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Sochi International Airport (AER) is among the ten largest airports in Russia. Located in Sochi, on the coast of the Black Sea, this airport handles over 6,3 million passengers every year. Forty airlines operate from Sochi Airport to over more than 60 destinations, including Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines.

How to get from Sochi Airport to Sochi


Buses operated by “Sochi Autotrance” connect the airport with the cities of Sochi, Adler and the ‘Rosa Khutor’ Alpine Centre in Krasnaya Polyana. You will find markings on the floor which indicate where you can find the needed bus stops.

  • Bus 105 takes you from Sochi Airport to Sochi’s central railway station and Rosa Khutor (Krasnaya Polyana)
  • Bus 135 takes you to Krasnaya Polyana and Adler
  • Buses 173, 131 and 57k all go to Adler

Shuttle bus

Another option is SkyBus which goes to various resorts, including Gorki Gorod, Laura and Rosa Khutor. This isn’t really a good option if you were planning on going to Sochi or Adler, but for people staying at the resorts, this is a great and comfortable way to get there. Departure and arrival times of these buses depend on the flight schedule. The price for a one-way ticket goes for around 400 RUB (around €5,40).


The quickest and easiest way to get from Sochi Airport to Sochi (or Adler) is with the Aeroexpress train. It takes about 45 minutes to get from the airport to the city of Sochi.


If you prefer a more comfortable transfer, we recommend taking a taxi. You can find the taxi dispatcher located on the ground floor in the baggage claim area. The prices for the official airport taxis are fixed, but if you decide to go with other taxi companies it is always best to negotiate your price with them in advance.

Private transfer

Another way to travel from Sochi Airport is with a private, door-to-door transfer directly to your accommodation in the city. You can pre-book a transfer for a hassle-free experience, a professional driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to your destination.

Renting a car at Sochi Airport

Those of you who prefer to explore the area on your own, the best option would be to rent a car directly at the airport. At Sochi Airport you’ll find several car rental companies, compare their prices and book your car online.

Renting a bus at Sochi Airport

Larger groups of passengers should consider renting a bus at the airport. However, it is recommended to book it online, so the bus rental companies have enough time to advise you on the meeting point and all other information.

Accommodation near Sochi Airport

Sochi Airport FAQs

  • I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?
    No, that won’t be a problem, as you have taxis at your disposal 24/7.
  • Can I exchange money at the airport?
    Yes, you can find ATMs and exchange offices on both floors of Sochi Airport in sectors B and C.
  • Does Sochi Airport have storage lockers?
    Yes, you can find the Left Luggage facility on the ground floor in sector C of the terminal.
  • Is there a free WiFi service available at Sochi Airport?
    WiFi is free and available all through the airport. Keep in mind that if you want to connect to the free WiFi it is only possible if you have a SIM card from mobile operators registered on Russian territory.
  • I am continuing my journey outside Sochi. Are there any direct lines to other destinations?
    Besides the previously mentioned locations, there are no other direct connections with Sochi Airport. Your best option is to go to the Sochi bus station and check your further options there. You can also check the desired routes on
    Here are some popular routes from Sochi to other cities.
Sochi to Krasnodar Sochi to Tbilisi
Sochi to Yerevan Sochi to Kiev

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