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Bus station and stops in Nancy

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Nancy is a station in France with intercity connections to cities in France like e.g. (Paris, Marseille, Toulouse...) and international bus connections to Netherlands (Hague and Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels and Arlon), Switzerland (Basel) and 3 more European countries.

We have more than 20 daily departures from Nancy, click here to buy ticket.

In Nancy we have located 1 bus stop:

Avenue de Bourgogne
Address: Avenue de Bourgogne 4 , 54500 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy
GPS Coordinates: 48.649531, 6.145915
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GPS Coordinates 48.649531, 6.145915

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Avenue de Bourgogne is located about 13.11 km from the town centre, which is only a 18 minute drive.

Near Avenue de Bourgogne you can find: fast food (173 m) and hotels or hostels (click here to see available accommodation) *.

* We have done a thorough research to provide the distance info as accurately as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the information is correct.

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