Sveti Stefan small island view from pedestrian walking route in the green park, nearby. Budva, Montenegro.

Top beaches in Montenegro

Spring is around the corner, which means one thing – last call for ‘workout’ train so you could proudly show off your new summer bodies. But we’re still missing something for this formula, and that is a perfect beach. Luckily, we have made a list of top 5 beaches in beautiful Montenegro, just for you. Sand, pebble, gravel, rocks, no matter which you prefer, all of them are wonderful and most importantly, the sea is crystal clear. So, without further ado, let’s see those beaches!

1) Becici beach, Becici

Becici beach is considered one of the most beautiful and longest beaches on Adriatic Sea. Almost 2 kilometres long, Becici beach is officially the only beach in Montenegro which won an actual award. It was named ‘the most beautiful beach of Europe’ back in 1935. Since then, it has evolved into a perfect family resort. It has many nearby hotels and the beach itself is spacious, so there’s no worry of too much crowd.

How to get to Becici beach:

  • By bus: From Podgorica to Budva and then by local bus to Boreti bus stop in Becici. The price of a single ticket is 0.50€. Once you get off the bus, you will need to walk another 500m to reach the beach.

Beautiful view from above of the resort town of Becici on the Adriatic coast, Montenegro

2) Kopakabana, Ulcinj

The Kopakabana beach in Ulcinj was named after the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. The one in Ulcinj, though not as famous, it is still one of the favourite beaches among locals and tourists in Montenegro. The beach itself is 900 metres long and it has almost 500 sunshades and 800 beach easy chairs. Kopakabana is easily accessible by car because it has its own parking lot intended only for beach guests. Families with children can have delicious lunch on the beach in the nearby restaurant. Or you can quench your thirst with a cocktail in the beach bar.

How to get to Kopakabana beach:

  • By bus: From Podgorica to Ulcinj from bus terminal in Podgorica. The price of a single ticket is 6.50€. When you arrive to the bus station, just stick with R-17 road in the direction of south. After you cross the bridge over river, turn right to reach the beach.

Ulcinj is the popular resort with the cozy beach, scenic coast, interesting architecture, many parks for the tourists' pleasure, Montenegro.

3) Mogren, Budva

Located in the very heart of Budva, Mogren beach is one of the most popular beaches not only in Budva, but in entire Montenegro. It is made of two smaller beaches which in total make a beach of 350 m, which is not that much if compared to the previous two. What’s particular about Mogren is that these two beaches are connected by a tunnel. 13 years ago Mogren beach received the blue flag which represents the clearness of the sea. How this beach got its name is quite interesting – the Spanish mariner Morgini shipwrecked here few centuries ago, and the locals from then on call it Mogren. The beach, though in the centre of the city, it is still intimate enough because it is divided from the Old Town by cliffs.

How to get to Mogren beach:

  • By bus: Once you reach the bus terminal in Budva (check routes from Herceg Novi, from Tivat) proceed to Filipa Kovacevica street and turn right at Jadranski put road E65/E80. It will take you around 25 min of walk to reach the beach.

Panoramic view of the old town Budva, Montenegro

4) Lucice, Petrovac

Lucice beach in Petrovac is 300 metres long and only 500 metres from the centre of Petrovac. You can even visit by taxi-boat two small islands, Katic and Sveta nedelja, which are visible from the coast. There are several bars and restaurants near the beach, and one directly on the beach. During the season half of the beach is decorated by sunshades and beach chairs intended for renting, and other part is free for use. At the very end of the beach is located waterslide and a playground, which is ideal for children.

How to get to Lucice beach:

  • By bus: From Budva to Petrovac by local bus. The price of a single ticket is 2€.

The cozy sand beach of Rezevici resort, located next to Petrovac on Budva riviera, Montenegro.

5) Plavi horizonti, Tivat (Radovici) 

If you head more north, make sure you stop in Radovici village, near Tivat where you will find an amazing beach called Plavi horizonti, or Blue horizons. Though it has been favourite local beach for decades, rumour has it that the development of the resorts may limit access to the beach for the wealthy only. But fortunately, this is not true (still) and you may freely enjoy this paradise on earth. The beach is surrounded by numerous parks and pine forest, which makes it perfect for camping.

How to reach Plavi horizonti beach:

  • By local bus from Tivat centre (Palih boraca street) to Radovici → see timetableEmbankment of Tivat city. Montenegro

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