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Reggio Calabria Airport



Passengers: ~ 400.000

Reggio di Calabria Tito Minniti Airport is also known under the name Aeroporto dello Stretto or Airport of the Strait. It is an airport serving primarily the provinces of Reggio and Messina. The airport offers flight to several other Italian cities and is indirectly connected to other countries as well. It handles around 300 000 passengers, but the average number is around 500 000 for the last two decades. Reggio Calabria Airport is located about 5 km from Reggio city centre. If travelling to Reggio, the following guide will present you with all the necessary information about REG Airport.

How to get from Reggio Calabria Airport to Reggio

Being only 5 km from the city, REG Airport is easily reachable by both public transport and private options. Here are all the possible ways to get from the airport to Reggio. 


There are several bus lines operated by ATAM that take you from the airport to Reggio. 

Bus line No. 27 takes you from the airport to Agraria, San Brunello and Terminal Libertà. During the weekdays, buses arrive at/depart from Agraria, during the holidays, buses arrive at/depart from San Brunello. 

  • The first bus departure is at 07:45 am from Agraria and 07:50 am from San Brunello. 
  • The last bus departure is at 07:45 pm from Agraria and 08:40 pm from San Brunello.
  • There is only one daily departure from Terminal Libertà at 09:15 pm.

Bus line No. 28 takes you from the airport to Salita Zerbi. Buses depart from 07:15 am to 06:15 pm on the weekdays and from 07:20 am to 07:20 during the holidays. 

There is a direct bus line PA connecting REG Airport and Reggio Calabria Port. There are 4 daily departures to the airport and 2 daily departures from the airport.

The price of a regular one-way ticket for the Urban Zone is about €1.50 and the daily ticket costs about €4.50. 

From REG Airport to other destinations

If travelling somewhere outside Reggio, there are several bus and boat companies providing transport to multiple locations around. 

  • Blu Jet to Villa San Giovanni, Messina Porto
  • Bluferries to Messina
  • Caronte & Tourist to Messina
  • Autolinee Federico to Fascia Ionica
  • Chiambus to Villa San Giovanni, Messina Porto


Getting from Reggio Calabria Airport to Reggio is also possible by train. There are regional trains connecting the airport with Reggio Calabria Centrale or Melito di Porto Salvo. The journey takes about 5-10 minutes. There are around 20 departures daily starting from 07:00 am to 9:30 pm. 


If you don’t like using public transport or carry a lot of luggage, there is an option of taking a taxi. However, this is a less recommended option as it can be very pricy. We suggest you always ask the driver about the price before the ride. Have in mind that the regular fare from the airport to Reggio starts from around €12. 


Another way of travelling from Reggio Calabria Airport is by a private, door-to-door transfer. The professional driver waits for you at the airport and takes you to the doorstep of your accommodation or anywhere else in the city.

Car hire at Reggio Calabria Airport

Those who prefer travelling and exploring the area on their own can consider car hire at the airport. You will find several car rental agencies and their stalls located in the Arrivals hall. For a hassle-free experience, rent a car online in advance. 

Rent a bus at Reggio Calabria Airport

If you are travelling in a large group and wish to explore the region, you should consider renting a bus before your arrival. Contact a bus rental agency at least a couple of weeks in advance to arrange all the details like meeting and pick-up points at the airport.

Reggio Calabria Airport airlines

REG is a small airport with only several flights. Therefore, Alitalia is the only current airline operating the airport. It provides connections to Rome Fiumicino Airport and Milan Linate Airport. There are also seasonal flights to Turin Airport provided by a low-cost carrier Blue Air.

However, it is possible that the airport is affected by COVID-19 which resulted in a reduced schedule at the moment. 

REG Airport is more used for national flights and business travels, most passengers decide to fly from Lamezia Terme International Airport

Reggio Calabria Airport facilities

REG Airport is not big, but the airport counts a good number of facilities and amenities for the passengers. If waiting for a flight or in a layover, these services provided by the airport might be useful:

  • Parking lot
  • Car rental
  • Shops
  • Bars
  • First aid
  • Wi-Fi


Reggio Calabria Airport FAQs

I arrive late at Reggio Calabria airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

It is hardly possible you will arrive later than the last evening buses and trains mentioned above, but in case it happens, there are taxis and transfers at your disposal 24/7.

I would like to spend one day in Reggio Calabria in between flights. Is this possible?

Yes, it is quite possible since the distance between the airport and the city is only 5 km. With relatively frequent bus and train departures, you will be in the city in no time.

Can I exchange money at Reggio Calabria airport?

Yes, you will find ATMs where you can withdraw your money.

Is there a WiFi service at Reggio Calabria airport?

Yes, the airport provides a free WiFi service.

Is there luggage storage at Reggio Calabria airport?

Unfortunately, a luggage storage service is not available at the airport.

I am continuing my journey outside Reggio. Are there any bus lines from the airport to other cities?

Yes, you can check out the mentioned connections above. You can also search all your desired routes directly on GetByBus

When is Reggio Calabria Airport open?

The working hours of the airport are from 06:00 am to 00:00 am.

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