Top 10 outdoor activites in Split

The story of Split goes back 17 centuries in the past, back to the time when Roman emperor Diocletian chose this place as a perfect place for his retirement. Today Diocletian Palace forms a center of the vibrant city of Split; even though the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, people still live in it and make it alive. The city is familiar with its rich history and cultural heritage but Split is much more than that. It offers all kind of different experiences; food and wine tastings, festivals and concerts and all sorts of sports activities. What is more, Split has more international-level athletes per capita than any other place in the world. Embrace the local active spirit and choose between top 10 activities to do in Split and its surrounding area.

1) Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking in Split gives you an opportunity to experience the town from the sea. Views of the 1700-year-old palace from the sea level are remarkable and the experience only gets better after you start paddling around Marjan Forest Park. Paddling along the coast will show you Mediterranean architecture mixed with a touch of green nature. Exploring the south side of Marjan hill, you will discover small hidden beaches and some historical treasures. Take a break and enjoy the sun or snorkel with the amazing sea life.

2) Diving

Take a deep breath and dive below the surface of one of the clearest and bluest seas in the world. Don’t miss out on a chance to explore the silent world because the Adriatic Sea has a lot to offer: old shipwrecks that hold many secrets, underwater caves and stunning sea environment with a variety of flora and fauna that will please any diver; the luckiest could even get the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Do it in order to completely zone out and enjoy fully in the blue world and everything it offers.

Split beach

3) Sailing

Ahoy sailor! Weather conditions in Split are almost perfect to sail in any time of the year and considering the geographical position of the coast and the number of islands, it could be the most interesting place to sail on the Mediterranean. Decide by yourself whether you want to do a daily trip from dawn to dusk or to sail away for several days. In case you want to spend a few days on the boat, island hopping is the best way to enjoy your holiday. Swim in crystal clear water, sunbathe as much as you can and have a glass (or two) of quality Croatian wine at the sunset.

4) Rafting

A special attraction for all adventure lovers is rafting on Cetina river; it is probably the most popular adventure tour in the area. Cetina river is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers where you can experience rapids, waterfalls, caves and quiet parts of the river. It is a combination of adventure and relaxation through crystal-green water and untouched nature. When the rafting is over, you can have a barbecue lunch at the banks of the river. Everyone who is brave enough to do this special experience will remember it for a long time and probably come back for more.

5) Canyoning

Cetina River is the scene of action for another adventurous activity – canyoning. Cetina canyon offers wonderful rocky landscapes with cliffs up to 180 meters high. The natural scenery you will experience is beyond imagination so prepare yourself to be amazed. During the canyoning, you will walk through river and rapids, swim in natural pools, go through subterranean tunnels and around lakes and waterfalls, including 55 meters high waterfall Gubavica. This experience is one of the kind, especially if you are looking for a full adventure package. Don’t forget that safety comes first and respect nature and its power.

6) Zipline

Zipline experience is really a special one, especially when it is done in the forest surrounding the waters of the river. Ziplining consists of eight steel wires that go across the canyon, with the total length of wires of 2.1 kilometers. The longest wire is 700 meters long and it is situated at height of 150 meters. It is completely safe, all the guides are certified and in business for a long time. This is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and have a blast. This adrenaline-rush activity will make your heart pump a little faster but also question yourself what took you so long to try it.

7) Skydiving

We are not over with adrenaline rush yet! How do you feel about experiencing free fall? You will be jumping out of an airplane together with a certified skydive instructor who will make sure everything goes as planned so you can relax and enjoy the fullest. Skydiving is a life-changing experience and you will remember that moment when you left the plain probably forever. A lot of people who did it say that it was very inspiring and also a bit addictive. 60 seconds of free fall will sure change your priorities in life!

Split Riva palm waterfront view, Dalmatia, Croatia

8) Hiking

Split offers many options for keen hikers; Marjan hill is the most obvious choice but it is more a walking area than a hiking area. Two most popular hiking spots are located just on the outskirts of the city, they are mountains Kozjak and Mosor. Kozjak, with the highest peak of 779 meters, has several route choices with beautiful sceneries and all paths are properly marked. There are three mountain homes and in one of them, it is possible to stay overnight. Mosor is even more famous with hikers, but it is a serious mountain and it should be treated that way. Peaks of Mosor are Vickov Stup and Veliki Kabal, both over 1300 meters. There is also a spacious mountain home. For your safety, take caution, wear proper clothes and shoes and bring water.

9) Horse riding

Horse riding is also a part of an active holiday in Split, there are few clubs that organize riding schools for beginners or offer recreational horse riding. Field horse riding is the most popular activity and it is a special pleasure for every riding enthusiast. Riding is a good way to connect with nature and to explore the countryside. A lot of the tours end up with food breaks and bonding with warm-hearted locals.

10) Paintball

It is time for some paintball! There are several reasons for it; it is a social game and a good way to spend some time with your friends or to meet new ones. It is fun, it is played outdoors and it brings out that child in you, especially the competitive spirit. Even if it is a war game, it brings people together – people who fight together, stay together! Do you need any other reason to give it a try?

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