Ultra Split Poljud

Ultra Europe

The Ultra Europe is part of the Ultra Music Festival, which is an annual outdoor music festival.

The Ultra has been a huge hit in many different countries and in 2013 it moved also to the stadium Poljud in Split – Croatia, where the Ultra Europe is held since then. For this occasion, many of the best DJ’s in the world move to Split for a few days. The first year it was a two day festival in Split and a third day was held on the island of Hvar – the third day is also called Ultra Beach. Because of the great success back in 2014 the festival was held for three days in Split and one more day at the island of Hvar.

Ultra Poljud

This summer, the “Ultranauts” from all over the world are getting ready to visit Split again for three more days and nights of amazing electronic music. If you are also one of them, here you can find out how to get as easy as possible to Split.

If you are arriving by plane, there are a few possibilities to get from the airport in Split to Split city center. You can, for example, use a private transfer, where a driver picks you up at the airport and brings you to your location. Here you can find more information about that. If your plane is landing in another city, like for example Zagreb, you can easily reach Split by bus. The bus connections between Zagreb and Split are excellent and you can find several daily departures on this relation.

There are also more and more planes landing in Zadar, in this case, you can see here the bus schedule for the busses driving from the bus station Zadar to Split. If you don’t feel like hassling with your luggage, you can also use a private transfer, which will bring you directly to your accommodation in Split. If your plane lands in Dubrovnik, you can find bus connections from Dubrovnik to Split or you can book a private transfer in advance.

Ultra music Split

If you are already in Croatia, but in some other city, which is not mentioned above, you also don’t have to worry about finding a bus connection, since Split is very well connected to most Croatian cities. On GetByBus you can also find routes from Sibenik, Rijeka, Pula or Rovinj.

If you are not traveling by plane or if you are arriving just for the Ultra Festival and you are not already staying in Croatia, you can also find on GetByBus.com some great bus lines from other European cities, some of them are: Trieste, Kotor, Budva, Mostar, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Munich, Bratislava, Budapest and others.

If you are now interested in being part of the Ultra Europe, you can see that it is easy to reach Split and the whole event, either from Croatia or from other European Countries. So if you are now in a dance mood, make sure you get your tickets on time.

A special thank you to Nikša Krnić for the photos.

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