Slovenia Adriatic coast

New summer bus lines from from Slovenia to holiday destinations on the Croatia coast

Bus line 1: From Slovenia to Island Krk, the bus drives from the following Slovenian cities Maribor, Slovenska Bistrica, Celje, Ljubljana, Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica, in Croatia you can get the bus in Opatija, Rijeka, Njivice, Malinska, Krk. Punat and Baska, of course there is also a bus driving the opposite direction. here is the timetable for some of the most popular travel combination on the route: from Maribor to Baska, From Ljubljana to Krk, from Ljubljana to Baska, other travel combinations you can find using the search form on

Bus line 2: From Slovenia to Sibenik, this bus drive from almost the same Slovenian cities, Maribor, Slovenska Bistrica, Celje, Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, in Croatia the first stop of the bus is in Zadar, followed by  Sukosan, Biograd na Moru, Pakostane, Pirovac, Vodice, Sibenik. Popular travel combinations on this route Maribor to Zadar, Ljubljana to Vodice, Ljubljana to Sibenik just to mention a few.

Bus line 3: From Slovenia to Novalja, this bus share the route with line number 2 till Zadar, so it obviously have the same departure locations in Slovenia, after Zadar the bus continues to Island Pag, where is stops in Pag town, Gajac and of course in Novalja. Most popular travel combinations on this route is Maribor to Novalja and Ljubljana to Novalja.

Use GetBybus search form to see departure and arrival time for travel combinations.

All 3 bus route are operate by Arriva Slovenija, the bus drives each day till the 31 of August. If you wish to travel after that date you will have to take a bus from Maribor or Ljubljana to Zagreb and then change to a domestic bus e.g. from Zagreb to Novalja from there on.

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