Enjoying Valentines day

Valentine’s Day

We all know that it takes two for tango, but for love and romance as well, and that if you are with a right person, everywhere is nice, but also from time to time it is good to change your daily routine. Dash of church towers, carriages, gondolas and bridges won’t hurt. In fact, you will create shared memories which you will remember with joy someday or share them on popular social networks.

Europe has a long tradition and a great choice of cities which could be put into the category of romantic places. Next to the standard big ones we all know about, there are many others that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Vienna, the capital of culture, has a lot to offer to romantic people for its long and rich history. From sightseeing, shopping in Mariahilferstrasse and Kärtner Strasse and nights out, to romantic carriage rides. After you get tired from looking at the city symbols, take a break in one of the Vienna bars. Let’s not forget loves comes through stomach so make sure to try worldwide famous Sacher cake and Vienna schnitzel.

Roses for Valentines day

Venice is a city made for love. Is there anything more romantic than riding a gondola with your loved one, while the sunset is shimmering across the sea surface, surrounding rooftops and bridges? Make sure to climb the St.Mark’s bell tower which gives you a spectacular view of the whole lagoon, Venetian rooftops and canals.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary and former capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. It is a city definitely worth visiting of for its rich tradition, the world heritage protected by the UNESCO, Hungarian kitchen and glass of tokaji. For its specific and vintage looks the city gives a romantic atmosphere, especially to the architecture loves, but also to those who enjoy nightlife.

When someone says Prague, your first association is probably beer or if you come from Dalmatia – Hajduk. For a man this is romantic enough. But, of course this city has much more to offer, starting from the big castles, churches, towers and extremely romantic Karl’s bridge and his 30 statues. It is customary to touch the status and make a wish, because the legend says your wish will come true and you will be back to Prague soon.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, received a prestigious title of ‘Green Capital’ in 2016. Driving cars is allowed only in the city centre so you can walk carelessly with you special one along the coasts of the Ljubljanica river which goes through the centre itself or cross the picturesque bridge together. Ljubljana is known for its rich tradition and good combination of Mediterranean, German and Slovenian heritage, as well as its nightlife, since it stands for an university city. It may not be big, but it has so many different things to give you, including all necessary ‘ingredients’ for a romantic weekend; the green of the Tivoli park, medieval castle, gorgeous building and rich nightlife without having to waste time on transport.

Zurich, the biggest Swiss city, with the view of the magnificent Alps, situated at the junction of a river and a lake, offers an unique mixture of attractions made of over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries, walks along the lake and hiking at the nearby mountain with a spectacular view to the most various and richest nightlife in Switzerland.

Bruges, or the Venice of the North as this Belgium city is often called, for its intertwined canal system, city core protected by the UNESCO, good gastronomy and best chocolate in the world, is ideal for romantic ones among you. Do not miss the romantic carriage ride across town and visiting the Minnewater lake which got the name the ‘Lake of Love’.

Present Valentines

Lugano, the Swiss city characterised by Mediterranean climate and Italian cuisine. Lugano is situated on the lake and surrounded by the incredibly beautiful Swiss Alps. You can reach two tops by the cable car from where you will have an amazing view of Lugano’s panorama. Along the entire lake the promenade with the linden alley was built. Of course, there are also shops where you can buy chocolate, cheese and watches. It is a city on a human scale, as people call it.

Salzburg, the city known for salt, chocolate and Mozart. The panorama is dominated by the Mönchsbeg hill where is situated a glorious castle – the biggest completely preserved fort in the middle Europe. The romantic atmosphere is present at every step from Mozart and his statues, chocolate, beautiful carriages ready to take you for a romantic ride, the magnificent Mirabell gardens with 11 bridges to tourist boat ride on the Salzach river offering a breathtaking view of villas and green areas around. But don’t forget the Beer Museum, the biggest one in the world and try few different brands they are manufacturing.

Heidelberg is a romantic city, located at the coast of the Neckar river, surrounded by hills and vineyards filled with ancient buildings, including the dominating Heidelberg castle on a nearby slope. Together with the bridge above the Neckar river it is one of the top 10 most popular  European landmarks. This place breaths out calmness and warmth. Many famous philosophers, poets and university professors have walked through the Philosophers Alley, because this is the city with the oldest university in Germany and the most respected one in the world.

You thought we forgot about Verona, the city of eternal love and its symbols of everlasting, yet tragic love; Romeo and Juliet. Like millions of love couples leave a love letter on the wall or by the window on the terrace of the city’s most known house, turned into museum, and sigh from the balcony ‘Oh Juliet, why are you Juliet’. But do not forget that Verona is a medieval architecture and art jewel, and it has many churches and third amphitheatre in Italy by size also worth visiting.

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