Scenic deep canyon with blue Tara river in Montenegro mountains

Visit National park Sutjeska

The national park Sutjeska is the oldest and the biggest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is the home to the last virgin forest in Europe. Moreover, the highest peak of Maglic mountain (2386 m) is also situated inside the national park and it is at the same time the highest peak of the country. Sutjeska is familiar for the Battle of the Sutjeska in 1943 during the Second World War.

The entrance fee for the National park Sutjeska is 5 KM (~2.5€).

What to do at National park Sutjeska?

Hiking: People mostly visit Sutjeska because they want to experience the beautiful nature this park offers, so it is obvious there are numerous marked paths intended for hikers so they could fully explore the park.

  • Total of nine hiking trails, of which the longest and the hardest is 22 kilometres long and it is usually passed in 8 hours using moderate tempo of walking and without resting
  • Longer trails demand caution, physical fitness and appropriate footwear so if you are not up to them try shorter ones
  • Although one of the shortest (only 2 km), trail VI Prijevor – Maglić is categorized as hard because it is actually an alpine trail. To climb up, you should have appropriate technical equipment, helmet, harness, crampons and ice ax.

Cycling trail: For those who like to explore on bike, there is one trail specially for cyclists. The trail starts at Tjentiste (by the Information Centre) where you have the option of renting bicycles if you don’t have your own. It is 48 km long and it ends at lake Orlovac where hunting lodge and camp are situated.

Rafting: Adrenaline addicts have the opportunity to experience the rafting on the Tara river in the Sutjeska canyon. Tourists who decide to ‘ride’ the Tara river will get the following rafting equipment: neoprene suit and boots, life jacket, helmet and paddle, and in case of rain, a raincoat. They will be trained by professional skipper, who controls the boat. Rafting on Tara is also possible in neighbouring NP Durmitor, only 2 hour drive from Sutjeska.

Rafting in the canyon of mountain river Tara. Beautiful mountain river canyon - popular touristic entertainment spot. Montenegro.

Manifestations: If you by any chance are planning to visit Sutjeska during these particular dates, don’t miss them and join others in celebration.

  • 25th of May – EUROPARC day: Since the National park Sutjeska is a member of European federation of natural heritage, every year the NPS has a special theme dedicated to nature preserving
  • June – Parkovijada: Parkovijada is very significant manifestation, commonly know as workers’ sports games and it gathers a great number of workers working in national parks of the region. Many sports competitions are organized, meetings with cultural and entertainment events, excursions, etc.
  • August – Lakes of Zelengora: This manifestation is probably one of the most interesting for hikers and mountaineers. It lasts four days and during this time, hikers and nature lovers visit 8 lakes and 8 peaks of this wonderful mountain

The National park Sutjeska offers several professional guides, depending on which part of the park you wish to visit: mountain tourism, canyoning, scientific and educational tourism, cultural and historical tourism and ecotourism.

How to get to National park Sutjeska?

The main entrance of the NP Sutjeska is located at the northern part of the park, near the village of Tjentiste, where the park administration is located.

By car: From the direction of Sarajevo – take road Sarajevo-Trnovo in the direction of Foca and then turn south to the road to Trebinje/Dubrovnik. You will see long sinuous path to Tjentiste, central part of the park located below the main road.

By bus: The bus from Sarajevo departs regularly every day, passes through Foca and it usually takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Tjentiste. The ticket is bought on the bus and it costs ~7€ (single journey).

Donje bare lake, Sutjeska national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Where to sleep?
Inside the park area, you have several options for overnight stay:

  • Hotel Mladost – located in Tjentište; free Wi-Fi
  • Youth Camp – 2 minute walking distance from Hotel Mladost; to have access to the camp, you first need to check-in in the hotel and get approval from the hotel. NOTE: It is forbidden to park vehicles inside the camp.
  • Mountain huts at Dobre Vode, Donje Bare and Lake Orlovac
  • Bungalow within the youth camp; has 4 rooms with two beds

Or you can camp in the nearby Sutjeska river valley or Tjentiste valley which are suitable for pitching tents (of course if the good weather permits it).

Contact info of the National park Sutjeska

  • Address: 73311 Tjentište, Serbian Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Phone: +387(0)58/233-130
  • Hotel Mladost
    Phone: +387(0)58/233-118

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