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Travelling from Vienna

The main hub for buses to and from Austria is of course Vienna, the Austrian capital has direct bus connection to a lot of cities across Europe.

Bus from Vienna to Germany, of course there are plenty of buses between Vienna and a wide range of destinations in Germany, most popular route is undoubtedly the route between Vienna and Munich, but also departures between Vienna and Frankfurt as well as Vienna and Dortmund are quite popular. For destinations in the northern part of Germany, there are some direct buses, but much more travel options if you plan in a bus change in Munich.

Bus from Vienna to Switzerland, between  Vienna and Zurich there are daily bus connections year around, additionally it is possible to travel from Vienna to Basel and from Vienna to Bern, other cities in Switzerland can be reaches via Zurich.

Bus from Vienna to Italy, the main connection between the countries is between Vienna and Milan, but it is also possible to travel from e.g. Vienna to Venice or Vienna and Rome which is a trip of about 15 hours. in addition to these destination there are direct buses to Bologna, Florence, Verona and several other towns in Italy. If you can not find a direct bus to the destination where you are going, we recommend you travel via Milan.

Frankfurt Germany

Finanz district

Bus from Vienna to Czech Republic, numerous times daily there are direct buses between Vienna and Prague, also it is possible to travel from Vienna to Brno or from Vienna to Ostrava and several other towns in Czech Republic.

Bus from Vienna to Poland, each day there are several departures towards Poland, popular travel combinations include Vienna to Krakow, Vienna to Warsaw and Vienna to Katowice just to mention a few, the travel time to Krakow is about 7 hours and travel time to Warsaw about 12 hours.

Bus from Vienna to Croatia, towards Croatia there are more than a handful daily departures, of course the most popular travel route is from Vienna to Zagreb, which is a 5 hours drive, but also the routes from Vienna to Split, Vienna to Rijeka and the Istrian towns Pula, Porec and Rovinj are quite popular, especially during the summer season.

Bus from Vienna to Bosnia, bus connection between Vienna and Sarajevo operate daily year around, also between Vienna and Mostar, as well as Vienna and Medjugorje, there are daily operating bus, in total more than 30 destination in Bosnia can be reach by direct travelling bus.

Bus from Vienna to France, from Vienna there is a limit number of direct operating bus lines, but it is possible to travel e.g Vienna to Paris or Vienna to Marseilles a few times a week. If none of the direct buses should match your travel plan, you could travel via either Munich or Frankfurt for destinations in northern France, and via Milan or Zurich if you are travelling to Cote Azure.

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Bus from Vienna to Netherlands, each day there are a few direct buses from Vienna to Amsterdam, which is by far the cheapest way of travelling between the cities, the bus trip has a duration of about 18 hours, other cities in Netherlands can be reach with a bus change in Amsterdam.

Bus from Vienna to Denmark, several times weekly there is direct bus line between Vienna and Copenhagen, which is a bus trip of about 18 hours, alternative to the direct bus is to travel from Vienna to Berlin and change to a bus from Berlin to Copenhagen there, do so will give you lots of additional travel options.

Bus from Vienna to Serbia, several direct bus operate daily between Vienna and Belgrade, as well as Vienna and Novi Sad, travel time to Belgrade is about 8-9 hours.

In addition to the bus connections mentioned above there are direction bus connection from Vienna to Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium and with a single bus change you can more or less reach the rest of the countries in Europe.

When travelling from Vienna, it is important to pay attention to the departure location as this might vary depending on which bus company is driving the route, the two most common departure stations is Vienna VIB and the Stadioncenter. If you are using Vienna as hub you should pay especially attention to this. You can use the search form on to search for the departures mention above as well as any other international connection to and from Vienna or Vienna airport.

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