El Tepuel, Chile

Puerto Montt Airport

IATA code: PMC


Passengers: ~ 1,1 million

Puerto Montt International Airport, also known as El Tepual International Airport is an airport serving the touristic area of Puerto Montt, Chile. The airport is located at the centre of Northern Patagonia, which is why it is often considered a gateway to Chilean Patagonia. For this reason, it is one of the most important and busiest airports in Chile.

El Tepual’s construction was finished in 1960. However, a large earthquake and tsunami hit the area that year and postponed the airport opening. In the end, the El Tepual terminal was officially opened in 1963.
After Pinochet left Chile’s Presidency, the new government decided to invest in new airport terminals and freeways across the country. Puerto Montt area was one of the areas that benefited the most from this decision.

Getting from Puerto Montt Airport to Puerto Montt

El Tepual Airport is located in the Los Lagos Region of Chile, 14 kilometres west of Puerto Montt city. The airport is properly connected to the city with multiple transportation options.

Below you will find all the important information about the transportation options from El Tepual to the city of Puerto Montt.


Shuttle buses from El Tepual to Puerto Montt are operated by Andrestour. They have been transporting passengers to and from the airport for 26 years. 

Bus departures run 365 days a year in accordance with the flights.
Departures from El Tepual to Puerto Montt are 25-30 minutes after the arrival of each flight.
Departures from Puerto Montt bus station to El Tepual are 2 hours before each flight.

The duration of these rides is approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The ticket price is 3000 Chilean pesos, which is around 3.5$.

For more information, check out the official carrier website.


Getting from El Tepual Airport to the city by taxi is a convenient way for those who don’t like using buses. There is no official airport taxi service, however, there are plenty of taxi companies available. You can expect to pay around 7 to 12 USD for a ride from the airport to the city.

Uber is also available at El Tepual Airport. The cost of your Uber drive will depend on your destination, the type of ride you requested and other factors. 

Car hire

For those who prefer to drive at their own pace, the best option is to hire a car at El Tepual airport. You will find offices of several car rental agencies at the airport. On average, renting a car in Puerto Montt will cost you about 45$ a day. 


Another transportation option from El Tepual Airport is a private, door-to-door transfer directly to your accommodation in the city. You can pre-book a transfer for a hassle-free experience. If you do, a professional driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to your destination.

Puerto Montt Airport Airlines

El Tepual airport serves primarily domestic flights.
From Puerto Montt, you can fly to 5 destinations with 3 airlines.
Since 1995 and the opening of a new terminal, LATAM Chile has been the biggest airline on the airport. The main route is the flight to Chile’s capital city of Santiago

Here is the list of all airlines operating at El Tepual Airport:

  • LATAM airlines
  • Sky Airline
  • Jet Smart

Puerto Montt Airport Facilities

In 2010, a new passenger terminal was inaugurated at El Tepual. This increased the number of jetways from 2 to 5. Besides the jetways,  there were improvements to various facilities around the airport. Security, heating system, baggage handling and larger parking space to name a few.

Wondering what facilities and amenities can you find at the El Tepual Airport?

Here is a list of facilities and amenities at El Tepual Airport:

  • ATM
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Car hire agencies
  • Free WiFi
  • Information desk
  • Souvenir shops
  • Parking
  • Lounges
  • Tourist center
  • Massage facilities
  • Areas for disabled

Puerto Montt Airport Accommodation

Puerto Montt Airport FAQ

I arrive late at Puerto Montt Airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to Puerto Montt?

Arriving late at El Tepual Airport shouldn’t be a problem because shuttle buses to the city depart in accordance with the flights. Usually, they depart half an hour after each arrival.

Can I exchange money at Puerto Montt Airport?

There are ATMs at the airport, however, there is no designated currency exchange office.

Is there a free WiFi service available at Puerto Montt Airport?

Yes, free WiFi is available at the airport.

How many terminals does Puerto Montt Airport have?

El Tepual has only 1 terminal.

Can I leave my luggage at Puerto Montt Airport? 

No, there are no lockers and luggage storage areas at the airport. 

Is there Uber at Puerto Montt Airport? 

Yes, Uber is available at the airport.

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