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Drinatrans AD

Karakaj 40B, Zvornik

Drinatrans AD

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+387 56 260 077

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Drinatrans is a bus company from eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska. Besides the urban and suburban transport in Zvornik and Šeković, the company has both intercity and international lines. The intercity transport connects Zvornik and Srebrenica with cities in Republic of Srpska such as BanjaLuka, Doboj, Teslić, Tuzla and Bijeljina. The international lines go to European cities such as Ljubljana, Kranj, Salzburg, München, Zürich, cities in Serbia and cities in Montenegro.

How to recognize a Drinatrans bus?

Drinatrans buses are white with gradual blue shades towards the end. The logo of the company can be seen from both sides.

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