The last Of Us Filming Locations - Canada

The Last of Us Filming Locations

With images of The Last of Us filming locations, to numerous clips on social media, the show indeed took us by storm. That is no surprise, of course, as the game reached quite a popularity in 2013. Namely, The Last of Us is a critically renowned game franchise developed by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment. It features Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), one of the last survivors finding their way in the world infected by a mutated fungus. Moreover, the game was a huge success winning a combined 500+ Game of the Year awards! However, the number of fans has significantly increased since the game’s adaptation. 

The theme certainly hits home. Two people trying to survive the pandemic- sounds oddly familiar. Although some of us cannot wait to forget the 2020 Covid pandemic, most of us find it alluring to watch it from another point of view in a more cinematic perspective. Action-packed thrillers, and post-apocalyptic dramas, it is indeed captivating. From World War Z to Train to Busan, the Last of Us is just another one in the line. At least one could assume. However, the dramatic scenographies and the captivating and emotional story of Joel and Ellie made the show stand out. 

As a result, we have compiled a list of all The Last of Us filming locations with the map at the end. We assure you that gamers and new lovers of the show will enjoy the sets from the series. So, where is The Last of Us actually filmed? Let’s see!


Our favorite filming location is by far the most exciting one, with multiple sets consisting of Universities, high schools, town districts, and the town’s courthouse. So, let us present to you the city of Calgary. Although The Last of Us is set around the USA, the producers decided to shoot scenes mainly in Alberta, Canada. As a result, we uncovered seven sets in this impressive city of skyscrapers. The first is SAIT University, followed by Mount Royal University and Lord Shawnessy High School. Other locations are the Beltline and Victoria Park districts. While in Beltline, do not miss a chance to explore Stampede Park. Of course, we cannot forget about the Northland Village Mall and the Calgary Courthouse. 

Calgary Memorial Park
Calgary Memorial Park


The first look at Canmore, and prepare to be starstruck. Canmore lies directly beneath the summit by the name of Three Sisters and is famous for its dramatic scenery. During the filming of the show, the city got even more popular. This is not a surprise, considering the dramatic transformation during the filming. From bright scenic Canmore to post-apocalyptic Wyoming, the downtown area endured some serious aesthetic changes. After exploring the filming locations, we recommend taking part in various outdoor activities the city offers. Our favorite is the Grassi Lake trail which will lead you to the waterfall and beautiful turquoise lakes. However, if you decide to explore trails, we strongly recommend considering group tours. After all, the city is famous for its wildlife too. 


Next on our list of The Last of Us filming locations is the fifth largest city and the Capital of Alberta- Edmonton. The city is famous for its reputation as the City of Festivals, hosting a year-round palette of events. When not on a treasure hunt, or should we say filming sets hunt, you can enjoy the Edmonton Folk Fest, Fringe Fest, the Taste of Edmonton, or the other 47 festivals. Apart from the exciting activities the town offers, Edmonton boasts beautiful nature and parks. We know the lush green city is far from the one on the screen, but the beauty is irresistible. As for the movie sets, you will not be disappointed. Apart from Edmonton’s various streets, we can find Ellie, Tess and Joel roaming, the producers used the imposing Alberta Legislature Building

Edmonton downtown
Edmonton downtown

Fort Macleod

The leading actor of the show, Pedro Pascal, stated how impressed he was by Alberta, Canada. Namely, most of the towns and mountains we see in The Last of Us are from this western Canadian province. Apart from the previously listed cities, another filming set in this beautiful province was Fort Macleod. The town has quite the filming history as it was the set for famous movies such as Brokeback Mountain and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The filming took place on Main Street, famous for the abundance of little shops. However, various shops changed their front entrance to fit the movie aesthetic. Although, one of them stayed just the way it was. We are talking about the Don’s Barber Shop, which not only kept its look but its name too!

High River

High River is a bright charming small town near the city of Calgary. It is no secret that the city charmed the producers of The Last of Us. Moreover, we can see the High River’s popular diner in the first episode of the show. During the escape from zombies, Joel and his daughter rushed to Evelyn’s Memory Lane Diner. Apart from now being famous as the filming set of the hit show, High River is quite popular among campers. The best camping spot is George Lane Park. The town also offers many interesting museums such as the Museum of Highwood and Call of the West Museum. Another must-visit is the Sheppard Family Park.


Another set on our list of The Last of Us filming locations is the small town near Calgary. Moreover, Okotoks is a bright and favored town underneath Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. The city got its unique name from the word ohkotok, which translates to rock. Interestingly, around 7 kilometers from the city, you can find impressive geological formations. The most profound among them is the largest glacial erratic Big Rock. However, lovers of the show might be more interested in Robinson Drive in the Suntree neighborhood, which appeared in the episodes. 

Waterton Lakes National Park

The last filming location from the new hit show is undoubtedly the most beautiful one! With its otherworldly beauty, the Waterton Lakes National Park attracted tourists for years. The number of visitors only increased after the show. The producers relied on the dramatic effect of the mountains and shot scenes in the snow. In the series, we can spot several abandoned cars with Colorado license plates with the National Park in the background. Dramatic mountains, crystal clear lakes, and deep green forests make the National Park one of the most scenic places in Canada. Aside from the numerous adventurous outdoor activities, the Park resort is rich in venues, spas, nightlife, and weddings, too. This makes it a great place to travel with your family or friends. 

Waterton Lakes NP
Waterton Lakes NP

Map of The Last of Us Filming Locations

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