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Geneva Airport Bus

Geneva Airport (GVA), formerly known as Cointrin airport, is located only 4 km northwest of the city center. It is the second largest international airport in Switzerland and in 2018 counted more than 17,5 million passengers. Since one part of the airport is located on the Swiss-French border, it can be accessed from both countries.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Geneva

They are part of a large Unireso network, including the bus, train, tram and boats in the France-Vaud-Geneva region. Only one single ticket is required for using all the transportation lines. Tickets can be purchased from the machines at the bus stops and at the Swiss railway station. Make sure you have some Swiss francs or Euros on you, because other currencies are not accepted. NOTE: In the baggage-claim area at the Arrivals level you can find a ticket machine where you can take a free ticket for public transport. It is valid for 80 minutes, for all transportation lines in the Unireso network.   

Airport bus

Some hotels offer free shuttle bus service between the airport and the hotel. You will find the free shuttle bus in front of the Arrivals level. Check here for more info.

Local bus

Unireso urban buses lines 5, 5+, 10, 23, 28, 56, 57, 66 and V connect the airport with different areas in the city. They stop at the airport every 8-15 minutes at the Check-in level, in front or beside the train station. Depending on the bus line, you may find buses running as early as 4:49 AM to 02:03 AM. Almost all lines have night connections on Fridays and Saturdays.  


Train is the quickest way to reach the city center. In only 6 minutes you will be in downtown Geneva. The railway line is connected to the Check-in and Arrivals areas at the airport. All trains stop at Geneva-Cornavin station in the city centre.

In the baggage-claim area at the Arrivals level you can find a ticket machine where you can take a free ticket for public transport. It is valid for 80 minutes, for all transportation lines in the Unireso network.

You can also purchase your tickets online on the link below:

Geneva Airport – Geneva Geneva – Geneva Airport


Another way to travel to Geneva is with a private, door-to-door transfer from Geneva Airport to your accommodation in the city.

To explore transfers to most popular destinations, visit Geneva Airport taxi & transfer page.

You can also pre-book a transfer to almost any city in Switzerland from Airport Geneva that you would like to visit for a hassle-free experience.

You will find a list of the most popular transfer routes from Geneva Airport below where you can pre-book your private transfer and pay on arrival.

Geneva Airport to Chamonix from €260

Geneva Airport to Courchevel from €399

Geneva Airport to Geneva from €58

Geneva Airport to La Clusaz from €199

Geneva Airport to Nyon from €75

Geneva Airport to Val Thorens from €440

Geneva Airport to Annecy from €134

Geneva Airport to Morzine from €212

Geneva Airport to Montreux from €250


Taxi services

You can order the taxi by phone, or you can find them at the taxi ranks just outside the terminal building at the airport. The cost of the journey from the airport to the city center is about 35 to 45 Swiss francs (CHF), depending on the traffic, number of passengers and time of the day.

Renting a car at Geneva airport

All the major car rental companies, like Sixt, Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Budget, etc. have their offices at Geneva airport, along with some local rent-a-car companies, so you can always compare the terms and conditions as well as the price, and also pre-book a car, which you can do here.

NOTE: There are Swiss and French car rental sectors at the airport, so you have to be careful about where you are taking the car and return it at the same sector, otherwise you might be charged an extra fee. Swiss car rental sector is located at the Arrivals level, towards La Poste, and the returning point is the car park area P51 (lower level). French sector is located on the other side of the customs area, so you have to go through the baggage-claim and check-in areas, and follow the sign “destination France”. Of course, you will be asked to show your contract for car hiring.

Renting a bus at Geneva airport

If you are a large group arriving to the airport, you might consider renting a bus prior to your arrival. Buses are offered by several bus rental companies in the area.

Getting from Geneva Airport to ski resorts

Geneva airport offers direct connections to some of the ski resorts in Switzerland (by train) and in France (by bus). You can easily access some of the most popular ski resorts like e.g. Zermatt, Wengen, Gstaad, Anzere, etc. The easiest way to check the train connections is at the SBB/CFF webpage where you can see the exact departure and arrival times as well as the price. The trains go from the airport next to Check-in and Arrivals levels, and stop at the main railway station in Geneva where you can switch for the train you need to reach the ski resort. You can purchase the tickets at the train station (paying with Swiss francs, Euros or credit cards), at the airport Arrivals level, or at the ticket shops as well as online.   

Accommodation near Geneva Airport

There are no hotels at Geneva Airport but there are several ones in the nearby vicinity. Check them below:

Geneva Airport FAQs

I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

No, the last bus from the airport is at 1:53 AM, and transfers and taxis run 24/7.

Can I exchange the money at the airport to pay for my transfer?

Yes, there are several exchange offices and ATMs at the airport, working 24/7, but it would be better to exchange the money before the trip and have some francs on you since the rate will be a lot higher on the spot.

I would like to spend one day in Geneva in between flights. Is that possible?

Yes, of course. Since the airport is so close to the city, the best way would be to take the train at the airport to reach the center. You will be there in 6 minutes, and you can use the luggage storage at the train station Geneva-Cornavin where all the trains stop.

Is there free Wi-Fi connection at Geneva Airport?

Yes, Geneva Airport offers free WiFi service of 90 minutes after the activation, and passengers can use it over several sessions. You can connect again automatically after 6 hours.

I would like to visit some neighboring cities while on holiday. Are there any cheap buses from Geneva?

From Geneva you can take the train to any place in Switzerland, but you can also check the buses to e.g. France and Italy, like Geneva to Lyon, Geneva to Grenoble or Geneva to Milan, and other popular routes at


  1. Josef Cervenka   •  

    I shall stay at Geneva for 8 hours between flights.May I use this free public transport ticket back to the airport?

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Josef,

      The free ticket obtained at the airport is valid only for 80 minutes so You’ll probably have to buy the other ticket to get back to the airport.

      Best regards!
      Melani, GBB Team

  2. Margaret Instone   •  

    Is there a bus or minibus service from Geneva Airport to Annecy from 5pm

  3. Eduardo   •  

    I am a passenger from the easyJet flight u21596. Departing from BER at 18:35, and landing on GVA at 20:20. However, my destination is Grenoble, for which the latest regional bus is scheduled at 20:30.

    Is the terminal bus at the airport close enough for me to still catch the bus on time? If not, what other transportation means should I use to get to Grenoble either on Friday, April 8th night or the very early morning Saturday, April 9th?

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Eduardo,

      don’t want to sound discouraging, but 10 minutes for luggage, passport control (and COVID-19 passport control if necessary) might not be enough to catch the bus. However, that largely depends on multiple factors, including the number of passengers at the moment.

      Anyway, in case you don’t catch the bus, the alternative way to get to Grenoble might be a transfer. Check out the details on the link and feel free to send an inquiry.

      GBB Team

  4. Jena   •  

    Is the free ticket for public transportation machine still available at Geneva Airport currently? Where it is located? Thank you.

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Jena,

      unfortunately, we don’t have that exact information, we suggest you send an inquiry to the airport or the hotel you’re planning to stay at.

      GBB Team

  5. aj   •  

    Do the buses operate on New Years day… 1 Jan 2023.
    And does the airport – city centre train (if these is one) operate on that day.

    • Maja   •  


      the timetable for 2023 is still unknown, it will usually be updated in November.
      However, you can check with the official carrier what is the general rule in case of the holidays.

      GBB Team

  6. Mark   •  

    Arrived at Geneva Airport on 28th of October 2022 from Bristol UK to be told that the free transport ticket was no longer available. Only cost 3 Swiss francs to get to train station.

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Mark,

      thank you for your comment, we appreciate it.
      Hope it helps the travellers and readers of our post!
      We will update the post accordingly if necessary.

      GBB team

  7. Trish   •  

    We arrived to Geneva Aiport and the free 80 min tickets are not available anymore, however the hotel where we stayed in sent us a link for our free pass for the duration of our stay here in Geneva. Otherwise, one way bus ticket costs 3CHF for adults and half for kids, valid for 60 min.

    • Maja Tramontana   •  


      thank you for your comment, we appreciate it.
      It will be undoubtedly helpful for fellow readers of the post!

      GBB Team

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