Pskov to Saint Petersburg Bus

Pskov to Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg to Pskov
Between Pskov and Saint Petersburg we found 1 bus departure. The bus departs from Pskov at and arrives in Saint Petersburg at the same day.

Traveling by bus from Pskov to Saint Petersburg

The shortest travel distance between Pskov and Saint Petersburg is 294 km. The bus has a travel time of h. Depending on the selected departure, the following amenities are available: air condition, wifi and toilet.

Bus companies

Ecolines is the name of the carrier operating this route. This company has not been rated yet.


Departure and arrival stations

If you're wanting more detailed information about either Pskov or Saint Petersburg, including general information, station and stop information and other popular routes, you can follow the links below.
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You can see information about the departure station and stops Pskov here

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  Saint Petersburg

You can see information about the arrival station and stops Saint Petersburg here

Trip reviews from Pskov to Saint Petersburg

If you had travelled from Pskov to Saint Petersburg, and you want to share your travel experience with fellow travellers, we encourage you to leave a review for the route and tell both to us and to other passengers what part of your journey was the best, and what needs improvement.

Other popular destinations from Saint Petersburg

If you're looking for inspiration as to where to travel next once you've reached Saint Petersburg, here is the list of the most popular travel combinations that our clients have previously purchased their tickets for:

Frequently asked questions

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