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Prijevoz Knežević

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Prijevoz Knežević

Mukinje 57, 53231

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+385 53 774081

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8.36 / 10
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The bus company Prijevoz Knežević is a family run carrier based just a few km from the National park Plitvice lakes. Prijevoz Knežević operated scheduled lines between Zagreb and Plitvice, Zadar and Plitvice as well as Split and Plitvice, all of the lines are seasonal, the first lines start their operation in May and "close" for the season by the end of October. Do to the proximity to the national park, the Knezevic buses are know to have the most punctual departures from the national park, especially during the peak season, where other buses companies occasionally have delays. 

In additional to operating the regular lines, Prijevoz Knežević is also offering driving of organized tourist groups to and from Plitvice lakes, as well tours to events trough out Croatia. 

How to recognize the Prijevoz Knežević buses? 

Knezevic do not have a unified colour of the buses, so best way to recognize them is to look for logo saying Prijevoz Knežević, this is normally clearly printed on the bus.

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