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Miškic bus

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Miškic bus

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“Miškić bus” is a bus company stationed in Široki Brijeg in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1995 and since then the company has been managing the transportation of passengers on the national as well as on the international lines. Other than being a transport company, “Miškić bus” also developed many different services such as marketing, rent a bus services, they have opened a tourist agency and many facilities such as a gas station and a private bus station, which was entirely reconstructed and turned into a modern construction with all kinds of contents, such as a coffee bar, restaurant, bookstore etc. The bus company offers various bus departures in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to the cities in Croatia (Split and Zagreb) and in Germany (Munchen, Augsburg, Frankfurt, Pforzheim, Stuttgart…).

How to recognize a Miškić bus?

All of their vehicles, being it either buses or minivans, have a large logo written in black and orange, so you should be able to easily recognise this bus company. The vehicles are modern and equipped with air conditioning, TVs and some of them even offer monitors on each seat.

You can pay your tickets using credit cards