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Autolinee Sena

Contrada Piano Delfico, 64100

Autolinee Sena

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Sena is a leader in Tuscany when it comes to interregional passenger bus transport. It is part of the Baltour group and its bus lines represent the most important transport system connecting the north, centre and south of Italy. It is primarily engaged in long distance journeys and bus rental services. 

Some of the national connections include Milan – Rome, Naples – Ancona, Venice – Florence, Turin – Bologna, Foggia – Pescara and many more.

Some of the international lines include Milan – Zurich, Milan – Zadar, Milan – Zagreb, Rome – Bratislava, Rome – Bordeaux, Turin – Barcelona, Turin – the Hague, Genoa – Madrid etc.

For coach hire services the company pay a lot of attention to its coaches which are modern and of high quality. For long distance rental, buses have 49 or 51 seats. 

You can pay your tickets using credit cards