VIP
Rally 13Racic EurobusTourbus BG
Florentia bus BulgariaMatpuGroup Ltd.
Air KonaOmega Group 84Ovanesovi
Karat – SBiometPegasus
Union IvkoniKaleiaKarat-s Business
Tourist ServiceCityLinesETAP
Alex OKAlexievBalkan Horn
Elit97GeorgGlobus Sliven
HebrosbusKrasenharmani LTDJSC – Tarnovo
SarnelaShumenpatTorre BG

Bus Rental Companies

In Sofia, Plovdiv and the Black sea destination Burgas, Varna and Sunny beach, you have several bus companies offering buses for hire. In less touristic places you of course also have bus rental companies, but the quality of the vehicles is usually a bit less in these areas. If you wish to rent a bus in Bulgaria, you can do so here. Below we have listed the most popular bus charter companies in Bulgaria.

Has TurizmMatpuGroup Ltd
Air KonaUnion IvkoniKaleia
Tourist ServiceETAP Albena Autotrans
AlexievBoydeviBus BG
Comfort TransDorisGriman
IrkaturLulchev BGPerota
Rolita97pTorre BGValeross

Bus Tour Companies

A lot of Bulgarians go by bus on holiday, so therefore you also have quite a few companies offering bus tours, the offer often includes day tours to sights, and multi day trips to other countries. If you are a tourist wishing to go on a day trip, you should probably ask an agency, to make sure, you end up on a trip with an English speaking guide.

TraventuriaUnion IvkoniTourist Service
Albena AutotransBus BGDary Travel
Demetra TransportDorisGlobus Sliven
GrimanHappy Tour Irkatur
Krasenharmani LTDTorre BG

City Bus Companies

Of course the large cities in Bulgaria have bus companies operating local and regional buses, below we have list some of the companies operating in that area.

Arda TurUnion IvkoniBurgasbus

For Bus Companies in Bulgaria

If you offer bus service within the categories mentioned above and wish to be included in our list all you have to do is to contact us, which you can do here

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