Puerto Vallarta Airport

Puerto Vallarta Airport

IATA code: PVR


Passengers: ~ 3.5 million

Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, more often referred to as Puerto Vallarta Airport, is an airport serving Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico. It serves the famous beach resort of Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican Pacific coast. As the resort is quite popular with tourist peaks in spring and summer, the airport serves several international and domestic airlines. The airport has two terminals – Terminal A and Terminal B – and a single runway. The destination has become increasingly popular in the last few years with on average 3.5 million passengers annually. However, in 2020 the airport saw nearly a 50% decrease in the number of passengers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This guide contains all the necessary information about Puerto Vallarta Airport. 

How to get from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Puerto Vallarta 

There are several options for travel once you find yourself at the airport. Based on your budget, amount of luggage and overall preferences, you can choose between taking a local bus, a taxi, booking a private transfer in advance or renting a car. 

NOTE: Once you exit the customs, you will enter the so-called “Shark Tank” area in which Timeshare salespeople operate. They might wear official-looking clothes and be indistinguishable from the airport staff. If you have transportation pre-booked, do not speak to anyone before entering the airport hall as they might distract you and take you to a Timeshare presentation instead. Free taxi rides and money may also be offered, but resist the temptation and decline. This is a popular practice at many Mexican airports flooded by tourists, and if you pre-book your transportation the company will warn you not to speak to anyone. 


When at Puerto Vallarta airport, you can take a local bus provided by the company UNIBUSPV. Taking the bus is the best option if you wish to save money and are travelling light, as it is the cheapest means of transportation. You can take the bus line C27 – Marina which has a starting point at Marina Vallarta and goes all the way to Colonia Emiliano Zapata. The bus operates from 6:00 AM to 10 AM daily, with departures every 15 minutes. The ticket price is 10 Mexican pesos, which is roughly 0.50 $USD. 


If you wish to take a taxi directly at the airport, you will have to pay in advance at taxi kiosks at the terminal exit. Keep in mind that the airport is a Federal Zone and that taxi companies charge larger fares here. This zone is also often referred to as Zone 1A by various taxi companies. If you wish to save money, you can cross the pedestrian bridge outside the airport and take a taxi there. Depending on where you decide to take a taxi and the zone you’re going to, the prices range from around 18 $USD to 30 $USD. 

Uber is also available in Puerto Vallarta as an alternative to taxis. 


If you wish to arrive at the airport comfortably and without the hassle of finding the best taxi offer or waiting for a local bus, booking a private door-to-door transfer is another travelling option. You will be welcomed at the airport by your driver holding your name and taken directly to your destination. 

Car hire at Puerto Vallarta Airport

If you desire to have your own mode of transportation not just from the airport, but also around the city during your stay, you can rent the car at the airport. Several major companies such as Avis and Europcar offer their services. However, we recommend that you rent a car online to avoid potential queues and long waits. 

Rent a bus at Puerto Vallarta Airport

Larger groups of passengers may consider renting a private bus at the airport. It is recommended to book it online so bus companies have enough time to advise you on the meeting point and all other necessary information. 

Puerto Vallarta Airport airlines 

Puerto Vallarta serves as a base of operation for 30 airlines, 7 domestic and 23 international. As it is a popular tourist destination, the airport has several non-stop flights from Canada, the USA, Panama and Helsinki, as well as several domestic airports such as Tijuana Airport, Guadalajara Airport, Monterrey Airport and Mexico City Airport

Several main carriers – Aeromexico, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines – connect Puerta Vallarta Airport to Los Angeles (LAX). Los Angeles is not the only major airport in the US with flights from and to Puerto Vallarta. Flights from San Francisco (SFO), Phoenix (PHX), Portland (PDX), New York (JFK) to Puerta Vallarta are provided by several companies. 

Below is the list of the most important airlines offering arrivals and departures from Puerto Vallarta Airport

  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Finnair
  • Volaris
  • VivaAerobus
  • Thomson Airways
  • Westjet 

Puerto Vallarta Airport facilities 

The airport offers various facilities at both levels, but they are not all the same.

 Below is the list of services offered at the main level:  

  • Duty-free shops
  • Restaurants
  • Post office 
  • Public phones
  • Money exchange
  • ATMs
  • WiFi

Services offered at the second level include: 

  • Restaurants 
  • Souvenir shops
  • Fast-food restaurants

Puerto Vallarta Airport accommodation

Puerto Vallarta FAQs

I arrive late at Puerto Vallarta Airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

There shouldn’t be an issue with getting to the city if arriving late. The local bus operates until 10 PM, and if you arrive later than that you can always take a taxi, rent a car or pre-book a private transfer. 

Can I exchange money at Puerto Vallarta Airport? 

Yes, the airport is equipped with ATMs and an exchange office. 

Is there a free WiFi service available at Puerto Vallarta Airport? 

Yes, free WiFI is available at the airport. However, it is available for 15 minutes only.

Can I leave my luggage at Puerto Vallarta Airport? 

Unfortunately, luggage storage service is not available at the airport.

Are there any direct lines from Puerto Vallarta Airport? 

There are no direct lines from the airport. However, the main bus station is just across the pedestrian bridge. From there you can take a bus to your desired destination. If you are just going to the city centre, bus line C27 operates every 15 minutes from 6 AM to 10 PM. 

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