Čazmatrans Dalmacija

Company name Čazmatrans Dalmacija
Address Petra Zoranića 7
Postal code 23420
City Benkovac
Telephone 1 +385 23 224 504
Telephone 2
Telephone 3
Number of routes 24
Number of buses N/A
7.29 / 10

Based on 786 reviews

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Čazmatrans Dalmacija is another company in the Čazmatrans Group, which is the largest carrier in Croatia, if measured based on the fleet size, which consist of about 500 buses. Čazmatrans Dalmacija's main business activity is the operation of domestic long distance lines to and from Zadar, the most frequently operates route is Zadar to Split and Zadar to Zagreb and obviously also in the opposite direction.  

In addition to operating schedule bus route, Čazmatrans is also the renting out buses in all sizes in the area around Zadar. And as most other larger carriers, the company also has a considerable amount of contract driving for schools and sports clubs. 

How to recognize a bus from Čazmatrans Dalmacija? 

Most of their buses are in white colour, some additionally have images from Dalmatia on the side. The buses have a red logo saying Čazmatrans, below the logo Dalmacija is written with small black letters. 

You can pay your tickets using credit cards