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Barcelona is one of the most popular locations in Spain, having intercity connections to more than 20 cities in Spain like e.g. (Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia...) and international bus connections to France (Paris, Marseille, Toulouse...), Italy (Naples, Milan, Rome...), Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow...) and 13 more European countries. Barcelona is also one of the most popular tourist sites in Spain.

We have more than 100 daily departures from Barcelona, click here to buy ticket.

Barcelona is a popular holiday destination for tourists from all around the world, and also one of the most popular day trip destinations when visiting Spain.

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To Terminal 2 - Barcelona Airport19:50h
To Terminal 2 - Barcelona Airport19:55h
To Valencia20:00h
To Terminal 2 - Barcelona Airport20:05h
To Terminal 1 - Barcelona Airport20:10h
To Terminal 2 - Barcelona Airport20:15h
To Terminal 2 - Barcelona Airport20:20h
To Valencia20:25h
To Paris20:30h
To Terminal 2 - Barcelona Airport20:35h

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