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Greyhound is probably one if not the most iconic and well know bus brands worldwide, the company which is more than 100 years old, is still the largest intercity bus company in North America and Canada.

In USA Greyhound currently operate buses to more than 3000 destination, the network is mainly concentrated around the east coast, where it serves popular connections like New York to Atlantic city, Boston, Philadelphia or Washington just to mention a few. On the US west coast Greyhound is in fears competitions with companies like Flixbus and Tufesa bus for passengers on popular routes like Los Angeles to Las Vegas or Los Angeles to Phoenix. In more than 200 location Greyhound operate their own station or has an outlet at a larger transport centre.

Other bus service by Greyhound:

In 10 US states the company operate what they call Greyhound Connect, which is bus lines connecting rural areas with larger cities in the states. This service is available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Utah, North Carolina and Vermont.

Greyhound also offer a charter service, where groups can rent a bus with driver for almost any purpose. Do to its large network, Greyhound can offer bus rental from many cities in the US.

The low-cost intercity carrier Boltbus is a part of the greyhound bus offer.

How to recognize a Greyhound bus:

The Greyhound buses are in dark blue colour with the well know logo in lighter grey colour. The logo is visible on all 4 cites of the bus.

You can pay your tickets using credit cards