Top 10 Filming Locations in Europe

Always wanted to visit Hollywood but never had the opportunity (or money) to actually go there? Well, Hollywood is much closer than you think! We bring you the list of some of the most famous movie spots that you may have seen in blockbusters like Trainspotting, Skyfall, Mission Impossible, etc. Step into the world of your favourite movie characters and start planning your trip now!

1) Edinburgh (Trainspotting)

Trainspotting is a famous British black comedy from 1996 and the plot of the movie follows a group of heroin addicts in an impoverished area of Edinburgh. Though the movie plot revolves around a really heavy topic to process, the filming spots in Edinburgh will definitely amaze you. In the opening scene of the first part of the movie you’ll see the main characters running down the Princes Street, one of the main streets of Edinburgh. Afterwards, the majority of the first movie was filmed in Glasgow. In movie sequel, T2 Trainspotting the plot setting moves back to Edinburgh. Don’t miss visiting the Arthur’s Seat where Mark and Spud go for a relaxing jog. Another chase happens between Renton and Begbie in the Old Town where they run through Fleshmarket Close, the Grassmarket, Cockburn Street and Parliament Square.

Princes Street, Edinburgh

2) Klis Fortress and Diocletian’s Palace (Game of Thrones)

Even the birds on trees already know that the popular HBO show Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia for many seasons. Besides the iconic King’s Landing in Dubrovnik Old Town, the fans of the show should definitely pay a visit to Klis Fortress. The fortress is situated on the hill overlooking the city of Split and it served as a double for the city of Meereen. Reaching the fortress is easy, you can just take the local buses 22 or 35 from Split centre. But Klis Fortress wasn’t the only filming spot for Meereen. The heart of Split centre, the famous Diocletian’s Palace was perfect choice for depicting the streets of Meereen while the Substructure of Palace served as a double for “a room” where Daenerys kept her dragons.

Klis Fortress

Port of Dubrovnik from the old city walls

3) Oxford University (Harry Potter Series)

While muggles call it Oxford University, for wizards it becomes Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This iconic English university was chosen as a filming location for the popular Harry Potter movie saga. Where to start the tour? Let’s start from the beginning. The first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was mostly filmed in Oxford University, Hogwarts scenes in particular. The “forbidden” library scenes were filmed in Duke Humfrey’s Library for example. The cloisters of Christ Church were turned into Hogwarts hallways while the scene where Hermione tells Harry that being seeker is “in his blood” was filmed just outside of today’s bookshop. Don’t miss visiting Tudor Great Dining Hall – although it was not actually in the movie, it served as an inspiration for the great Hogwarts Dining Hall. Don’t wait for your Hogwarts letter, book a flight to London and visit it yourself!

NOTE: Visitors of Oxford University need to pay an admission fee and the tickets can be bought online on the official website of the university. Ticket includes access to the Quads, Cloister, Hall Staircase, Hall and Cathedral.

Oxford University

4) Lake Como and Reggia di Caserta (Star Wars)

Who would’ve thought that the planet Naboo would be so close to us? The the second installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy was filmed in various locations all over the world, but the one that caught our eye were locations in Italy. To be more precise, the sets took place at Lake Como and Reggia di Caserta.The majestic Villa del Balbianello was built on the tip of the peninsula of Dosso d’Avedo and it overlooks the beautiful Lake Como. Today it serves as a popular wedding venue thanks to Star Wars movie. Namely, the villa was the location of Anakin and Padmé’s wedding due to stunning surrounding beauty of the villa and lake. The next filming location was in Caserta, at the Royal Palace of Caserta. This main attraction of Caserta is also one of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy and it was used for interior scenes in Episode I and II for the Royal Palace of planet Naboo.

Villa del Balbianello, Como Lake

5) Glencoe (James Bond: Skyfall)

Hardcore fans of the most famous secret agent in the world should definitely pay a visit to Glencoe in Scottish Highlands. Why? It is place where James Bond’s house is located. The story about Bond’s Scottish heritage is not accidental because Ian Fleming (the creator of James Bond) was impressed by Sean Connery’s portrayal of its character that he decided to make Bond Scottish. Besides Glencoe, other famous scenes from Skyfall were filmed in Glen Etive where agents M and 007 get out of Aston Martin to admire the landscape. Glen Etive is just few kilometres away from Glencoe in the direction of Fort William. Also, the aforementioned Trainspotting features parts of the Scottish Highlands in some scenes. The Scottish Highlands are certainly worth the visit even if you are not fan of these movies because the scenery is breathtaking – unspoilt nature, big mountains and deep blue “lochs” is all you need for an unforgettable experience.

Glencoe, Scottish Highlands

6) Skiathos and Skopelos Islands (Mamma Mia)

Greek islands were always a popular summer destination but we could all agree that Mamma Mia! musical has surely attributed to the increase of the visitors over the years! Let’s start first with Skiathos, a small island in the northwestern Aegean Sea. Its beaches were used for scenes in the movie and the Old Port of Skiathos was the meeting point of the three fathers. Skopelos, which is west of Skiathos was far more used for filming. For example, the set for beach bar where “Does Your Mother Know?” is performed was built on Kastani Beach. At the northern coast of Skopelos, more precisely at Glysteri, Amanda reads diary to her friends. It’s also a spot where Sam, Harry, Bill and Sophie jump from rocks into the sea. Both of the islands are a perfect romantic getaway for couples but they’re not too crowded as, let’s say, Santorini. They give you the same vibe, but in a unique way.

Skopelos Island

7) Amsterdam (The Fault In Our Stars)

Based on a best-selling novel of John Green, the movie The Fault In Our Stars has won the hearts of millions of viewers. Some of the most memorable scenes were filmed in the Venice of the North – Amsterdam. There are several locations in Amsterdam which appear in the movie. Visit Leidsegracht and find the famous bench where Hazel and Augustus talk about their future. The first kiss between these two lovebirds happens in Anne Frank’s House. Interestingly, the set in the movie was a reconstruction and not a real museum since the attic in the museum is not accessible to the visitors. Another memorable scene happens inside the archway of Rijksmuseum where Hazel and Augustus go for a walk after the romantic dinner in a restaurant.

Amsterdam Canals

8) Prague (Mission Impossible)

Prague and its Medieval Old Town have always been a very popular filming set when it comes to Hollywood. The most iconic scenes which feature Prague are those from Mission Impossible. Visit the National Museum located on Wenceslas Square. The museum was used to film the “interior” of the U.S. embassy in Prague. It was also featured in James Bond’s Casino Royale where it doubled as the lobby of a Grand Venetian Hotel. The back exit of the embassy was filmed on the Kampa Island (yes, there’s an actual island in Prague!) on the northern side of the Liechtenstein Palace. It would be almost impossible (pun intended) to film this movie without featuring the most famous monument in Prague – Charles Bridge. It was featured in the scene where Jim Phelps throws himself into river Vltava.

Charles Bridge

9) Görlitz  (Grand Budapest Hotel)

We hate to burst your bubble but if you were planning to book a room at Grand Budapest Hotel – unfortunately, that won’t be possible. Although Görlitz began its “filming career” back in the 1950s, it was not until 2014 that this German town spread its popularity worldwide. Wes Anderson’s movie Grand Budapest Hotel took place in the easternmost town in Germany because its Medieval streets blended with Art Nouveau and Gothic architecture seemed as a perfect choice for the movie. That’s why the Görlitz Department Store served as a great location for the interior scenes of the hotel lobby. Even though today this department store is not open for public (yet), it is one of the few German department stores which survived World War II. But hey, at least you can say that you’ve been to German Hollywood or how they like to call it – “Goerliwood”.

10) Berlin and Leipzig (Captain America: Civil War)
Although this famous Marvel movie was mostly filmed in the US, some of the most important scenes in Civil War were actually filmed in Germany. The locations in Berlin include the  Messedamm and ICC Conference Centre. Interestingly, these two locations double for Bucharest while real Bucharest in Romania never appeared in the movie. The main fight scene between Avengers was filmed at Leipzig-Halle Airport and it was 15 minutes long. Naturally, most of the set was enhanced by CGI but the airport is clearly visible. Fun fact – Leipzig Airport was also featured in Liam Neeson’s Unknown, however, it doubled for Berlin Tegel Airport.

Leipzig Halle Airport

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