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Rogoznica is a small picturesque town on the Adriatic coast, a perfect location both for a day trip or an extended vacation. It is located halfway between Split and Šibenik, and close to two national parks: Krka Waterfalls and Kornati. Therefore, it is a perfect place to stay if you wish to explore different parts of central and northern Dalmatia.

A good location is not all this small town offers. Many travellers of all ages choose to visit it. Its old town centre is filled with a charming Mediterranean spirit, and there are many sights to see either in the town or nearby.

How to get to Rogoznica

The easiest way to get to Rogoznica is by car, but the town is also connected to the cities surrounding it by bus lines. It is also a popular yachting and sailing destination, and coming to Rogoznica by boat is also a very good option.  Here are all the arrival options explained.

By car 

The easiest and fastest way to get to Rogoznica is by car. If you are travelling from Split or Šibenik, the best option is to take the D8 route. Although there are some smaller regional roads, it is advised to avoid them as traffic jams often occur, especially in summer.

If coming from a location that is not as close to Rogoznica as Šibenik and Split are, the best option is to take E65, exit in Šibenik and continue to Rogoznica from there. Keep in mind that tolls apply at this route.

By boat 

Rogoznica is a well-loved yachting and sailing destination due to the safety of its port and is well worth visiting if on a private boat. Mooring is possible in Marina Frapa (you can check their price list in advance), but anchoring in the bay is an option, too.

NOTE: when deciding on whether to moor or anchor, always consult with your skipper as they know the sea, are familiar with the weather conditions to occur and thus are able to decide which is the safest option at the time of arrival.

By plane

The closest airport to Rogoznica is Split Airport. There are two options to choose from once you are there. You can take the shuttle bus that will take you to the bus terminal in Split, and from there you can board the bus to Rogoznica (check the table below).

Another option is to take a taxi or a local bus to the bus terminal in Trogir, and take the bus to Rogoznica (check the table below).

Make sure to check the departure time from both locations before deciding which option to take.

By bus 

As Rogoznica is a popular destination among Croatian and foreign tourists alike, be it as a day trip or a longer visit, it can be reached from the bigger cities in the country. You can check the most popular routes below:

Split – Rogoznica Zadar – Rogoznica Dubrovnik – Rogoznica
Šibenik – Rogoznica Zagreb – Rogoznica Trogir – Rogoznica

What to see and do in Rogoznica

Rogoznica has a little bit of something for everybody: old architectural landmarks that stand as a monument of history, breathtaking views and sport activities.

The parish church of the Assumption

The parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven was built in the early 17th century. Additional sections were built in the late 19th century, which is why the building holds a mix of different architectural styles. It also houses different valuable items of art.

Dragon’s Eye

Dragon’s Eye is a salt water lake located on the island part of the town. According to a legend, it is where a dragon sleeps. The lake occasionally changes color and the legend says that it’s a sign of the dragon’s awakening.

Although you may not actually see the dragon, Dragon’s Eye is a wonderful work of nature and a great place for a swim. It is loved by the locals and tourists alike.

Dragon's Eye Lake

Dragon’s Eye Lake

Cape Planka and the Church of Saint John of Trogir

Cape Planka, also known as Cape Ploča, is the most outstretched part of the Croatian coast. It is also a geographical border between the northern and the southern parts of the Adriatic sea.

Cape Planka has historically been a place of many shipwrecks, the oldest of which was recorded in the times of Ancient Greece. The Cape is no less dangerous today than it was thousands of years ago.

It is a place of strong winds and the biggest waves on this side of the Adriatic, and a favorite among photographers.

The only building, and the only sign of human life that is not at the bottom of the sea, is the Church of Saint John of Trogir. He was a bishop in the 11th century and was, according to the legend, the one who saved king Coloman’s ship from a wild storm. The church was built in his honor two centuries later.

Punta Planka lighthouse

Punta Planka lighthouse

Go cycling

Rogoznica has three cycling trails totaling 90 kilometers. The trails are a great opportunity to explore the coast, but bear in mind that they might be demanding to inexperienced cyclists. You can also explore the town streets on two wheels instead of taking the more demanding trails.

If you do not bring your own bike with you, there are rental options available in Rogoznica.

Go diving

The Rogoznica area treasures magnificent underwater life. From natural beauties to sunken ships, it is a shame not to take a chance and see what is hidden in the deep blue.

The local diving center organizes diving tours and courses for recreational divers and professionals alike. It is also possible to rent or buy diving equipment if wishing to go solo.

Beaches in Rogoznica

Rogoznica has a beautiful coast over 50 km long and is filled with beautiful beaches. Rocky, pebble or concrete, the beaches and the crystal clear sea do wonders for your body and soul. There are many to choose from, and these are some of them:

Šepurina – the mostly pebble beach is the biggest one in Rogoznica. It is well equipped and is suitable for families with children. It was awarded a Blue Flag. There are beach bars and a restaurant you can sit at if you desire refreshment or to get away from the sun for a while.

Miline – the beach is located near Dragon’s Eye. The beach is mostly pebble with a small concrete area. The children can have fun at the playground or trampoline while the adults are enjoying a massage. When done with swimming, you can enjoy your drink in one of the numerous bars at the beach.

Račice – the beach outside the town center can be reached by car, on foot or by bike. This mostly pebble beach gets less crowded as you go even further away from the town.

Day trips from Rogoznica

If staying in Rogoznica for a longer period, it is a shame not to visit at least one of the two national parks. You can get there by car or you can join an organized excursion.

Krka Waterfalls national park is one of the most visited places in Croatia. Lozovac entrance is about 45 minutes away by car, and Skradin entrance is 58 minutes away. There are many things to do once you get there. Skradinski buk waterfall is the park’s main attraction, but smaller excursions around the park are offered. Visiting Visovac island is always a great idea. The park has quite a number of cycling tracks, and Krka from another perspective is a spectacular view you will never forget.

Kornati Archipelago is a national park that can be visited on a private boat or through organized excursions. The archipelago numbers 89 islands and reefs. The tickets can be purchased on the Park’s official website.

Kornati Archipelago

Kornati Archipelago

Where to eat in Rogoznica

Traditional cuisine in Dalmatia is mostly fish-oriented and Rogoznica is no exception. There are many traditional Dalmatian and Mediterranean restaurants in Rogoznica. If you are more interested in pizza or find yourself craving some fast food, Rogoznica has a good selection of that, too.

There are many restaurants to choose from, and we suggest Restaurant Mario, Restaurant Antonijo, Restaurant Botinero, Argola and Konoba Vala.


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