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Nikolić prevoz

Samarinovac bb, 19300

Nikolić prevoz

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The Negotin based company Nikolić Prevoz d.o.o. was founded in 1998. The main activity of the company is the transport of passengers both on domestic and international routes to Vienna (Austria), Bregenz (Austria), Germany and Bulgaria. In municipalities of Negotin and Zajecar the company does the transport of students to schools and the regular transportation to all villages in the region.

Nikolic Prevoz d.o.o. owns high-class tourist buses equipped with air conditioners, toilets, video and audio systems.

The company also owns bus stations in Negotin and Zajacar, while tourist agencies in Negotin, Zajecar and Kladovo are also part of the company Nikolic Prevoz d.o.o..

How to recognize a Nikolic Prevoz d.o.o. bus?

Nikolic Prevoz d.o.o. buses come in three colours: blue, white or silver, with the company’s logo on both sides of the bus.

You can pay your tickets using credit cards