Top 10 GetByBus Articles 2020

While we can all agree that this year’s “most wonderful time of the year” doesn’t fit that description, we are wrapping up this strange year with a review of our own blog articles.

2020 was the year when the whole world stopped due to COVID-19 and traveling became just a bunch of fond memories. The only thing we could all do is to daydream about future trips and journeys we will plan and book as soon as the situation allows. Many were looking for inspiration in our blog articles.

Among nearly a thousand articles that we published over the years, our readers were mostly reading our top 10 suggestions this year. Also, it turns out that small towns and specific places won over the metropolises and well-known tourist destinations.

No matter what the future brings, GetByBus will continue inspiring and informing our readers for their best traveling experience.

With high hopes that 2021 will be the year when traveling will come back to life again, we bring you our top 10 of most-read GetByBus articles in 2020.

10. Best Zoos In Europe

Find out where you can meet your favourite animal species and spend some time surrounded by wild animals. Check out which zoos in Europe do their best in saving animals from extinction and taking care of their well-being.

9. Most Unusual And Unique Buildings In Europe

From the Upside Down House in Zakopane, Dancing House in Prague to Kunsthaus in Graz. Find out about the weirdest buildings in Europe for more unusual stuff.

Upside down house Zakopane

Upside down house Zakopane

8. Best Shopping In Europe

Shoppingholics can discover which European cities are top choices when it comes to shopping. From the prestigious Paris to fashionable Milan, Europe has a store for everyone.

7. Top 10 Most Charming Coastal Towns in Croatia

Croatian coast is the perfect summer destination that offers crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches and the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Check out the most charming places for the amazing summer holidays.

6. Top 5 Cities To Visit In Turkey

Turkey is a country where East and West collide. Discover which cities are the best to visit in order to experience the unique Turkish culture and traditions that date back thousands of years in time.

Amphitheatre in Izmir

Amphitheatre in Izmir

5. Top 10 Most Unusual Places In Europe

Europe is full of wonderful and unique places. See the red river in Huelva, visit the smallest city in the world Hum, discover Giethoorn or the Dutch Venice, Cotton Castle in Pamukkale and many more unusual places.

4. Best Small Towns To Visit In Italy

Experiencing the ultimate Mediterranean country requires visiting its small towns. Italy is full of charming places which preserve authentic Italian culture. Visit the UNESCO town Alberobello, find peace at the beaches of Vieste, meet the hometown of St. Francis and more.

3. Best Small Towns To Visit In Spain

Giants Barcelona and Madrid are amazing, but there is much more to see in Spain. Discover more works of famous Gaudi in Comillas, taste the best wines in Olite, discover the preserved Roman ruins in Merida and much more.

2. Why Visit Ibiza

Summer months are reserved for the most popular party spot in the Mediterranean. Ibiza is a perfect combination of wild nightlife, historical sights, magical beaches and unique Spanish culture. Find out what else is going on in Ibiza, besides the parties!

1. Best Small Towns To Visit In UK

London and Edinburgh might be stealing most of the attention, but the United Kingdom is a country of numerous places that are as much worth a visit as the big towns. Travel back to the Middle Ages in Rye, experience a fairytale in Shanklin and see the famous filming set of Game of Thrones in Ballintoy. What else, find out yourselves!


Ballintoy, UK

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