Pristina Airport Bus

Pristina International Airport “Adem Jashari” is named after the founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army and it is located 15 kilometres south-west of Pristina, Kosovo. It is the only port of entry for everyone flying to Kosovo. The airport handles approximately 2 million passengers per year.

How to get from Pristina Airport to Pristina

Public bus

Recently they started a new Pristina-Airport-Pristina line 1A. Travel time to the centre of Pristina is around 40 min. The bus station is located in front of the terminal, on the left side. Bus departs once per hour, starting from 4:00 am to 9:00 pm. The final stop in Pristina is the main bus station. The ticket price is around 3 EUR.


If you prefer a more comfortable transfer, we recommend taking a taxi. It should take around 30 min by car to get from the Airport to the centre of Pristina. Prices could be a bit different depending on which taxi you take but the usual price is around 15-20EUR. Taxi service is available 24/7 but keep in mind that not all taxis are licensed, make sure you agree on the price before the ride. Here are some of the licensed taxis: BlueTaxi, UrbanTaxi, RadioTaxiGETI, CityTaxi Prishtina.

Private Transfer

Another way to travel from Pristina Airport is with a private, door-to-door transfer directly to your accommodation in the city. You can pre-book a transfer for a hassle-free experience, a professional driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to your destination.

Renting a car at Pristina Airport

Those of you who prefer to explore the area on your own, the best option would be to rent a car directly at the airport. At Pristina Airport you’ll find several car rental companies, compare their prices and book your car online.

Renting a bus at Pristina Airport

Larger groups of passengers should consider renting a bus at the airport. However, it is recommended to book it online, so the bus rental companies have enough time to advise you on the meeting point and all other information.

Accommodation near Pristina Airport

Pristina Airport bus FAQs

  • I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?
    As mentioned, taxis are at your disposal 24/7, but keep in mind that the taxi fare might be different due to different time of day.
  • Can I exchange money at the airport?
    Yes, there is a currency exchange office as well as an ATM and a bank at the airport.
  • I am continuing my journey outside Pristina. Are there any direct lines to other destinations?
    Because the bus Pristina-Airport-Pristina line 1A is the only bus connecting the airport and the centre of Pristina, there are no direct lines to other destinations. Your best option is to go to the Pristina bus station and check your further options there. You can also check the desired routes on
  • Does Pristina Airport have storage lockers?
    No, there are no storage lockers at the airport.
  • Is there a free WiFi service available at Pristina Airport?
    Yes, they provide free WiFi service at the business lounge, which economy class passengers can pay to enter.

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