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Niš Ekspres

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Niš Ekspres

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The bus company Niš Ekspres is one of the largest in Serbia, with a fleet of 350 buses and around 1500 employees. Niš Ekspres was founded in 1951 and it first started operating a few domestic lines, while today the company has an extensive domestic intercity bus network covering most cities in Serbia. On popular routes like Niš – Belgrade the company operates more than 10 daily departures. Niš Ekspres also operates a large international network, with bus lines covering the journeys to some international destinations in Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria. In Niš the company operates the public bus network, which includes urban and regional bus lines.

Other services offered by Niš Ekspres:

One unique feature about Niš Ekspres is that in 1996, they started to produce their own buses. Their high-class bus NIBUS 400 has received the acknowledgement of the country by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

The sister company of Niš ­Ekspres - Travel Agency offers a wide range of travel services for individuals and groups. This includes bus excursions and organization of bus trips for groups. Of course, a company with 350 buses also has a department for bus rental, where there are vehicles available in various sizes. Vehicle maintenance and repair service of buses and vans is also a service offered by Niš Ekspres.

How to recognize Niš-Express buses?

Their buses are red and have the company’s name written on all sides of the bus.

You can pay your tickets using credit cards