Top 10 Safest Countires in Asia

Top 10 Safest Countries in Asia for Travellers

From the Great Wall of China to the vast dunes of Rub’al Khali, the Asian continent has increased its popularity among travelers and influencers. As it should, in my opinion. Asia is an extraordinary part of the world with so much diversity in art and culture. We all know which Asian countries are the most popular, but have you ever wondered which ones are the safest? 

Maybe you are a female solo traveler or are a couple traveling with your kids. Or you want to relax without worrying about pickpocketers. Well, I did some research and have come up with a list of the ten safest countries in Asia. The results may shock you, as the general public may have prejudices about some of the places that made it to the list. 
So, my goal was to debunk some stereotypes and help you choose your next travel destination for a carefree vacation!

How did we do it?

As part of my research on the safest countries in Asia, I analyzed various safety metrics sourced from Numbeo. Specifically, the focus was on the Safety and Crime Index, which provided me with crucial insights into the overall safety levels in each country. I also considered factors like daytime and nighttime safety and concerns about mugging or attacks. I made sure to include just countries with a significant number of contributors. Therefore, I set a threshold of over 100 contributors to ensure reliable information.

10.South Korea

Safety Index: 74.66

Safety walking alone at night: 72.48

Worries being mugged or robbed: 21.15

South Korea secures the tenth spot on my list of safest countries in Asia. This vibrant nation, inhabited by around 51 million people, is renowned for its rich history and modern charm. One of its most famous destinations is Seoul, a lively metropolis that combines ancient palaces with cutting-edge technology.

In 2019, over 17 million visitors flocked to South Korea, proving its global appeal. Moreover, the country is particularly welcoming to female solo travelers and families with kids. Pickpocketing is generally rare, and personal attacks are uncommon.

South Korea
South Korea

9. Saudi Arabia

Safety Index: 75.72

Safety walking alone at night: 71.38

Worries being mugged or robbed: 21.78

Known for its cultural richness and striking landscapes, Saudi Arabia attracts visitors with the historic city of Jeddah and the mesmerizing Red Sea coastline. However, this beautiful country is also known for its conservative nature, especially towards women. This, of course, does not mean that the country is unsafe. On the contrary, the crime rate is lower, and petty crimes are not as common. 

The most important advice is to be mindful of local customs and traditions. In line with the regulations for female tourists, it is mandatory to cover heads and to dress modestly by wearing a full-length abaya.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

8. Singapore

Safety Index: 76.9

Safety walking alone at night: 76.67

Worries being mugged or robbed: 19.68

Singapore is a city-state that boasts a modern skyline and lush greenery. It is a melting pot of cultures, which attracts millions of visitors annually. Among Singapore’s most famous destinations is the iconic Marina Bay. In 2019, the country welcomed over 19 million visitors, confirming its status as a global destination.

With a population of around 5.7 million, Singapore is a compact yet lively nation. The country prioritizes safety, which is evident from its clean streets and efficient public transport. Crime rates are notoriously low, and incidents of pickpocketing are rare, ensuring that visitors can enjoy a worry-free and secure visit to this dazzling city-state.


7. Japan

Safety Index: 77.18

Safety walking alone at night: 73.63

Worries being mugged or robbed: 19.17

Japan is a captivating destination celebrated for its unique combination of tradition and innovation. The Land of the Rising Sun boasts iconic attractions like Tokyo’s bustling metropolis and Kyoto’s historic temples. With a staggering 31 million visitors annually, Japan’s popularity as a tourist haven is undeniable. 

The country has a population of around 126 million and is known for its low crime rates. There have been many instances where a traveler left a bag on the streets and walked back to find it untouched. This is a testament to the rare occurrence of pickpocketing in Japan.


6. Hong Kong (China)

Safety Index: 78.33

Safety walking alone at night: 75.99

Worries being mugged or robbed: 15.56

Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, is a dynamic blend of East-meets-West allure. Renowned for its iconic skyline and vibrant street life, Hong Kong’s most popular destination is the bustling Central District and the picturesque Victoria Harbour. This city is a global hub of commerce and culture. 

Despite its population of over 7 million, Hong Kong remains safe for travelers, having efficient public transportation and well-maintained streets. While the city generally experiences low crime rates, it’s wise to be cautious in crowded areas to prevent petty theft.

Hong Kong (China)
Hong Kong (China)

5. Armenia

Safety Index: 78.4

Safety walking alone at night: 77.4

Worries being mugged or robbed: 17.31

Armenia is a South Caucasus country with a rich cultural heritage, including the ancient Christian monasteries of Geghard and Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Yerevan, the capital and largest city, is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Also, the country boasts a low crime rate, and locals are known for their warm hospitality and willingness to assist visitors. 

Whether you explore the capital city, Yerevan, or venture out to other regions, you will feel safe and at ease throughout the journey. The locals are particularly respectful and welcoming towards women and are always ready to offer a helping hand to those in need.


4. Oman

Safety Index: 80.36

Safety walking alone at night: 76.67

Worries being mugged or robbed: 15.55

Oman is a country rich with diverse landscapes, including deserts, mountains, and a stunning Arabian Sea coastline. Here, locals uphold their values of humility, kindness, and hospitality. They are warm and welcoming and often invite visitors to share a meal or guide them if they lose their way. 

Arabic is the official language of Oman, but many speak English in the cities and tourist areas, such as the villages of Jebel Akhdar. Moreover, female visitors are not required to wear a hijab but should still dress modestly. 


3. Taiwan

Safety Index: 83.89

Safety walking alone at night: 85.63

Worries being mugged or robbed: 10.48

Taiwan is a beautiful island nation, known for its diverse culture and stunning scenery. The capital city, Taipei, is a bustling metropolis that offers a perfect blend of modern and traditional attractions, such as the iconic Taipei 101. Also, Taiwan is recognized for being a safe country with low crime rates, and incidents of pickpocketing are rare. 

This makes it easy and enjoyable to explore the night markets, historic temples, and picturesque landscapes that Taiwan has to offer. Moreover, the friendly locals and the country’s commitment to safety make Taiwan an ideal care-free destination for you. 


2. United Arab Emirates

Safety Index: 85.35

Safety walking alone at night: 83.18

Worries being mugged or robbed: 11.99

Very close to being the number one safest country in Asia came the beautiful middle eastern country United Arab Emirates. More than 1900 contributors expressed their opinion on Numbeo and rated the United Arab Emirates second safest in Asia, with an 85.35 safety index. Considering Qatar won by only 0,37, this is quite a significant number. 

Furthermore, on the Numbeo Crime Index, Dubai, Ajman and Abu Dhabi  were listed as the safest cities in whole Asia. I hope this has convinced you to book your trip and pack your bags!

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

1. Qatar

Safety Index:  85.72

Safety walking alone at night: 82.65

Worries being mugged or robbed: 8.9

Number one on my list of the safest countries in Asia is the beautiful country in the Middle East, Qatar. For two consecutive years, 2021 and 2022, Qatar earned the number one rank for “Safest Country in the World” on the Numbeo Crime Index. This year is no different, with the impressive number 85.72. 

Moreover, the crime rate here is so low due to the strict laws. Of course, this does not mean you should not keep an eye and be mindful of your surroundings. However, it is nice to know that the chance of being mugged or assaulted is notoriously low.


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